Saturday, 2 August 2008

South find cheap, non-sensical entry into A-League

Former National Soccer League heavyweight South Melbourne, once thought never to see the light of top flight Australian football again, have apparently found a novel way of entering the A-League.

Using what some have termed a bizarre chain of logic, South has declared itself bankrupt, and following in the shoes of former Socceroo goalkeeper Mark Bosnich, who snared a guest slot on the Central Coast Mariners list while also being declared bankrupt, have sought and won a place in the A-League for the coming season.

While FFA CEO Ben Buckley was initially opposed to the idea of South joining the league, he later relented under the weight of the stupidity of the situation. "I was trying my hardest to figure out what they were on about, but it just wasn't working. We'd done our best to let them know they'd never get in, we didn't return calls or answer correspondence, but nothing seemed to work."

In addition, South's argument that it was almost 50 years old, and therefore completely in tune with the A-League's youth policies, also appeared to sway Buckley and the game's governing body in their favour.

"Well, that made even less sense than the bankruptcy train of thought. But then we had a collective epiphany of sorts, and started seeing things their way, that we couldn't possibly have a national league without Australia's most successful and greatest club, and really, what were we been thinking?"

South, currently in 9th position on the Victorian Premier League table and seemingly out of finals contention after losing 1-0 to the then bottom placed Fawkner, will start planning immediately for their return to top flight football.

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