Sunday, 31 August 2008

Not bad for a first try

It's structurally unbalanced and uses the sigma in the wrong places, possibly deliberately (it should be where the 's' is, not the 'e' in my honest opinion), but credit where it's due, this is pretty good considering it's come from a Victory fan, in my books not usually noted for their stunning use of humo(u)r.

For those wondering when I will start declaring my position on the whole Sexy FC bandwagon, the answer is, soon enough.

Saturday, 30 August 2008

On direct hits and referrals

I've just found out that this week on my little counter's webpage, that I can view the source of search engine referrals. Admittedly, most of my traffic comes from direct hits (ie, loyal readers who have us bookmarked), but there are some weird ways that people have found their way here. I won't name names, but keep it up people, very entertaining hobby I've found myself.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Boutsi's Queensland Adventures

FourFourTwo magazine continuing their recent South Melbourne obession by hooking up with one of the more controversial characters the club has seen in its 49 years. Myself, I don't hate the bloke as much as some others, but karma - if you believe in it - seemed to sort him out in the end. Apparently a really nice bloke though.

Boutsy's A-League V NSL Verdict

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Women's team getting stooged hardcore

Disturbing news has come to hand recently, that the women's team will be relegated, despite not finishing in the bottom two. Earlier this year Eastern Lions withdrew, their results were withdrawn, with the natuiral assumption therefore that they and whoever finished 11th (whoich was alamost certain to be GSL, and it was) would also get relegated. Not so apparently. GSL will be joined in State League 1 next year by South, who were overtaken by Keilor squeezing out a win last week, and therefore seeing South slip to tenth. The club will apparently fight the decision, but people aren't holding out much hope for a reversal of the decision. It's an absolute disgrace in my opinion, especially since it was quite obvious that GSL and Eastern Lions were by the worst teams in the competition thsi year.

End of Shoot! Magazine

Admittedly I was never a huge magazine buyer of any type, and haven't given a stuff about the EPL for a while, but this piece on Bolosepako on the demise of the once great Shoot! Magazine left me feeling a little sad and nostalgic, taking me back to the days where I'd flick through my cousin's stack during the very early 1990s. Oh, and those wondeful cardboard league tables with the tiny club info cards which would slot into the various spots on the table... halcyon days.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Download or listen to the Les Murray interview

SEN interview with Les Murray on the whole Southern Cross thingamabob. I haven't listened to it, have no intention of doing so, but you might enjoy it if you missed it. Thanks to our resident Mac-wielding friend for supplying the grab.

A bit of nonsense from Southpole

Cmon Hellas Forza Hellas Takes Top Award 

August 27, 2008 03:19pm 
"CMON Hellas, Forza Hellas" has taken top honors at the annual Clarendon Corner Chant of the Year Awards, commonly known as the Chanties. "Cmon Hellas Forza Hellas" edged out "South Melbourne Perom Perom" to take this years Chant of the Year. 

"I have to thank Clarendon Corner for this award, especially SouthPole" said an excited Cmon Hellas Forza Hellas. "I was the brain child of SouthPole. At first when he chanted me at Young & Jacksons people laughed, but he persisted with me as he was the only one who saw my potential". 

Experts say the short and passionate bursts of chanting was part of the reason why "Cmon Hellas Forza Hellas" got up as well as the wild punching action that accompanied the chant. 

Others to take out awards were "Poutsa pali poutsa pali O E O E" for best Greek chant. "South Melbourne Perom Perom" made up for its disapointment in coming second in the main event by winning the Most AWOL Chant While Drunk title and Greeksta took out the Best Groin Thrust award, completing his hattrick in this category. 

When asked how he felt about it all he said "Hey man, Southern Cross is fucked, were NEVER gonna make the A-League man, the FFA dont want us". 

It was a great night had by all and the after party went into the early hours of the morning.

Les Murray on SEN talking about the Southern Cross bid

Tonight, 6:20pm or thereabouts. If you're not too chicken (I admit that I am) might be worth a listen. There may be a recording made by a Mac-wielding South fan, but don't depend on that if you're keen.

Two Great Scottish Names Join Southern Cross Bid Team

Scroll down to the bottom

Meanwhile, Schwab's predecessor at Melbourne, Paul McNamee, has been appointed interim CEO of the Southern Cross FC consortium, which is bidding for the second Melbourne franchise in the A-League.

The group, which plans to base the club at the newly refurbished State Athletics Centre at Albert Park if it is successful, but play matches alongside Melbourne Victory at the new stadium at Olympic Park, has also engaged SBS broadcaster and soccer identity Les Murray as "football ambassador".

Meanwhile, the crew at Southern Cross, who have an address and phone number now by the way, are starting to come out of their turtle shells and make some noise. But what kind of noise does the hiring of Les Murray and Paul McNamee make? Les Murray does not command the respect he once did - indeed, he and SBS, in their simultaneous peddling of an anti-A-League and 'NSL, what was that?' party line over the last few years, have just about alienated most football supporters in some way or another. One local football philosopher made the comment that either he's been doing everything right, or charting the only course possible. Personally, I reckon Les didn't know what to do. SBS was no longer the centre of attention, their core 'wogball' audience was no longer being represented, and Foxtel had what the newbreeds wanted, and perhaps more importantly, how they wanted it. Spotlessly clean, and relentlessly upbeat.

