Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A bit of nonsense from Southpole

Cmon Hellas Forza Hellas Takes Top Award 

August 27, 2008 03:19pm 
"CMON Hellas, Forza Hellas" has taken top honors at the annual Clarendon Corner Chant of the Year Awards, commonly known as the Chanties. "Cmon Hellas Forza Hellas" edged out "South Melbourne Perom Perom" to take this years Chant of the Year. 

"I have to thank Clarendon Corner for this award, especially SouthPole" said an excited Cmon Hellas Forza Hellas. "I was the brain child of SouthPole. At first when he chanted me at Young & Jacksons people laughed, but he persisted with me as he was the only one who saw my potential". 

Experts say the short and passionate bursts of chanting was part of the reason why "Cmon Hellas Forza Hellas" got up as well as the wild punching action that accompanied the chant. 

Others to take out awards were "Poutsa pali poutsa pali O E O E" for best Greek chant. "South Melbourne Perom Perom" made up for its disapointment in coming second in the main event by winning the Most AWOL Chant While Drunk title and Greeksta took out the Best Groin Thrust award, completing his hattrick in this category. 

When asked how he felt about it all he said "Hey man, Southern Cross is fucked, were NEVER gonna make the A-League man, the FFA dont want us". 

It was a great night had by all and the after party went into the early hours of the morning.

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