Thursday, 28 August 2008

Women's team getting stooged hardcore

Disturbing news has come to hand recently, that the women's team will be relegated, despite not finishing in the bottom two. Earlier this year Eastern Lions withdrew, their results were withdrawn, with the natuiral assumption therefore that they and whoever finished 11th (whoich was alamost certain to be GSL, and it was) would also get relegated. Not so apparently. GSL will be joined in State League 1 next year by South, who were overtaken by Keilor squeezing out a win last week, and therefore seeing South slip to tenth. The club will apparently fight the decision, but people aren't holding out much hope for a reversal of the decision. It's an absolute disgrace in my opinion, especially since it was quite obvious that GSL and Eastern Lions were by the worst teams in the competition thsi year.


  1. Does that mean the WPL will have 11 teams in 2009? That's odd. Or can't I do my math?

  2. Who knows with the FFV? Maybe they want to reduce the league to ten teams?

  3. So that means only 1 team gets promoted then


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