Friday, 30 April 2010

Kiss of Death, Round 9, 2010

Kiss of Death is thinking of dessert, and so am I. Well, we have one thing in common after all.

Oakleigh Cannons vs Sunshine Georgies
Friday night at Jack Edwards. Oakleigh to brush aside the Sunshine Georgies 3-1. Not much to say about this one.

Richmond vs South Melbourne
This is the game to be at on Friday night, not Jack Edwards. Four goal hero Gianni De Nittis has finally found his range and the team is finally starting to play convincing, attractive football. A 0-6 thumping of high flying Hume has given everyone a breath of fresh air. The win we had to have. Richmond lost to Oakleigh and is on the backfoot from the get-go. A four day turnaround before they play us, most likely to be raining, South fans to be going feral still high from the win at Hume, Chatz to be under pressure, and South to top off the start of the weekend with a 0-3 win. Biggest talking point will be the boiled continental sausages and the Bavarian cheesecake.

Dandenong Thunder vs Green Gully Cavaliers
I’m still not convinced with Dandy Funder. This year they are pretty poor and Munro surely must be going soon. Gully to continue Funder’s poor season with a 0-2 win.

Hume City vs Altona Magic
I would be very surprised if Vlahos will still be on the bench for Hume before or after this game. Altona Magic will go to Hume knowing that South gave them six. Hume will know Altona Magic will be coming to rub it in. The scoreboard attendant will know the game will stay at 0-0 and he won’t be needed.

Melbourne Knights vs Bentleigh Greens
I love the Knights. They give the league a breath of fresh air. They bring mediocre high flying teams back down to earth with a thud. Bentleigh is gonna cop it. They are the most overrated team in the league, and the ladder proves that. Knights to walk away with this one 3-0 with the Canadians scoring a brace.

Heidelberg Utd vs Northcote City
What a season for the Bergers. Only win of the year at the tribunal. Can’t see them winning anything else to be honest. Northcote is a bit shabby, but good enough to beat the bergers. 0-2 to the good guys. (Northcote City)

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...

We are apparently appealing a couple of points from the tribunal results regarding the recent rank stupidity which occured against Heidelberg. The appeal will be heard on Wednesday, 5th May and looks like this in officialese. Basically we're trying to appeal one of the charges - specifically the bringing the game into disrepute thanks to our club associates entering the field of play. And we'll also be having a go at getting the 1-1 reinstated instead of the 0-3. Good luck with all that. I'd love to hear the argument they'll use now that they couldn't use before. Thanks to one of this blog's favourite 'club associates' Psile, for giving us the heads up.

Highlights from Hume game

Lots of goals. Bit of sun glare. Chitchat with Vasilevski, De Nittis and De Moraes. Complete lack of acknowledgment from the commentator of his role in the aftermath of the first goal. Disappointing.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Arounds the grounds with the youth and women's sides

I've neglected these two entities for different reasons so far this season, and perhaps it's time to rectify that situation.

The under 21s have been having a good season - the momentum gained from turning around the fortunes last year (praise be to David Lugli for making them watchable again), where they finished second to Heidelberg after a couple of seasons of serious below par-ness, has not been squandered, and they are currently sitting first on the table, under the managership of Joe 'Pepe' Montemurro. I had the opportunity to watch nearly the entire hit out against Hume - the only fault I could find was in squandering countless opportunities - but their commitment and class couldn't be questioned when they came back from a goal down to beat Hume 2-1. Rhodri Payne also got some game time as he makes his way back from injury, but no sign yet of Nathan Caldwell. It's a very far cry from the dark days of 2007, where a 9 man Kingston outfit - with an outfield player as keeper! - dragged back a 3-1 deficit to win 4-3 at Kingston Heath, with some of our players on the bench laughing about it, as if it didn't matter.

As for the women, the giddy highs achieved last year appear to be a distant memory. They've lost all three games so far, having lost players of the calibre of Laura and Amelia Spiranovic as well as others to various forces of natural attrition, such as work, travel and becoming part of the women's NTC squad. As reported earlier in the year, it also appears as if they still haven't decided whether they are one of us - that is, the bigger South family - or a distinct entity. They still use the South name and a version of the South logo, but appear to be getting closer to declaring outright and full independence. Which is fine by me, as long as they get themselves a new identity. While their links to South have always been viewed by some as tenuous at best, now that the club is bringing everything back into the fold, the way things once ran, logically, can't continue in the bold world of today. If they want to be a club solely for women, that's entirely their prerogative - but lose the South Melbourne name and let everyone get on with their lives.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Self-service Kebabs - Hume City 0 South Melbourne 6

No seriously - in return for your $5, you received a bread roll with a cut in the middle; the dude in charge of the meat would place a selction of shavings into said roll; then you were free to add your own amounts of onion and tomato. Not sold on this method myself.

