Thursday, 28 August 2008

End of Shoot! Magazine

Admittedly I was never a huge magazine buyer of any type, and haven't given a stuff about the EPL for a while, but this piece on Bolosepako on the demise of the once great Shoot! Magazine left me feeling a little sad and nostalgic, taking me back to the days where I'd flick through my cousin's stack during the very early 1990s. Oh, and those wondeful cardboard league tables with the tiny club info cards which would slot into the various spots on the table... halcyon days.


  1. I still have a stack of Shoot Mags from the mid 80's, i used to love those cardboard league tables they had...

  2. Gosh!!! I used to have that ladder too.. but dump it away as my interest in English League waned... all I have is the 1990 annual


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