Thursday, 21 August 2008

A Tale Of Two Bids Part 2

It'd been a while, but I recently had a nice little email exchange with Eamonn of Football In The Capital, all starting off from my request to have my own, unedited copy of my radio interview for the Nearpost show... and of course what's a chat between two A-League outsiders without asking about how each other's bids are going. Not too bad from each side is the answer, but both have strong opposition and people still to impress. The Southern Cross bid doesn't have a website yet (possibly coming soon), but the Canberrans not only have a web site, but this quite smartly produced youtube clip.

Now, websites aren't as good as cash and paid up supporters, but they do create a focal point in this modern age for people to connect to ideas and then use that as a starting point to act in the physical world. All in good time people. At least now we have a fighting chance.


  1. think this os website

  2. FFS it's a postmodern age!!


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