Anyways, Hume came flying out of the blocks, and we were scrambling. This lasted for about 20 minutes or so, then we worked our way into, scored, and kept on scoring for the rest of the game. Many of the goals were comical in their ease - the pick of the bunch was Daniel Vasilevski's freekick in the 2nd half to make it 5-0.

Hume had a few out apparently, but still had some classy players out there, and came out breathing fire, and then just stopped. It was bizarre. I said it last week, I know, but a much tougher game this week against Richmond.

Gianni De Nittis and Travis Cloke bagging four goals in a single day? Who knew such things were possible. Oh, and the legendary umbrella is dead. Lest we forget.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Finally, finally, finally, maybe, probably, I think it's done

Neos Kosmos yesterday, in its sliver of VPL coverage, and once you get through the usual Oakleigh suckhole guff, reported that we will be playing out of Northcote. Thank you. Now was that so very, very hard?
Now, to the minuseseses. I wasted some good time funny action hysterics by posting that playing out of the biodome krap yesterday.

On the plus side, I was wrote it up while procrastinating and keeping future lawyers off the computers in the library at Vic Uni's Queen Street campus.

So apart from the heinous endless pointless come on and just bloody tell us we're playing at Olympic Park Northcote already, I think I came out of this at about even.

Kiss of Death, Round 8, 2010

Kinnie, peanuts, souvlaki  - seems like the Kiss of Death hasn't had a decent meal for a while.

Bentleigh Greens vs Heidelberg United
Well, well, well. The peanut seller really is making a killing so far this year. All these Greek derbies, and no sign of the taxman make for a prosperous year. Now I realise why he is pushing for more Greek teams in the VPL. Souvlakis aplenty, and I might even make an appearance. Bergers to still be reeling from their tribunal hearing on Wednesday, and with three of their players being suspended including Tilovski, Elvin and the other one, the final score Bentleigh 3 Heidelberg 0. Please note: the suspensions mentioned are just my opinion on the tribunal hearing.

Northcote City vs Dandenong Thunder
Yet to have Munro’s departure confirmed, but either way, Northcote to beat the Funder 2-0 in a scrappy contest. Funder is finished.

Altona Magic vs Melbourne Knights
The Balkan derby. As the only person in the known universe to have tipped last weeks 2-2 for Altona Magic, I can now come out and tip Altona Magic 3 Melbourne Knights 3. Both play attacking, eh, kinda football.

Green Gully Cavaliers vs Sunshine Georgies
Aya ha kefinti! No idea what that means, but those words and ‘Kinnie’, are all I know of the Maltese language. This is the battle of the nobles (Gully), and the peasants from Gozo (Georgies). The pirates will be feasting on pastizzi, getting drunk on Kinnie, and slashing a horse or two. Will be a tight one, but Gully will be too good for George Cross. Final score Gully 2 George Cross 1.

Hume City vs South Melbourne - Anzac Day Cup
The landing on the shores of Gallipoli on 25 April 1915 was the first major military operation in which the new Australian commonwealth was involved. Because of this it has been regarded as the “baptism of fire” of the new nation. Lest We Forget. 

Turks vs Greeks. How this is relevant to Anzac Day other than the event date, I do not know (according to an apocryphal tale, the Turks were told the Aussies were actually Greeks - Ed). We will sit there and respect the Turkish anthem as proud Australians. We will then sit there and watch Hellas beat Hume 0-2. Be mindful of the ground signage, and all the kickboxers in the shiny jeans. Oh yeah, apparently the ground is an absolute shambles.

Oakleigh Cannons vs Richmond
I got no idea how Oakleigh won at Hume last weekend. Richmond will struggle. Oakleigh will beat them 1-0. Johnny A to make his excellent tactical substitutions in the 83rd, 85th, and 87th minutes.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Welcome to Jazz Club - Nice

Whoa. This week's edition of SMFCTV has taken a turn I didn't quite expect. The combination of commentary and music makes it sit halfway between an Aural Text spoken word beatnik piece (wonderful Triple R programme which I had the honour of being on last year) and The Fast Show's Jazz Club skits. Some other things worth noting, maybe:

  • Steve O'Dor's nickname must be livewire or something similarly suitable. 
  • There's a weird light on Joe Keenan's head, which often illuminates his right ear.
  • Vaughan Coveny endorses pitch invasions! Ok, that's probably a bit disingenuous from me.