And for all the praise that Murray gets from traditionalists, one can't but help remembering SBS's pro-Sydney, anti-everywhere else but especially Melbourne agenda. With Johnny Warren already being beatified by the newbreeds - and it not mattering one iota that the enormous complexity of the man has gone missing in the process - is Murray looking for something similar? To feel loved, or at least respected, as he once was? Because even SBS's centrepiece football show, The World Game, is on at a time when most people are going to or from VPL games, or are watching A-League contests either in person or on the idiot box. What is it exactly that the Southern Cross bid team think he will bring as an 'ambassador'?

As for Paul McNamee's involvement, while that has its more obvious and dare I say, more tangible benefits, in terms of his contacts and networks built over a large period of time, his experience in his other sports administration endeavours don't give me the same sense of peace of mind that others have seemed to have pounced on. For starters, while he did do a good job in managing the Australian Open - particularly in getting the big name players to come down here - it has to be said his job was helped by a resurgance in Australia's tennis playing stocks, which has disappeared now. Not forgetting that the Open is under the increasing threat of being shipped to the more lucrative Asian market, though what anyone would be able to do about that is debatable. And then he had a stint at the other Australian Open - the golf one - well, that was bound to end badly, with even most golfers figuring out that it's deadly broing game to watch, either in person or on tv. His Melbourne stint, all four months of it ended up with him doing not much at all, what with Jim Stynes always seeking to replace whoever was in there. Still, he's been around the block a few times, he must know something; and goodness, football knowledge is hardly an essential quality of the new regime, otherwise would Murray's standing as a icon/commentator/guardian be as low as its ever been?

So is this me just trying to talk down the whole operation? After all, why are we - oops, Freudian slip there - I mean why are Southern Cross resorting to such tactics, especially the heightened public relations campaign, while the other mob, which allegedly includes former South president Greg 'Chaos' Kaias, keeping their cards so close to their chests? As usual, what do they know that Southern Cross don't? Time will be the great judge on all that they do, and time is a harsh and lousy judge most of the time, kinda like those ancient Athenian war veterans who were required to be on juries so they could get their injured veterans money and who mostly fell asleep during the trial of Socrates.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

South of the Border to slow down the pace a bit

Since mid-February of this year, South of the Border has been providing daily doses of news, views, scandal and random bits of as it happened nostalgia. Not one day missed (ok, maybe one, but that was more a screw up with the post-dating-publshing system). But now the season is over, and so the main source of mirth and content - the games, duh - are no longer around to nourish the blog. 

So after a few mandatory episodes where we clean up after ourselves - hand out the South of the Border awards, look ahead to next season, etc. - the blog will be slowing down. That's not to say however that we'll be stopping altogether. There's the wonderfully wonderful Southern Cross bid which will rear its head in the press again until it gets knocked back and we can all go back to not having hope once more. There's the Lakeside redevelopment saga, which is kinda interesting in that it's probably the only thing that can save the club. There'll be, eventually, pre-season trials and friendlies, news about players leaving (but not necessarily coming -that gets made official in January 2009). Hell, even the Socceroos will be starting their World Cup 2010 qualifying campaign, which may or may not rate a mention. Oh, and there's also my Hattrick team, Juniper Hill, currently in their first season, but hopefully on the way to bigger and better things sooner rather than later.

So, like I said, not going away on holiday, just slowing down, so hope to see you guys around, especially when we celebrate the blog's 1st birthday in December. If anyone would like to contribute anything in the mean time, be my guest, especially season reviews and 2009 wishlists, serious or not, it's all cool. And I bet you all missed The Autumns reference in there. Typical.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Time to say goodbye

Deano farewell vid, as done by Doc. Some good stuff in there, some good stuff left out, but Deano seemed to like it, as did everyone who's seen it, and that's the important thing. He won't be keeping today by the way, I think Sardelic will be in that role.

Respect for those that got there first

Southern Cross Football Club

Saturday, 23 August 2008

MVP Night recap

Good night... shame about all the people who didn't go, but the people who did, including the women's team contingent, made it a more than worthwhile evening. Deano got a nice frame/gloves thingo from the supporters, which was nice, well done to those responsible. Stevie O'Dor won the senior award, Srdjan Stefanovic won the under 21 team award. Laura Spiranovic took out the women's senior award from her sister Amelia, Niki Cook the ressies, and Hannah Jankewicz (spelling?) took the thirds. The Clarendon Corner awards went to Robbie Wynne for the under 21 player and Ramazan for the senior award. Good time by had all.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Just when you thought it was safe to go to Frankston...

... you could very well see Deano playing this week! For you see, current South number 1 Tomislav Tomich has been called up to the Victory for three weeks to be their number 2, while their number 2 and one time South number 1 Mitch Langerak replaces their number 1 and one time South benchwarmer except for five games Michael Theoklitos. Got it? Good. Anyway, I reckon they should give th gig to the kid from the ressies Stefan Sardelic, seemed to know what he was doing the few times I've seen him, Which is more than can be said for the rest of the under 21 squad unfortunately.

