Friday, 8 August 2008

Kransky/Trifle Time - Round 24, Richmond vs South Melbourne

Last Time They Met

Round 11, 2008, at Lakeside

South Melbourne 1 Richmond 0

The visitors were missing some key players, and it showed. South only managed one goal, but thoroughly deserved to win the game.


With people becoming less delusional about our finals chances and more delusional about everything else, here comes a game which puts everything in its proper perspective. Or is meant to. Concerns have been raised by some sources about the quality of the desserts of late, and others have criticised a German beer they had there. The little wooden ramp that serves as an entry way to the venue has also apparently disappeared. I'm seeing a score draw here.

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  1. Hmm, been to Richmond a couple of times but have yet to try the Famous Kransky i hear so much about, might try one tonight..
    Oh and i'm also expecting a narrow loss for South..


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