Finally the answer to where we'll be relocating

Back in the day when me and Hunter S. Thompson were out in the Nevada badlands, on too much of whatever it was we'd taken - he wrote a book about it which you may have heard of, A Bear called Paddington - and we saw this neglected outpost of the world's second best sport, 43 man squamish. The rest of the trip was a bit of blur to be honest, and it's hard to tell what was factual and what was more factual. We always meant to go back and tidy it up, but since we didn't know how we got there in the first place, we let the moment pass.

Anyway, it was somewhat a surprise to then learn that improvements had been made to the ground in the past 40 odd years - and now that dustbowl boutique stadium is a virtual tropical biodome paradise. And with people freaking out about still not being told where we're going to play during our relocation away from Lakeside, it is my pleasure to announce that this stadium will be brought over here to Melbourne, ala the Famous Spiegeltent, and shipped from place to place to let people from all over Melbourne marvel at its sheer tremindosity. Who's footin' the bill you may ask? Well, the Victorian Government is of course. And the best bit is, only we get to use it. Marvelous, outstanding, crap. Normally I'm not for this kind of government spending wastage - esopecially when they could be funding more stuff like experimental theatre shows at public swimming pools. But you know what? Fuck it. This is the bare minimum we deserve. Because we are South Melbourne, the greatest club in the known universe, and everyone else can just shove if it they don't like it.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Well, there you go

A $3,500 fine in total, and a 3-0 loss.

Oh irony of ironies if Heidelberg avoid going down thanks to that; or if we miss out on finals, or double chance, or week off because of that point, or goal difference.

Found guilty or threatening behaviour/missiles et al, and bringing game into disrepute. Found not guilty for the running onto field and alleged lack of security.

Take what you can get and all that.

For the record Heidelberg Laser Dude cost his side $2,000.


I mean, seriously, how did we not get fined or punished for the running on the field thing? Boy, did we get off relatively lightly. Beats me as to why. Not the end of it though methinks.

There's that scene in The Simpsons

in the Radioactive Man movie episode, where the nerds are trying to find out who's going to play Radioactive Man - I keep telling you, he's 73 years old and he's dead - and they have the one nerd underneath the producers table with his computer and listening device. That's where I wish I was with regards to the marathon hearing and deliberation session going. Instead I'm here. I've got to improve my networks.

Pet Hate Of The Month, April 2010

I know this blog could be described as pet hate of every month, week, day etc, but here's one that's been getting up my goat for a fair while - which is kinda topical seeing as we're probably going to get reamed at the tribunal tonight.

No one like us, we don't care.

But here's the thing - you do care. A lot. To bother coming up with a chant to show your indifference to your not being liked, or to borrow that chant, or to use it as a slogan of defiance, shows that you very much do care about what others think about you.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. But at least be honest about, and don't pretend that your feelins haven't been hurt by your enemies. The Zen thing to do, as is my understanding, would be to not resist the hate, but rather let it be and get on with your life.

And I'm not for one moment claiming this observation is in any way a stroke of genius. It was just something that was bugging me.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Croatian Duck Spectacular - Knights 0 South 1

 Photo: Gains.
A nice day, decent crowd, and a win where I thought we wouldn't get one. Joe Keenan with the only goal, a curled left foot shot around the Knights keeper. There's some people saying the Knights were lackluster, but I never saw that - I thought they moved the ball well enough, but weren't able to create enough gilt edged chances to justify a win - and some desperate defending by our boys, and a very solid game by Peter Zois helped a fair bit. For our part, I thought our first half was much better than our second. And we did create chances of our own, of a better quality than those of the Knights, if not quantity, and really, we should have added at least one more - we really need a striker - there's only so many goals we can score from midfield. Next up, Hume away on Anzac Day, which I fancy will be tougher than today's game, and to be played in much worse conditions.

Friday, 16 April 2010

It's about time

There's an elephant in the room - and Coveny on another coaching vacation isn't it. Enjoy what you can of this, because they haven't even given us the point yet. Carl Recchia and David Lugli do the chit chat business.

Tribunal hearing set for Wednesday 21st April

Check out the full list of alleged offences on the VPL's website. If you don't feel like reading, here's the gist. Four charges against us, two against the Bergers (laser pointing dude and Tilovki allegedly assaulting a fan). We've been charged with:

  1. Physical objects being thrown and/or racial taunts
  2. People who shouldn't have been on the field of play being omn the field of play
  3. Alleged lack of security
  4. Bringing the game into disrepute.

Tidy list there. Not sure how it will turn out, and I don't really want to second guess anything. Question is, when the judgements are handed down, what will be asked of the club and it's unruly 'associates'. Will they get the ban stick? Or will they be asked to make up for it in some way? The latest official South press release sheds some light on the matter. Some bannings in the pipeline it seems. Might be a good time to get out of the country for a bit. Probably a good thing I've ditched smfcboard too.