Last game of the season, hooray. - Round 26, Frankston Pines vs South Melbourne

Last Time They Met
We won.

Should be fun.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

A Tale Of Two Bids Part 2

It'd been a while, but I recently had a nice little email exchange with Eamonn of Football In The Capital, all starting off from my request to have my own, unedited copy of my radio interview for the Nearpost show... and of course what's a chat between two A-League outsiders without asking about how each other's bids are going. Not too bad from each side is the answer, but both have strong opposition and people still to impress. The Southern Cross bid doesn't have a website yet (possibly coming soon), but the Canberrans not only have a web site, but this quite smartly produced youtube clip.

Now, websites aren't as good as cash and paid up supporters, but they do create a focal point in this modern age for people to connect to ideas and then use that as a starting point to act in the physical world. All in good time people. At least now we have a fighting chance.

The original Sourhern Cross

Another site added to the blogroll, this time Andre's Southern Cross dedicated to the Socceroos. I'm sure quite a few of you will have it seen it before, but it's always worth having a look through again.

MVP Night

Just a casual reminder about this... on tomorrow, 7:30, $45, you can pay on the night.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Farewell Deano, one more time.

Now Cliff already talked about it in his match report, but last Sunday was Deano's last game in the Blue and White. And what an emotional experience it was. The man himself had a blinder, saving us from a relegation dogfight in the last round. Quite a ways from the NSL glory days, or even two years ago where he lifted the premiership cup, but inspirational stuff nonetheless.

This is what's it's all about people. Later a small ceremony was held in the social club, where Deano got to have his say, and even brother Johnny got to share the limelight as well, with a lovely little video sequence was played on the big screen showing some of Deano's classic saves, scoring in a penalty shoot out in the old NSL can't have draws days, holding the VPL trophy aloft with his brother. Which leads me to my next point. Johnny A could have easily been left out, or felt marginalised, but two little acts showed that some in the club don't want to burn bridges. First was straight after the game, with our former coach waiting outside the changerooms entrance, almost seeming a little unsure... until one George Koukoulas invited him in... later on that same courtesy for a long time and magnificent servant of our club was initiated by George Triantos. Lovely, small gestures which say a lot.

More press on Southern Cross

From FourFourTwo... where else?

Cash No Issue For Vic Bid

Jon Ritson

VICTORIA'S bid for a second A-League franchise insist their figures add up with the money in place to ensure a sustainable success story.
Southern Cross FC will meet Football Federation Australia chiefs on Monday and are confident they've ticked all the boxes needed for A-League entry.

The Southern Cross name emerged from a franchise idea initially developed by South Melbourne FC which will be a minority partner in the franchise.

Bid spokesman Jim Mellas told today: “We had an initial meeting with the FFA and came out of that feeling very positive.

“We think Southern Cross is an iconic Australian name, a name Victoria can identify with. We are not going to limit ourselves in terms of a geographical area (ie just Melbourne itself) and we feel we can achieve broad-based support.”

The FFA’s first question is always going to be ‘show me the money’ and Mellas says the bid team will be able to satisfy that issue.

He said: “We have enough commitments from investors to satisfy that point. We believe our figures stack up with a five-year plan that we will present.”

Earlier today the Southern Cross bid released a statement which outlined just how and where its A-League club would develop.

A bid statement read: “The consortium confirmed to the FFA that all financial, infrastructure and football operations requirements were in place and that the bid is commercially viable, compelling and broad based.

“The cornerstone of the Southern Cross FC bid is to utilise the soon-to-be redeveloped infrastructure at the new state athletics centre based at Albert Park.

“This $50m redevelopment which has been fully funded by the Victorian state government in their state budget will make the Southern Cross FC facilities the envy of any sporting club in Australia, rivalling facilities available to other sporting codes.

“The new facilities will include football administration and operations facilities, world class gymnasium, training and sports science facilities, a 15,000 seat stadium with additional training pavilion for juniors, womens’ and youth leagues along with multiple synthetic and natural grass training pitches, a restaurant and retail precinct.

"Match day games will be played at the new Olympic Park stadium. If successful, the new Southern Cross FC team will enter the A-league for 2010/2011.”

The bid team is set for further discussions with FFA chiefs before Monday's presentation.

Mellas said: "We have done our research and as I have said, we believe we have a bid that offers something to football fans in Victoria."

Southern Cross is battling for an A-League spot alongside bids from the South Coast, Canberra and potentially Tasmania among others.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

South Senior Women finish off season in style

This is the game I missed for Leo's get together! For fuck's sake, you turn around for one second and they go and smash Bendigo 5-0. The Reserves lost 4-0. The Thirds had a week off for a catch up round.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Dull ending to the season... Farewell Deano!!

In our last home game of the season, we managed to fight out a 1-1 draw with the Whittlesea Zebras. Yet another game where we dominated but failed to score. Another disgrace of a ref. What is new?

Early in the 1st half, we saw a well aimed header by Gianni De Nittis reach the back of the net to open the scoring. Being 1-0 up, a shot by Rama that went over the keeper and into the net was called for offside; In fact we were called offside a few times today. Not long after, they equalised, with Deano making a good save on their first shot, but failing to stop the second shot on the rebound, which wasn't his fault.

