Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Nikola Roganovic retires, again

It was on the club's socials, you all saw it, so this is just another blog place-marker / kicking the pandemic can down the road thing.

As noted in the post's title, this is not the first time that Roganovic has retired, but you feel that this time it's really for real. Thanks again for the memories, and the big saves, and the genuine passion he seemed to have for the club.

But now to the future. Assuming that local soccer resumes next season, and that Pierce Clark is definitely the first choice keeper, it will be mildly interesting to see what the club does in terms of a backup option.

Because with all due respect to the children, our youth team options are inadequate in this regard. Sad, but true. That could mean the club recalls Josh Dorron from his state league "loan", putting aside for a moment whether Dorron is up to this grade.

But would any senior grade Victorian keeper who missed an entire season due to the pandemic be willing to play as a backup? Keepers are the least likely players to be substituted on, and as much as getting a paycheck to sit on the bench for 26/30 odd games a year has its own sort of appeal - but people do want to play as well.

It's not a lot to think about, but it's something.