Monday, 4 August 2008

A small win, but an effective win

In what was a very even game, South Melbourne overcame the odds to defeat 3rd spot Altona Magic in which was club legend Dean Anastasiadis' second last game of his career.

At the start, we saw some attacking play from South, in which we had a few fair chances to score but failed to score, including a chance for Gianni, 1 or 2 for Zoric and a mistake where we sent in a cross and an Altona player headed it towards the goal, only for their keeper to get to it just in time. There wasn't a whole lot to see except for South really trying to find the back of the net and Altona trying their hardest to get it down the other end so they could score. Altona had a few chances as well, but I'd say South outplayed them in the first half.

In the second half, we saw pretty much the same thing going ahead, and mid-way in the 2nd half we saw a one on one chance missed by Gianni de Nittis, in which he failed to slot the ball past Altona keeper Bojo Jevdjevic and instead sent it straight into Jevdjevic's feet. Later on, just before we hit 90 minutes, Petrovich scored the one goal for us that led us to win, sent in by a nice cross. We managed to hold on in the last few minutes in which we saw new signing Francesco Stella come on and play.

Overall, an average game, very evenly matched, and for a weak squad I have to say we did well to win. And just for the record, I managed to count 2 handballs let go by the referee... not to mention a clear corner which we all saw, only for the referee to say goalkick... And this happened on two occasions!! My mate managed to film our goal though, so credit to him for the video.

One home game left... :(

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