The rest of the game saw both teams going at it trying to find the 3 points desperately. A win would've given Whittlesea a chance to avoid relegation. We dominated the play, but could not score the final goal to get in front, but we managed to hold on for a draw.

Before the game, we had the Open Forum, in which we were informed on our upcoming A League bid and we were given the chance to ask questions about it. The end of the match saw us giving Deano a farewell, thanking him for his loyalty to South and applauding his extraordinary career.

Although I'd like to wish Deano, from all of us, a farewell and well done on a fantastic career. At 38 years of age, and former Victorian Premier League Goalkeeper of the Year in 2005 and 2006, he has accomplished a lot and we hope to see him around the club in the near future.


Hopefully I can have the video of us farewelling Deano at the end up soon. :)

Sunday, 17 August 2008

The Gist of Leo's Open Forum

Ok, so a couple of people at Lakeside today noticed that I wasn't at the women's game today as opposed to avoiding the open forum for fear of idiocy. Well this is what happened. I was at home watching the end of the women's marathon on television, then remembered that the men's 1500 metres swimming final was on, so stayed a bit longer to watch that, so by the time I got to the city the game would have had a half hour elapse and I tend to get disoriented rocking up to a soccer match more than five minutes late. So anyway, I decided what the hell, might as well attend the meeting. And boy was I glad that I did.

For you see, much of the South family had grown cynical. Press releases without anything to back them up, where rumour and innuendo have been king. Time wore on and people had given up on the idea that we could make an evolutionary step forwards, and I don't blame them for a second. I was one of them too. Too much time was being seemingly spent on hedging our bets and still managing to win neither. From today's meeting, if one thing stood out, it was that we won't die wondering. And further to that, even if we don't succeed in making the A-League in some shape or form, it is not the end of the club. That there has been much effort to ensure that the club will survive as an independent and strong entity well into the future was made quite evident today.

The essential details of the meeting were as follows. The South bid team had a preliminary meeting last Wednesday with the FFA, before heading forth and making their official bid some time next week. There are currently two bids for the 2nd Melbourne license, the Southern Cross bid and the Sidwell bid. Should a Southern Cross bid get up, games would be possibly split between the new Bubble Stadium and Lakeside. No investors were announced, but as suspected, South will not be the majority shareholder. The board members who were present at the meeting today seemed quietly confident, and most impressively for mine answered almost every question with a minimum of bullshit. Kudos also to the fans who made the effort to come down early for the briefing, and who listened respectfully and asked some excellent questions, exercising the power they hold as members and supporters of the club in a responsible and intelligent manner.

What the future holds for South is still up in the air. But on some level, there was a feeling that there was a light at the end of the post-NSL tunnel, whether that is playing in higher league or being able to achieve some sort of financial security even if we're only in the VPL. The old South Melbourne arrogance of days gone by was almost nowhere to be seen. Those making the presentation to the fans today seemed to understand that the football landscape has changed dramatically, and where that old arrogance would have been, there was now a quiet confidence.

Now before we all get ahead of ourselves, there are of course things to consider. Firstly, we have not got the licence yet, nor are we a certainty to do so. There will be people within the club who will have legitimate reason not to support any new South affiliated A-League team. There are people out in the wider world who also need to be convinced of our worth and what we can bring to the table. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Our future rests not in the hands of pimply, aggro teenagers of whatever ethnic or footballing persuasion, but in our own.

Blame Canada! Blame Canada! They're not even a real country anyway.

Now I don't want to harp on it, but then again, when the shit hits the fan these days, and it's been four long years of being absent from the big stage, how much more can the NSL get blamed? For so long the proponents of the A-League and the new way of things have said that we are not the same, that there is no relation. And when the going gets good, and the crowds are big, and the sponsorships roll in, and the rivers are made of chocolate, it's all due to their good work and isn't lovely that we've moved on form the bad old days of the old NSL.

And yet, when violent acts occur in the stands in the A-League - and they have occurred with such an alarming frequency considering the 'main cause' was removed - then one has to wonder what perhaps is the real problem. And maybe, just maybe, it was never really an ethnic thing, because that's gone now. Perhaps it was just the usual and sadly most common reason for it all, a bunch of probably drunk, well 'ard thugs, who view getting into a bit of biff at the soccer - or the cricket - as part of the experience.

But that problem can't be dealt with until there is acknowledgment made that the common denominator is not ethnics tensions but mostly young men on the piss who don't object to violence. But if that acknowledgement is made, then as a consequence all sorts of other inferences will have to be made. That the pigeonholing of NSL-era violence more than a touch of a racist and xenophobic dimension to it. That the fist shaking of so many years was not at what is now edging closer to boys being boys, but rather at the horrible ethnics and their foreign game. But I don't see that happening in the near future, or even a distant one. The FFA and media will refer back to the bad old days, and the ones responsible for the argle barhgle and their looking the other way contemporaries will smile and say, at least it wasn't ethnic.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

