Sunday, 31 August 2008

Not bad for a first try

It's structurally unbalanced and uses the sigma in the wrong places, possibly deliberately (it should be where the 's' is, not the 'e' in my honest opinion), but credit where it's due, this is pretty good considering it's come from a Victory fan, in my books not usually noted for their stunning use of humo(u)r.

For those wondering when I will start declaring my position on the whole Sexy FC bandwagon, the answer is, soon enough.


  1. Sexy FC

    How did you come up with this

    Buffalo Cup

  2. SeXyFC. Seemed like a sorta ludicrous yet helpful way of more easily differentiating between South and the Cross, and the common abbreviations SMFC and SXFC. Also reminds me of the heady days of Ruud Gullit and Newcastle's Sexy Football phase, back in my old EPL watching days.

  3. sexy football my arse


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