Saturday, 9 August 2008

That's that then - Richmond 2 South Melbourne 0

South played well enough to consider itself unlucky to lose this game, but a win would have been generous. Neither side created too many clear cut chances, but South had the better of the game. A brilliant 30 metre lob from Pablo Cardozo summed up the situation. Where crosses into Richmond's box were deflected and scrambled every which way, an arsey (but skillful) goal like that shows what we;ve been lacking all year. Lots of action in the outer too, starting off wonderfully, with good, humourous chanting, but then deteriorating into outright stupidity. I like the Richmond away game, but it always seems to head in that direction for some reason, and I think you know which one the main reason is. Next up Whittlesea, Deano's last game, then Frankston. Then next year, and surely a cleanout of some of the players that have played this season, not for lack of effort perhaps, but perhaps more so the failure to take the chances presented to them during the course of the year.

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