Saturday, 16 August 2008

South women play final game of season Sunday

... against the Bendigo Vipers at Field 13, 1:00 start I think. I'm going to try and make it down there, and not only because I don't mind a bit of the old women's football, but also because I've got this strange feeling. The feeling that, as good as open forum's are, and gutsy or foolish as Leo is being in this situation, I've got the feeling that some numpty or numpties are going to unleash a tidal wave of stupid. So being a couple of kilometres down the road seems like a good idea, in the wide open spaces, cold wind coming across the lake, picturesque pit lane behind me... anyway, the last time I had this feeling was in early 2007, before the Richmond away game, where there was a analogous level of tension for different and yet, oddly, somewhat related reasons. So therefore I won't be in a position to relate directly the events of what will transpire in that meeting. Maybe someone else will do it for me, maybe Ill just relate 2nd hand facts, but either way, I'm choosing not be there, just as a happy coincidence prevented my being at the Richmond game last year. In that case, I was at the Prince of Wales seeing Elbow for the 2nd time, and having a blast. This time Elbow are busy touring overseas - hopefully they come by next year - and therefore other arrangements need to be made. At least this time they'll be South related.

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