Kiss of Death, Round 7, 2010

What a week. Nevertheless, the world keeps turning, and the Kiss of Death keeps churning out its particular brand of wisdom. Enjoy.

Richmond vs Sunshine Georgies
Richmond to win this one 3-0. They had a tough task against the high flying Hume last week and got the draw as predicted by who else but me. Sunshine George Cross will not be able to absorb the constant pressure from Richmond this Friday night at Kevin Bartlett Reserve.

Green Gully Cavaliers vs Northcote City
I was suprised that Northcote didn't beat Sunshine George Cross last week. I was also suprised that Gully got up at Bentleigh. Therefore, using the formula of suprises, Gully to get this one 2-1.

Dandenong Thunder vs Bentleigh Greens
Funder to continue Bentleighs losing streak with a 2-1 win at Dandy. Loza to be walking on eggshells by the end of it all.

Heidelberg United vs Altona Magic
......and the winner is ? the peanut seller ! This game will finish in a 2-2 draw down at the village. On a sidenote, the chilli flakes in the canteen to be absolutely demolished.

Hume City vs Oakleigh Cannons
Choke, choke, choke, choke, choke, choke like Oakleigh, choke like Oakleigh! Forget it Jack Edwards heads. You're gonna lose this one too. The Knights should've beaten you 3/4-0. Hume WILL beat you 3/4-0.

Melbourne Knights vs South Melbourne
One of my favourite derbies. A ground on the fringe of Sunshine's industrial area, a ground fully owned by the Melbourne Croatia Social Club, great cevapi, and plenty of piss! Probably the most passionate derby in the VPL. The Knights had a great win at Oakleigh last week. South played an abandoned 91st minute game against the Bergers. The scoreline at the abandonment was 1-1. Game was abandoned because the police horses left deep divets on BJS. Anyway, South is playing pretty poorly and frankly I want heads on a platter. Knights are playing well. Score will be Knights 2 - South 3.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Where ist ein weekly highlights package?

Ich bin ein jelly donut and all that.

I mean, seriously, I want to see us not losing a regular season game against the Bergers.

I wonder why it hasn't come out yet.

Meh, who cares,

I gave a rambling seminar today for my one of honours subjects, and considering I was grossly underprepared, it went well enough, Certainly the other bewildered students thought it was very good. Pity they don't give out the marks.

For the record, it was an analysis of rhetoric using Plato, Aristotle and Cicero to analyise a 2002 Mark Latham speech. Good times, good times. Apart from the fascism and whatnot. But that never completely goes away, in any case.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

So, how's Goran Zoric doing?

Well, to be honest, apart from being assigned the no. 20 shirt, I don't know. Police United aren't going too flash though, just the one draw from their first four games, sitting second last.

Thankyou Valkanis Family

Last Sunday's game, amongst other things, was also the end of the very long tenure of the Valkanis family's canteen operation at Middle Park and Lakeside. They won't be coming with us to wherever we're going, which is a pity. Their keftedes in particular will be missed.

They won't be lost to South entirely however, as they will now be providing comfort food to our junior wing. Hopefully they get a chance to enjoy a home senior game for the first time in what must be ages.

So thanks to the Valkanis family for their years of service, and to Filio, Jimmy and Helen  and whoever else they had do a guest stint, for making myself always feel welcome and a part of the South family.

For the record, I bought the final crumbed spicy chicken wing.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Night Is A Blackbird - South 1 Bergers 1 - Game abandoned 92nd minute

It was supposed to be the culmination of years of work. Dragging the stricken barge that is this club off the reef. But, it was not to be. For 90 odd minutes, through frustration and reminiscence, people for the most part seemed to hold their nerve, despite being 1-0 down to the old enemy, on this symbolic day.

And then the worst thing possible happened. We scored.

The celebrations spilled over the fence, but rather than ending on that note by remaining in the corner, away from the players, some people took it too far. The referee rightly abandoned the game.

Some of the responsible persons have admitted their wrongdoing. Others have not. Some have even tried to justify the events to me personally, knowing that I would not and could not agree with them - and me being unable to give them the forgiveness or validation that was being sought. It is, for me at least, irrelevant. The damage has probably already been done. To what remains of our reputation. To our relationships with sponsors. To the players morale, after finding the equaliser. To the thousands of people who came to see us today, including scores of our juniors and their parents.

In the greater scheme of things, this is not even nearly the worst thing that has happened at South. But it's just another example, of when it comes down to it, not putting the interests of the club first. I feel worst, naturally, for the people who have worked tirelessly to set this event up in the first place. They know who they are. Here's hoping they are not discouraged, by the actions of their friends and fellow fans, by the punishments that will be doled out, by the hard work that may be undone, and the fact that we will, in an important way, have to start again.

