Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Attencao all people with kickarse mobile internet

Our friend Po Hui from the Bolosepako blog has posted this curious article on streaming live games yourself. I'd assume you'd need some decent wireless internet, and a willingness to do the camera work, but it'd be interesting to see if this stuff worked. Eamonn from Football In The Capital also recently made a call for interested Canberrans to do live radio calls of Canberra's W-League games, though I'm not sure of how successful that was or will be.

Which all brings to mind something I thought of around about the time Eamonn's call went out. Since tv coverage on Channel 31 can be erratic in terms of putting us on, why not create our own streaming radio calls of (home) games? People will come out and say that will lower our crowds, but seriously, look at them now. It may also enable us to create new sponsorship opportunities, and you wouldn't even need South people calling the games per se, as there are likely quite a few people out there who would love to have a stab at commentating whether in terms of amateur interest or with a view of getting into that part of the industry. And it also opens up the possibility to engage people who don't come to games, miss games, or whatever, keeping them connected them to South 'the idea'.

Now, back to reality. Obviously this fanciful. hopeful suggestion is far from likely to happen. Hell, you're more likely to see the return of a match day program. But nevertheless, strange swirling rumours located within a particular room have said that the former may happen, in conjucbtion with an ouitside enterprise. And despite South fans being notoriously unsupportive of paying for match day programmes, a reevaluation of the funding model may see that come back too, next year. Whatever happens, it's clear as day to me that it's up to us to create our own content, because we obviously can't rely, on the like of Neos Kosmos or 3XY Radio Hellas for regular, supportive, reporting and news, let alone the mainstream which has moved on to focus on its key advertising demographics, of which recalcitrant oldskool soccer fans are not included. It's the reason I started this enterprise, and I gather it's why the people from Goal Weekly started their thing, and why other groups have started their perhaps marginal projects.

Nevermind for the moment that these projects and ideas seem overly focused on people who are already nominally interested and engaged, thereby further playing into the hands of the internet phenomenon of the ultimate niche product. What's more important is perhaps that there is little hope of a change in the attitudes of those who once reported on us - indeed it's going the other way at a rapid pace - we now have the tools to at least to offer the semblance of choice. We'd be careless in the extreme not to use them.

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