Sunday, 10 August 2008

Good Times

Melbourne A-League Bid

The South Melbourne Football Club is pleased to announce that it is leading a bid from Melbourne for the licence to operate the second team from Victoria in the Hyundai A-League. The Club is presently involved in preliminary discussions with the FFA and has been invited to present its formal proposal for the licence later this month. 

The bid which is compelling and broad based, involves the new team having a base at the soon to be redeveloped Bob Jane Stadium and incorporates the participation of a variety of stake holders from the Victorian Football community. 

As part of the bid process, the South Melbourne Football Club has appointed an A-League Bid Team to finalise and present the bid to the FFA. The Bid Team is confident that the new team will be embraced by all football followers in this State. 

South Melbourne FC, which will remain independent of the new entity and will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year, will continue its participation in Victorian Football and its ongoing development and expansion of football in Australia.

Ya gotta laugh sometimes. This 'bid' should have been organised ages ago, not now that Sidwell's been basically given the nod, and that we've lost any and all momentum we had when we found ourselves back in the VPL in the first place. But what the hell, let's put on a good show anyway. Can you imagine what will be said at this meeting with the FFA? "Ok, we've got no fans and no money, a potted history of being fiefdom and only seeking to dip our toes into the waters of progress, but c'mon, we're Australia's mopst successful club, and we did this and that and if you let us in everyone would come flooding back and then some".

Excuse the cynicism, because I think the majority of people - and yes I do hate using an appeal to the common sense of the masses as an argumentative device - know exactly where we stand. We're a former national league club stuck in the state leagues with no prospect of getting out and yet still somewhere somehow entertaining the idea and possibility that we will, even thouigh we have far more pressing concerns at our door relating to our very survival. So to the delegates going Buckley and friends, have fin, send us some photos, and tell us all about your magnificent adventures. Because as forgiving I am of the need for trade and negotiating confidentiality, it's starting to get out of hand. Like a moron I've sat quiet at previous AGMs, as have most people. This time, later in the year when it;s time for the board to face us fans once more, hopefully more people, inclduing myself, will have the courage to blurt out any question no matter stupid so we can get some sort of answers.

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