South women play final game of season Sunday

... against the Bendigo Vipers at Field 13, 1:00 start I think. I'm going to try and make it down there, and not only because I don't mind a bit of the old women's football, but also because I've got this strange feeling. The feeling that, as good as open forum's are, and gutsy or foolish as Leo is being in this situation, I've got the feeling that some numpty or numpties are going to unleash a tidal wave of stupid. So being a couple of kilometres down the road seems like a good idea, in the wide open spaces, cold wind coming across the lake, picturesque pit lane behind me... anyway, the last time I had this feeling was in early 2007, before the Richmond away game, where there was a analogous level of tension for different and yet, oddly, somewhat related reasons. So therefore I won't be in a position to relate directly the events of what will transpire in that meeting. Maybe someone else will do it for me, maybe Ill just relate 2nd hand facts, but either way, I'm choosing not be there, just as a happy coincidence prevented my being at the Richmond game last year. In that case, I was at the Prince of Wales seeing Elbow for the 2nd time, and having a blast. This time Elbow are busy touring overseas - hopefully they come by next year - and therefore other arrangements need to be made. At least this time they'll be South related.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Last Home Game Of The Season - Round 25, South Melbourne vs Whittlesea Zebras

Last Time They Met

Round 12, 2008, at Epping Stadium

Whittlesea Zebras 0 South Melbourne 1

Tony La Verde scored towards the end of the game, sending the visiting fans into a frenzy. Kinda.


Last home game of the season. Leo's Open Forum Extravanganza. The Vague Possibility of Getting Relegated. Deano's last game for the mighty Blue and White. Why wouldn;t you go? Well actually... nah, I should be there. And so should you. Really. Should be a fairly laidback atmosphere in the outer too. Can you tell that I'm desperate for this season to end? Oh by the way, I've already selecte my senior and under 21 players of the year. Only thing left is for someone to impress me with a wonder goal to surpass the current frontrunner.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

As seen in the official site...

Open forum with SMFC President Leo Athanasakis

South Melbourne FC would like to invite all SMFC club members and sponsors to meet with President Leo Athanasakis on Sunday at 2pm, prior to the match against the Whittlesea Zebras. 

Following the recent announcements regarding SMFC's involvement in the bid for the next A-League franchise in Victoria, Mr Athanasakis will hold an open forum with the membership and valued sponsors, providing the opportunity for members and sponsors to ask questions with respect to our involvement in the bid. 

The meeting will take place in the Champions Bar at Bob Jane Stadium.

South Women Midweek Summary

South's women's seniors and reserves both played last night against GSL at Darebin, with the ressies getting a 1-1 draw, and the seniors 3-1 win courtesy of a Laura Spiranovic hattrick.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


This whole world is going absolutely bananas. And I'm fucking loving it. In other words, this A-League bid for some reason appears real, at least semi-organised, and well, give it our best shot-esque. I wish it all the best, with all my support behind it.

South in bid to join A-League

August 13, 2008

OFFICIALS from the South Melbourne-backed consortium bidding to gain the second A-League franchise for Victoria will hold preliminary discussions with Football Federation Australia today before making a formal presentation to the game's governing body by the end of the month.

The franchise, if successful, would be known as Southern Cross FC, a source involved with the bid said yesterday, as the name had been registered by the South Melbourne bid committee.

While South Melbourne — a powerhouse in the old National Soccer League but now a mid-table team in the Victorian Premier League — has been closely linked with the Greek community, backers insist if they win the rights to establish a second team, it will be a broad-based club designed to appeal to the whole community.

Nevertheless, many believe that the club's perceived ethnic heritage will make it difficult for FFA — which has been ruthless in establishing the A-League as "new football" to differentiate it from "old soccer" — to entertain it as a vehicle for a second Melbourne side.

In a statement issued last week, Jim Mellas, the bid team spokesman, emphasised that the South proposal would be "compelling and broad-based".

"It involves the new team having a base at the soon-to-be-redeveloped Bob Jane Stadium and incorporates the participation of a variety of stakeholders from the Victorian football community," Mellas said.

Origins of South Melbourne United

Forgot that I had this in the archives. Short but interesting read on the origins of one of the three clubs that merged to form our club. The next question is of course, how far back does South Melbourne Soccer Club go?

Soccer News, August 1, 1953

Soccer has been played in and around South Melbourne for very many years and the present South Melbourne United club is one of the oldest in the Association today.
It might be said, on looking back, that the foundations of the present club were laid in 1932, when a team, playing as the Middle Park Schoolboys' Soccer Club, became known as the South Melbourne Juniors.
This team of young enthusiasts were premiers of schoolboy football for a couple of years running and in 1935 they won the junior premiership.
The same year saw a merger between the South Melbourne Soccer Club and the South Melbourne Juniors, and the following year, 1936, heralded the birth of South Melbourne United as we know it today.
Two of the stalwarts of the new club in the persons of Jack Guthrie and Jack Olsen are still connected with the club today. Jack Olsen was secretary in those days when the young club was suffering from growing pains, but to the credit of himself and the committee of the time, it soon became a virile force.
Jack Olsen is still one of the keenest supporters, although he is probably best known in soccer circles now as the secretary of the Victorian Junior Soccer Association.
With the advent of the year 1938, the club entered the senior ranks, and for some years after that they played in the First Division.
The grimy paw of war, however, reached out and sapped the strength of the club. Altogether about 95 per cent. of the members answered the call, and it was during this period that relegation to the Second Division took place.
The name of South Melbourne is still seen near the top of this division, the old enthusiasm is still there and it can by no means be said that South Melbourne United's sights have been lowered from the First Division.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Attencao all people with kickarse mobile internet

Our friend Po Hui from the Bolosepako blog has posted this curious article on streaming live games yourself. I'd assume you'd need some decent wireless internet, and a willingness to do the camera work, but it'd be interesting to see if this stuff worked. Eamonn from Football In The Capital also recently made a call for interested Canberrans to do live radio calls of Canberra's W-League games, though I'm not sure of how successful that was or will be.