The opposing view will be, that I am being melodramatic; that I am not sticking up for my fellow fans; that I am a nerd; that I have a stupid hat; that what's happened has happened, and there's nothing to be done about it now; that it was a spur of the moment thing, a rush of adrenaline, where people don't stop to think. And that's the problem right there. A little self-control, even in the heat of the moment, would have gone a long way.

So much goodwill lost. A right kick in the teeth. Another example of the periodic self-destruction which, to members of both those who are lamenting and those who are defending, seem to agree is almost an intrinsic part of this club. But there is, to be fair, only so much one can wallow in self-flaggelation and misery. Eventually, we must move on. But moving on doesn't necessarily mean turning a blind eye. It's self-centred perhaps, to feel that a great division has emerged between myself and so many of the people I have called friends in these past few years. And yet perhaps, more than at any other time, more than after any other incident, I feel I am at one end of a spectrum, and they at the other.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Does the Singapore Cup beckon for South?

You probably all found out while wasting time in your cramped cubicle, waiting for the drudgery of the working week to pass. Perhaps you're unemployed, and spat out half mashed load of froot loops at your computer screen when you saw that news. Me, I found out very late last night while eating strawberry pancakes on Chapel Street. The news has been overshadowed somewhat by the Gold Coast United and Archie Fraser fiascoes, but still generated it's own, mildly narcotic buzz, so far mainly on FourFourTwo and The Roar.

Now that you've read those pieces - or at least the official press release - you all want to know what I think. Because that's why you're here, right? So here goes. Brilliant opportunity if done right. I am not for the fantasy land idea of a permanent move to Singapore to play in the S-League. There's just no reasoning and no way near enough money and interest to sustain it. Or so I think, after what happened to Perth Kangaroos and Darwin Cubs, and the fact that the S-League is, in its own way, quite unstable when to comes new entrants coming and bowing out just as quickly. And besides, that'd leave us with a lot less away games we could actually make it to.

But this is not that thing. It is an invitation to a cup tournament. Although I'm sure the boffins out at Albert Road Drive have bigger ideas to come. From our end, there are immediate concerns about several factors.
  • Games are apparently midweek - and let's face it, most if not all of our players are part timers. And what about the effect of travel? Games would have to be posponed - or at least perhaps we'd have our first round Singapore Cup game moved to the June VPL break period. Though, since it is only the first round that is played before September, it might not be so much of a hassle.
  • Costs of travel. The boffins reckon they can raise the cash with sponsorship - hopefully they're right.  
  • The FFA knocking it on the head, as has apparently happened with a proposed Northern Territory consortium seeking to play in the S-League. The obvious rejounder to that being, that being invited to participate in a cup tournament is different in some crucial ways - which each side will have to clarify - to playing in a league competition, with all the vagaries about foreign player quotas and such.  
  • We lose, and lose badly in the first round.  But that's a risk we should be willing to take, I feel.

What's in it for us?
  • As mentioned in several pieces already, an expansion of our brand, whatever thhe hell means - probably to do with sponsors and stuff. 
  • Shaking up the box on what a 2nd tier, ostracised club can do if it puts its mind to it.
  • Forcing the FFA's hand when it comes to getting its arse into gear about an FFA Cup or 2nd division
  • A really cool away trip. 
  • We might actually win the damn thing. Or at least get through the first round.
It's all terribly exciting. I'm amazed they managed to sit on for as long as they did. If I was more perceptive - and clearly, I have the analytical powers of a pea - I might have deduced something from questions I was asked by a certain schemer.

Think about it

Gold Coast United allegedly going under.

Five All Whites - including start striker Shane Smeltz - training with South to keep their fitness and sharpness up.

South needs a striker.

You know it makes sense.

Dan Silkstone goes one way, then the other

Age writer Dan Silkstone - a reporter I normally have a fair bit of time for - has learned a useful lesson about getting your facts right. In the original version of his article Lakeside Oval may make a return he wrote this

South Melbourne Soccer Club will remain in the Bob Jane-branded western-side grandstand but it is not yet decided whether the club will play matches at the refurbished facility.
The club's final match at Bob Jane Stadium is on Sunday before it relocates during the 18-month construction phase. It is yet to be determined where it will play once the stadium is finished.

Of course, this sent some people into raptures, and made a few other people freak out. But then for whatever reason - perhaps a public service flunky sent him a message - Silkstone changed it to this

South Melbourne Soccer Club will remain in the Bob Jane-branded western-side grandstand and will return to play matches at the refurbished facility after an 18-month construction period.

So all's well that ends well. As for the ethics behind altering an online article without admitting the correction - well, could have a field day with that.

