Sunday, 3 August 2008

Women's team roundup

The Senior women all but secured their place in the WVPL for next season with a 3-0 win away to Keilor Park. The Ressies didn't fare so well, losing 4-0. The State 3/Thirds team lost 6-1 to the ladder leading Albert Park, a game overshadowed somewhat by centreback Cindy's knee injury, obtained during a 50/50 clash for the ball. As you can see from the photo below, despite being in a fair amount of pain, she still managed to raise a smile for our camera. If every South player had the same level of commitment to the cause as Cindy, we'd hardly a lose a game.  Hopefully the injury is not too serious and she can be back playing before too long. Also derby game next round between South and Heidelberg at Field 13, 1:00 Sunday. Good chance I'll be down there.


  1. South Melbourne v Heidelberg has been moved to Bob Jane Stadium this Sunday 11pm Reserves 1pm Seniors.

  2. Cool, i may head down to check it out, thanks anonymous..


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