Which all brings to mind something I thought of around about the time Eamonn's call went out. Since tv coverage on Channel 31 can be erratic in terms of putting us on, why not create our own streaming radio calls of (home) games? People will come out and say that will lower our crowds, but seriously, look at them now. It may also enable us to create new sponsorship opportunities, and you wouldn't even need South people calling the games per se, as there are likely quite a few people out there who would love to have a stab at commentating whether in terms of amateur interest or with a view of getting into that part of the industry. And it also opens up the possibility to engage people who don't come to games, miss games, or whatever, keeping them connected them to South 'the idea'.

Now, back to reality. Obviously this fanciful. hopeful suggestion is far from likely to happen. Hell, you're more likely to see the return of a match day program. But nevertheless, strange swirling rumours located within a particular room have said that the former may happen, in conjucbtion with an ouitside enterprise. And despite South fans being notoriously unsupportive of paying for match day programmes, a reevaluation of the funding model may see that come back too, next year. Whatever happens, it's clear as day to me that it's up to us to create our own content, because we obviously can't rely, on the like of Neos Kosmos or 3XY Radio Hellas for regular, supportive, reporting and news, let alone the mainstream which has moved on to focus on its key advertising demographics, of which recalcitrant oldskool soccer fans are not included. It's the reason I started this enterprise, and I gather it's why the people from Goal Weekly started their thing, and why other groups have started their perhaps marginal projects.

Nevermind for the moment that these projects and ideas seem overly focused on people who are already nominally interested and engaged, thereby further playing into the hands of the internet phenomenon of the ultimate niche product. What's more important is perhaps that there is little hope of a change in the attitudes of those who once reported on us - indeed it's going the other way at a rapid pace - we now have the tools to at least to offer the semblance of choice. We'd be careless in the extreme not to use them.

Monday, 11 August 2008

I don't care how flat you make a pancake, it's always got two sides

The following is lifted from the Albany Athletics forum, which I posted a link to some time back. There's a information there I have not heard or read before; perhaps that is because I'm coming from the South point of view; perhaps it's because I'm being sold the South point of view, which may not necessarily resemble the truth. Maybe it's time to engage properly with the athletics people on some level, try and perhaps co-operatively figure out where the truth may be, if we're being played against one another, all that kind of hunkered down in the forum bunker conspiracy stuff which once started gets wickedly out of control. Maybe. Anyway, read what you will and enjoy.

Matthew Webster wrote:

I was at the AGM of Athletics Victoria the other night and during the General Discussion part of the evening, the move to Bob Jane Stadium was a hot topic. The move is one that has been instigated by the "Olympic Park Trust", the powers that control the sporting area, not apparantly from "Eddie McEverywhere". The main reason is that athletics does not attract enough interest through the year and does not generate enough money for the "Trust".
There has been $50,000 allocated in the State Budget to re furbish Olympic Park and to fix up the old South Melbourne Oval to a IAAF standard track. All of this is to be done by the start of the 2010 track season. I personally do not think that there is anywhere near enough money set aside to do it all and the time frame is a bit short to do it all in. "I supose, I will believe it when I see it!"

The old stand will be made into offices (the VAL I believe will be a co tenant)and somewhere there will be a 150m warm up track put down. The facilities will still have to be shared with the Soccer club for a short while but the athletics will have first choice of dates for any event. That is all that I can tell you at the moment from what I heard the other night, so if any of you have any better conpiracy theorys about the move, please share them with us, I could do with a good laugh :)

Guest :

very interesting Matthew - any talk about access and impact of the F1 GP given that the melbourne race has been extended for a cpl more yrs and it happens during the business end of the track and field season? going to make using the track in feb and march pretty difficult i would have thought

Matthew Webster
Dear Guest ( I wish that you people would use your real names)

There was talk of the interuptions from the Grand Prix event and we were told that it would have have minimal effect on the operations of the new stadium, although there will be a short period of time (two weeks I think) that the new stadium would be closed for the GP.
The timing of future GP events I think are for the latter part of March at this stage. This will not have much effect on the amateur side of things as their season should be over by that stage or nearly finished.

As for the guys & gals that use Olympic Park as their training base currently, they may have to move to another venue whilst this is going on and there are plenty of new surfaced tracks around Melbourne now. We have more "red" tracks in Victoria than a few of the other states combined.
If there are any more genuine questions that you wish to ask and I hope that I can answer them, let me know (hopefully with your real name).