Kiss of Death, Round 6, 2010 season

The Kiss of Death is back after the break, to wield potty mouthed judgement on every tsombano and every peasant club in the league.

Bentleigh Greens vs Green Gully Cavaliers
Bentleigh's bubble finally burst at Northcote on the weekend. Hurrah! Hurrah!
Peanut Man made a killing at the Greek derby. Hurrah! Hurrah!
Bentleigh to beat a hapless/caretaker coached Green Gully 2-1. BOOOOOOOOO!

Oakleigh Cannons vs Melbourne Knights
The Cannons dropped points at the Village, and the Knights beat Richmond. We all know that I prefer the Knights over any other Greek team bar South, therefore Oakleigh 1 Knights 3.

Richmond vs Hume City
Hume has been playing really well, and so has Richmond. Chatz to tinker with his lineup and force a draw against Hume. Logic dictates a 1-1 draw and Richmond's scorer to be Daniel Visevic.

Altona Magic vs Dandenong Thunder
Andy Sfetcopoulos got a run last week for Altona. Is that why they won? HAHAHA No. Will Mr T be back in goals this week for Altona? Probably, if he gets over his injury. Where too next for Andy Sfet? Anyway, now onto the game. Dandy Funder looked a shadow of the team that surprised many last year. Munro's Mates are starting to falter and seem Funderstruck, and after the abuse Stuey copped last weekend, I have it on good authority that he will be getting the sack either this week or next. Magic will beat the Thunder and Stuey will be coaching them the week after. Altona Magic 3 Dandy Funder 0.

South Melbourne vs Heidelberg United
The Super Classico. The Derby of the Aiwnians. The Derby of all Derbies. This game is broadcast to a world wide audience of over five billion people. Catch is, you must have the internet and know of the FFV’s live stream. OLE! Bergers are in the shit… diarrhoea like shit, you know the one that is sooooo good, you don’t even need to wipe your arsehole? They are still trying to find Daniel from HUFCtv who seems to have disappeared, and personally, I’m still waiting for Episode 1 of HUFC radio. But anyhoo, I hope South teach those peasants a lesson or four. I want South to take us back to the good old days where you knew that the Bergers would cop plenty of goals. Bergers need to get pumped. They need a wake up call. It will be for the good of the game. South Melbourne 5 Heidelberg 0. De Nittis x4, Gasparis x1 + 4 assists.

Sunshine Georgies vs Northcote City
Northcote to my surprise have won two games this season. I had them down for zero wins, zero draws, plenty of losses. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt to beat the horse whisperers this weekend. It will be a tight game, with fuck all chances. The only chance of the game to fall to Northcote in the 92nd minute. Sunshine Georgies 0 Northcote City 1.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Yes? What happened? When did that happen? How much of it? Oh my goodness, I'll be right up.

If Sydney United and Melbourne Knights could get the backlash they did for farming kids off to Croatian clubs, I wonder what kind of stick we'll get for allowing this sort of blatantly treasonous behaviour. And is the club getting paid? And will they move with us to wherever the fuck we're going after this week? And will we quickly become hoof and hope afficionados because of this relationship? If so, the blame shouldn't be on Vaughan Coveny's head - he is after all, entitled to try and sneakily increase the chances of his homeland at whatever cost - but instead, squarely at the feet of Football Director Ange Dallas if anything should happen to our precious jogo bonito.

Soccer: DIY All Whites hit on unusual way of preparing for Cup
By Chris Rattue

Shane Smeltz is among a group of five All Whites who have set up their own training camp in Melbourne. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Welcome to the DIY All Whites.

Members of New Zealand's World Cup-bound soccer side have taken themselves to Melbourne to keep in shape for the tournament in June.

Tim Brown, Ben Sigmund, Leo Bertos and David Mulligan from the Wellington Phoenix and Shane Smeltz from Gold Coast United designed the 12-day camp to negate the long break before playing Australia on May 24.

Brown and Sigmund hit on their own camp concept after the Phoenix's A-league campaign ended last month.

"We're supplying the food but New Zealand Football came to the party with money for airfares, accommodation and a rental car which we are really grateful for," Sigmund said.

"I suppose what we have done is unique ... but we desperately needed to get away from distractions and be focused on football."

The five train in the morning under Phoenix assistant Luciano Trani using programmes set by All Whites trainer Kenny McMillan, then work with Victorian club South Melbourne.

"Other World Cup teams get paid a lot more money and get everything you could possibly need," said Sigmund.

"We've heard England have three pitches at their base in South Africa mapped out to the size of the fields their group matches are on. Those are things we could never dream of."

Most of the All Whites will go into camp in Auckland on April 28

In Summary...

