Tuesday, 26 August 2008

South of the Border to slow down the pace a bit

Since mid-February of this year, South of the Border has been providing daily doses of news, views, scandal and random bits of as it happened nostalgia. Not one day missed (ok, maybe one, but that was more a screw up with the post-dating-publshing system). But now the season is over, and so the main source of mirth and content - the games, duh - are no longer around to nourish the blog. 

So after a few mandatory episodes where we clean up after ourselves - hand out the South of the Border awards, look ahead to next season, etc. - the blog will be slowing down. That's not to say however that we'll be stopping altogether. There's the wonderfully wonderful Southern Cross bid which will rear its head in the press again until it gets knocked back and we can all go back to not having hope once more. There's the Lakeside redevelopment saga, which is kinda interesting in that it's probably the only thing that can save the club. There'll be, eventually, pre-season trials and friendlies, news about players leaving (but not necessarily coming -that gets made official in January 2009). Hell, even the Socceroos will be starting their World Cup 2010 qualifying campaign, which may or may not rate a mention. Oh, and there's also my Hattrick team, Juniper Hill, currently in their first season, but hopefully on the way to bigger and better things sooner rather than later.

So, like I said, not going away on holiday, just slowing down, so hope to see you guys around, especially when we celebrate the blog's 1st birthday in December. If anyone would like to contribute anything in the mean time, be my guest, especially season reviews and 2009 wishlists, serious or not, it's all cool. And I bet you all missed The Autumns reference in there. Typical.

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