Sunday, 10 August 2008

South women lose to Bergers 4-2

Just lacked that little bit of overall polish did the South women's seniors today. They played well enough to keep up with the Bergers, but in the end the difference between a side fighting relegation and one gunning for the finals was obvious. The visitors had more of the territorial advantage, with South playing well off the counter for most of the game. EEAMA were also having their AGM at Lakeside today. Hmmm. Hope that the visitors keeper Vidic is ok, copped a nasty knock in a 50/50 challenge towards the end of the game. Missed the reserves game, our girls lost that too, 5-0. Thirds lost to Ashburton 4-3. Seniors have a game midwekk against GSL at Darebin, before meeting Bendigo this Sunday at Field 13, their last game for the year as they have a bye in he final round.

Good Times

Melbourne A-League Bid

The South Melbourne Football Club is pleased to announce that it is leading a bid from Melbourne for the licence to operate the second team from Victoria in the Hyundai A-League. The Club is presently involved in preliminary discussions with the FFA and has been invited to present its formal proposal for the licence later this month. 

The bid which is compelling and broad based, involves the new team having a base at the soon to be redeveloped Bob Jane Stadium and incorporates the participation of a variety of stake holders from the Victorian Football community. 

As part of the bid process, the South Melbourne Football Club has appointed an A-League Bid Team to finalise and present the bid to the FFA. The Bid Team is confident that the new team will be embraced by all football followers in this State. 

South Melbourne FC, which will remain independent of the new entity and will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year, will continue its participation in Victorian Football and its ongoing development and expansion of football in Australia.

Ya gotta laugh sometimes. This 'bid' should have been organised ages ago, not now that Sidwell's been basically given the nod, and that we've lost any and all momentum we had when we found ourselves back in the VPL in the first place. But what the hell, let's put on a good show anyway. Can you imagine what will be said at this meeting with the FFA? "Ok, we've got no fans and no money, a potted history of being fiefdom and only seeking to dip our toes into the waters of progress, but c'mon, we're Australia's mopst successful club, and we did this and that and if you let us in everyone would come flooding back and then some".

Excuse the cynicism, because I think the majority of people - and yes I do hate using an appeal to the common sense of the masses as an argumentative device - know exactly where we stand. We're a former national league club stuck in the state leagues with no prospect of getting out and yet still somewhere somehow entertaining the idea and possibility that we will, even thouigh we have far more pressing concerns at our door relating to our very survival. So to the delegates going Buckley and friends, have fin, send us some photos, and tell us all about your magnificent adventures. Because as forgiving I am of the need for trade and negotiating confidentiality, it's starting to get out of hand. Like a moron I've sat quiet at previous AGMs, as have most people. This time, later in the year when it;s time for the board to face us fans once more, hopefully more people, inclduing myself, will have the courage to blurt out any question no matter stupid so we can get some sort of answers.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

That's that then - Richmond 2 South Melbourne 0

South played well enough to consider itself unlucky to lose this game, but a win would have been generous. Neither side created too many clear cut chances, but South had the better of the game. A brilliant 30 metre lob from Pablo Cardozo summed up the situation. Where crosses into Richmond's box were deflected and scrambled every which way, an arsey (but skillful) goal like that shows what we;ve been lacking all year. Lots of action in the outer too, starting off wonderfully, with good, humourous chanting, but then deteriorating into outright stupidity. I like the Richmond away game, but it always seems to head in that direction for some reason, and I think you know which one the main reason is. Next up Whittlesea, Deano's last game, then Frankston. Then next year, and surely a cleanout of some of the players that have played this season, not for lack of effort perhaps, but perhaps more so the failure to take the chances presented to them during the course of the year.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Do you have any photos of George Campbell?

You may remember a while back I put up a post looking for anyone who may have had video footage of George Campbell. Not sure how well that went, but now his son Daniel is looking for photos and pictures of his dad during his NSL days. If you can help, send me an email and we'll work things out from there.

MVP Night, 22nd August

Well the title says it all fuzzballs. As does the by the numbers flyer done up for the occasion. I'm in.

Kransky/Trifle Time - Round 24, Richmond vs South Melbourne

Last Time They Met

Round 11, 2008, at Lakeside

South Melbourne 1 Richmond 0

The visitors were missing some key players, and it showed. South only managed one goal, but thoroughly deserved to win the game.


With people becoming less delusional about our finals chances and more delusional about everything else, here comes a game which puts everything in its proper perspective. Or is meant to. Concerns have been raised by some sources about the quality of the desserts of late, and others have criticised a German beer they had there. The little wooden ramp that serves as an entry way to the venue has also apparently disappeared. I'm seeing a score draw here.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

South Melbourne vs Heidelberg this week

So, the senior men's team is playing Friday night at Richmond. Which all of a sudden means that you have nothing to do this Sunday. So why not head down to Lakeside to watch the South girls take on the Bergers? If the last match is anything to go by, it should be a cracker. South won that game 3-2 at the Village, so are more than capable of repeating the dose this time around, especially coming off a strong 3-0 win away to Keilor Park. Seniors kick off at 1pm, ressies at 11am. Quite likely that South of the Border will be making an appearance there, if you're into celebrity hobnobbing

Afternoon Calcium

Now, South of the Border is well and truly a South Melbourne Hellas related blog, and there's no immdeiate plans to change that. But every now and again we find something else worthy of bringing to people's attention. In this case, I wanted to find out whether anybody else was as annoyed, confused, and hell, smash-the-bloody-tv angry whenever this ad came on. It turns out that I'm not alone, and that leaves me moderately relieved. As you were.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Where's Wadey In Mildura

Our Mildura correspondant couldn't make it down to confront Wadey in person over the weekend, but he did send us here for more pics of man's visit to Mildura, and personally selected this photo for display on the blog. All I'll say is that Wadey hasn't aged too well, but hey, if the folks in Mildura had fun with the Canberra Cosmos legend, that's all tha maters isn't it?