Wow, even getting requests now. This is from a post I made on the Melbourne Victory forum, in response to a post (a challenge?) about what and how reconciliation could take plave between old and new; and what improvements did we think had occurred in that time. MelbCro, a Melbourne Knights supporting poster, suggested I blog it.


I can't comment on juniors and development, because I have no worthwhile insight into that at all. Similarly, I've seen bits and pieces of three A-League games in the past 5 years, so can't comment on the standard.

The move into Asia should have been done years ago. They've seemed to have sorted out a lot of the crap that was holding back the potential of those current overseas based Socceroos, in that they now have the facilities and help that they should have.

The game has come along in leaps and bounds in many ways. Better stadiums, better conditions for players, more media. But it's not my game - in much the same way that previously, people who felt (rightly or wrongly) that the game wasn't theirs, now feel a sense of ownership over it. It's not the game that I grew up with - with all the negative and positive things that came with it. There is no timetable for reconciliation. There's no need for it. The changes that have been enacted have been done so forcefully, that there's no turning back, really. It's a different culture, a different environment, tapping into something broader in society.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Stella starring - I'm so sorry - in Siena youth set up

Word on the streets is that rather than being farmed out to the chips and mayo outfit in backstreet Belgium, Francesco Stella, the Prince of the Stepover, has been acquitting himself very well in Siena's you set up. Which is absolutely terrific news as far as I'm concerned. Scoring some goals too apparently. I nicked this photo by the way from somewhere else.

So it's come to this

South on TV. I'll say this. I'm not against it. How could one be? But I will express the concerns that I've already raised before, when the idea was floated a while back, so I feel there's no need to apologise for any offense caused.

  • Sponsorship. Well it appears they've found some, which is great - otherwise how else could they commit to the schedule and the equipment? 
  • Timeslot. You get what you pay for, at least initially. 10am on a Saturday morning isn't a glamorous spot on the grid - but it's pretty much what Green Gully's got as well, who have the money to burn. Which leads us to...
  • Demographics. It's great that Channel 31 has got its digital licence and spectrum allocation - as long as they get the rest of the money to make the necessary upgrades of course. One of my concerns was about their, at the time, dim future. Especially considering that Channel 31 was losing ever more of it's audience as the switch was being made to digital.
  • Workload. This has always been the big one. It's a lot of work for volunteers to do. Which is not to say that it can't be done - just that when you have much the same people putting together all the club's PR and information products, it just gets bigger. But if they belielve they can do it, and withstand the unpredictability of illness and absence, more power to them.

And I say these things not out of hate or jealousy from being overlooked for nearly every single thing of this type - wink, wink - but only out of concern for the people putting together, lest they burn out. I've seen it happen before, and it wasn't pleasant. In that regard then, here are some of the things this show will hopefully do.

  • Sponsorship. Providing even more opportunity for our sponsors to be showcased.
  • Completing the loop. Radio, internet - and now television. All feeding into each other, giving people access wherever they are, whenever they want.
  • Just being on television. If and/or when Channel 31 goes digital, and if we hopefully and eventually get a better timeslot, people will watch, because people will channel surf.
  • The chutzpah behind it. Being ballsy enough to do something like this. Now, one may say that Green Gully has been doing it for years - and it's true, they have, and they deserve major credit for it. But they haven't had to deal with the relevance identity crisis that we have. Doing all this stuff re-affirms the club's commitment to not go away and die in a quiet corner. 

This blog enjoys reveling in its despondency, and it can afford to do that because of its independence from machine politics and any sort of serious following from anyone. But for the club itself as a going concern, it's been all too easy to fall into the same trap of feeling all sorry for itself. This is another step in the transformation and restoration of the club. Where this recovery ultimately leads to, is as yet unwritten.

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye

Monday, 5 April 2010

Days of redevelopment past

So, with us moving out for a bit, and them going to build a stand on the outer side at Lakeside, it's perhaps worth noting our history of outer sides. Of course, there was no outer side stand at Middle Park. It was always that Hellas and Hakoah built stand from the very early days of Middle Park's history as a stadium, and not simply a probably unenclosed park.

And there was this, which I've nicked from Austadiums

Bob Jane Stadium Redevelopment  

Current Status:
At this stage, is is unlikely this redevelopment will go ahead.

The proposed redevelopment of Melbourne's Bob Jane Stadium will include a new Grand Stand to be built opposite the currently members stand. The plans for the new grandstand include seating for six thousand people in a two-tiered structure, as well as increased corporate dining facilities and viewing suites. The plans also include office facilities, which could include housing for the Victorian Soccer Federation.

