Friday, 15 August 2008

Last Home Game Of The Season - Round 25, South Melbourne vs Whittlesea Zebras

Last Time They Met

Round 12, 2008, at Epping Stadium

Whittlesea Zebras 0 South Melbourne 1

Tony La Verde scored towards the end of the game, sending the visiting fans into a frenzy. Kinda.


Last home game of the season. Leo's Open Forum Extravanganza. The Vague Possibility of Getting Relegated. Deano's last game for the mighty Blue and White. Why wouldn;t you go? Well actually... nah, I should be there. And so should you. Really. Should be a fairly laidback atmosphere in the outer too. Can you tell that I'm desperate for this season to end? Oh by the way, I've already selecte my senior and under 21 players of the year. Only thing left is for someone to impress me with a wonder goal to surpass the current frontrunner.

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