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

South is good for school

Writing about South has helped earn me HDs in at least 2 subjects. Think about it.

Monday, 4 August 2008

A small win, but an effective win

In what was a very even game, South Melbourne overcame the odds to defeat 3rd spot Altona Magic in which was club legend Dean Anastasiadis' second last game of his career.

At the start, we saw some attacking play from South, in which we had a few fair chances to score but failed to score, including a chance for Gianni, 1 or 2 for Zoric and a mistake where we sent in a cross and an Altona player headed it towards the goal, only for their keeper to get to it just in time. There wasn't a whole lot to see except for South really trying to find the back of the net and Altona trying their hardest to get it down the other end so they could score. Altona had a few chances as well, but I'd say South outplayed them in the first half.

In the second half, we saw pretty much the same thing going ahead, and mid-way in the 2nd half we saw a one on one chance missed by Gianni de Nittis, in which he failed to slot the ball past Altona keeper Bojo Jevdjevic and instead sent it straight into Jevdjevic's feet. Later on, just before we hit 90 minutes, Petrovich scored the one goal for us that led us to win, sent in by a nice cross. We managed to hold on in the last few minutes in which we saw new signing Francesco Stella come on and play.

Overall, an average game, very evenly matched, and for a weak squad I have to say we did well to win. And just for the record, I managed to count 2 handballs let go by the referee... not to mention a clear corner which we all saw, only for the referee to say goalkick... And this happened on two occasions!! My mate managed to film our goal though, so credit to him for the video.

One home game left... :(

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Youth scores

The under 21s won their 5th game of the season, with a 1-0 win over Altona Magic, but still remain in 13th spot on goal difference. The under 18s had a 3-2 win over the Essendon Royals, but are still 5 points off the pace after league leaders Bulleen also won.

Women's team roundup

The Senior women all but secured their place in the WVPL for next season with a 3-0 win away to Keilor Park. The Ressies didn't fare so well, losing 4-0. The State 3/Thirds team lost 6-1 to the ladder leading Albert Park, a game overshadowed somewhat by centreback Cindy's knee injury, obtained during a 50/50 clash for the ball. As you can see from the photo below, despite being in a fair amount of pain, she still managed to raise a smile for our camera. If every South player had the same level of commitment to the cause as Cindy, we'd hardly a lose a game.  Hopefully the injury is not too serious and she can be back playing before too long. Also derby game next round between South and Heidelberg at Field 13, 1:00 Sunday. Good chance I'll be down there.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

South find cheap, non-sensical entry into A-League

Former National Soccer League heavyweight South Melbourne, once thought never to see the light of top flight Australian football again, have apparently found a novel way of entering the A-League.

Using what some have termed a bizarre chain of logic, South has declared itself bankrupt, and following in the shoes of former Socceroo goalkeeper Mark Bosnich, who snared a guest slot on the Central Coast Mariners list while also being declared bankrupt, have sought and won a place in the A-League for the coming season.

While FFA CEO Ben Buckley was initially opposed to the idea of South joining the league, he later relented under the weight of the stupidity of the situation. "I was trying my hardest to figure out what they were on about, but it just wasn't working. We'd done our best to let them know they'd never get in, we didn't return calls or answer correspondence, but nothing seemed to work."

In addition, South's argument that it was almost 50 years old, and therefore completely in tune with the A-League's youth policies, also appeared to sway Buckley and the game's governing body in their favour.

"Well, that made even less sense than the bankruptcy train of thought. But then we had a collective epiphany of sorts, and started seeing things their way, that we couldn't possibly have a national league without Australia's most successful and greatest club, and really, what were we been thinking?"

South, currently in 9th position on the Victorian Premier League table and seemingly out of finals contention after losing 1-0 to the then bottom placed Fawkner, will start planning immediately for their return to top flight football.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Deano to hang up gloves

South of the Border instructs you to head here for the news on Deano's impending retirement.

All the staff at South of the Border, ie, Cliff and me, would like to wish Deano all the best in his retirement, and to enjoy his final two games with the club. Thanks for the memories Deano, and thanks for your long service and loyalty to the club.

I hate maths - Round 23, South Melbourne vs Altona Magic

Last Time They Met

Round 10, 2008, at Paisley Park

Altona Magic 1 South Melbourne 0

Nunes' own goal was the difference, and basically the only on field thing I can remember from this game.


We're now down to almost only a mathematical proposition of making the finals. Altona will end even that this week. Still, I'm sure there'll be plenty of fun to be had nevertheless, journey and not the destination and all that.

Strange way of going about a bid

Very odd some of these other people making bids... they even have their own websites... it's like they're trying to engage people in the pursuit of cause. I don't get it at all.

South Coast Football


Remains of South Pirates cached page