I'm not sure what year that's from. One wonders if it had been built, what route our fortunes may have taken. A facility of that sort, accommodating the pleb and celeb alike in great comfort, hell, even just the increase in undercover seating... but that opportunity, for whatever reason, is long gone, and with it... well, another set of what ifs I guess.

Certainly, in the late NSL era, Peter Mitrakas said the following in a Herald Sun article about building a new stand:

Mitrakas said South was looking for a co-tenant at Bob Jane Stadium, with an ultimate aim of building a second grandstand and turning the ground into a 14,000-capacity, all-seater stadium.

"When we took out the lease in 1995, we also got a development approval to build another grandstand (opposite the current stand), but we haven't got the money to do it," he said.

"We estimated then it would cost up to $3 million but that will at least have doubled now.

This was before the new league even had a name, and the allegedly Chinese backed consortium Melbourne Dragons was rumoured to be a candidate for inclusion into the new competition. Nobody talks about that anymore though.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Farken Pumped, Farken

I might as well type this while listening to Doves' Some Cities - the only album of theirs I like - and before the adrenalin flows out of my system. It's a huge week coming up, but more on that during the other 7 days of what's ahead.

I've been feeling pretty crappy and unsure about my honours thesis, to the point where I've been incredibly slack about my reading - but I've got down to some database wrangling and found some choice cuts and trends. And while I'll have to rethink my angle, at least there's something a little firmer to grab onto.

And it got me thinking about some other projects that have fallen by the wayside. My most recent Ozfootball work is a distant memory. And the fanzine never even got started. And the South Melbourne Hellas online historical compendium got a bit of a run then died before it could even be launched. Even my wikipedia work has pretty much stalled.

And part of the problem is the technical difficuly of putting that stuff together - especially from a novice point of view, especially online. You can gain and lose enthusiasm along the way, but if you're not au fait with the tools from the get go, you'll always be on the backfoot. Especially someone like me, ever so tentative and unsure about every little thing.

And I figured, why can't OzFootball be turned into a wiki? Well, because it would take a hell of a lot of work, and I'm not sure people are interested in converting the data on there to a new, easier to use format. But starting from scratch, it should be possible to revive the Hellas Historical Site myself and a couple of others had a semi-decent stab at.

This is the kind of thing I'm talking about. Of course, we can't hope to do something as awesome and as detailed as that. But we could certainly do something similar. And the fact that the semi-inspiration of this blog, Supermercado, is the major contributor, shows that it couldn't be that hard. Ok, an unwarranted dig, but even if it's me and one other person, I'm determined to make this happen. There's so much of a story to tell.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Bah, Stupid Pagan Bullshit

Holidays are that special time
When we laugh and sing and feel warm and cozy
Forget about being angry for a day

from Happy Holidays From Charlie Manson (in that kickarse episode of South Park where they go to Nebraska and somehow redeem Manson via ad nauseum Christmas specials).

I'm bored. How about you? Nah, you all love Easter, and Jeebus, and have millions of friends and so therefore there isn't this huge vacuum needing to be filled where a South game would usually be.

I'll be likely attending the Collingwood game tomorrow. It's against Melbourne, and so a win should be guaranteed, and if not, well, apart from being the laughing stock of that competition, at least there won't be any Melbourne fans on the train on the way back, the way back being the Werribee line. It's also one of the very small handful of AFL matches I can get myself down to.

Today, bizarrely, I've been invited to attend a rugby league match. The Storm against St George at Docklands to be a little more exact. I'm not a fan of rugby league - me being petit-bourgeois and all that - not a fan of the Storm in any remote sense even as expected of my supposed sporting civic duty (fuck this town's parochialism can get up my goat sometimes), and not being a fan of the Docklands Stadium - apart from last year's Asian Cup Qualifier against Oman, I hadn't been inside the place for years - it should be something quite different, and yet so predictable in that it will only reinforce my appreciation of South and stuff. But that's probably quite a naff and close minded approach to take.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

South women have new site - but are they even our women anymore?

You can visit them, here. But are they still part of the affiliation system? Or the Super Awesome One Big Happy Family System? I don't know to be honest. If they aren't, well... they probably shouldn't be using that logo - the Albert Park Women's club use of a re-jigged Lakers era logo notwithstanding (let's be honest, anyone can have that for free). And they should probably get themselves a new name. In which case it's nice that their history section mentions, more or less, that they are not a direct continuation of the original South Melbourne Hellas women's team, but rather a relocated Greensborough/Nunawading.

Not that there's anything wrong with that of course. And who knows, maybe there's a huge misunderstanding on my part as to what the hell's going on down near pit lane. Let's hope it gets sorted out soon. But we said that a month or two back, and nothing good seemed to happen. It's all gone very quiet.