Sunday, 10 August 2008

South women lose to Bergers 4-2

Just lacked that little bit of overall polish did the South women's seniors today. They played well enough to keep up with the Bergers, but in the end the difference between a side fighting relegation and one gunning for the finals was obvious. The visitors had more of the territorial advantage, with South playing well off the counter for most of the game. EEAMA were also having their AGM at Lakeside today. Hmmm. Hope that the visitors keeper Vidic is ok, copped a nasty knock in a 50/50 challenge towards the end of the game. Missed the reserves game, our girls lost that too, 5-0. Thirds lost to Ashburton 4-3. Seniors have a game midwekk against GSL at Darebin, before meeting Bendigo this Sunday at Field 13, their last game for the year as they have a bye in he final round.

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