Sunday, 30 November 2008

Of the three South Melbourne AGMs I've been too...

... that was by far the most sensible. Now, I can't just spill out everything here - because the uninitiated would have their brains explode by being exposed to the power of holy truth - but just for the fact that no one asked where the World Club Championship money went was a sign that maybe, just maybe, the club is moving forward. 50th anniversary should be a blast.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

New South official site's arrival 'imminent'

Looking real good... when it comes out the results will speak for themselves... here's just a little sneak peek, which may be breaching certain boundaries, but hopefully it gets all of you out there just a little bit excited about the coming year, and hell, the whole future of the club.

I'd have posted more, but that would ruin the surprise then, wouldn't it? :smileyfase:

Friday, 28 November 2008

At least he's keeping busy

Apart from jumping onto the Melbourne Knights wagon train of the future, Jim Marinis has also been nominated for a spot on the FFV board. Quite as to why he hasn't provided a statement unlike the other five nominess is anyone's guess.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

The 2nd worst kept secret in Victorian soccer

Billy Natsioulas, winger, fan, associate, contemporary, and once memorable contributor to South of the Border, has departed the club, and will head to ambitious state league 1 side Bentleigh Greens next year. We at South of the Border would like to wish Billy all the best at his new club, his recovery from injury, as well as his taking on the coaching reigns of the under 18 squad down at Kingston Heath. While it doesn't always end up the way you want it too, at least Billy has a VPL championship medal and the honour of playing for the club he grew up supporting, an opportunity so few players get.

Now if you don't mind, I'm going back to the forum to bash my head against the proverbial brickwall.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Knives out for newly signed duo

So, striker Joseph Youssef and defender Eddie Cetkin have signed from Fawkner and Western Suburbs respectively, and already their signings have been greeted with cries of 'qué horror'. And not just from supporters, but also from one time South defender and former team mate of Cetkin, one Arthur Tsonis. I'm willing to give them more time myself.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Jim Marinis joins Melbourne Knights

I had an article published in Neos Kosmos English Weekly yesterday, after I was asked to pitch in by their sports editor James Belias who's off holidaying somewhere. It's basically a collection of cobbled up rumours, innuendo and rehashed news from the 2009 pre-season with particular reference to the, ahem, Greek clubs, whatever the fuck that means these days.

But there was one part that hasn't been widely or publically reported yet, and that was the interesting move of former board member and football operations dude Jim Marinis across to the Melbourne Knights to play out a similar role. Which is a shame really, not necessarily for what we've lost or gained in his moving on from our club - as that all depends on who you listen to and some people are quite biased in their opinions - but moreso for the fact that he's now working against the club he allgedly loves or once loved.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Corporate Games 2008 wrap up


It's a good thing I live near Paisley Park so I don't have to rush to the other side of town for an 8am start. On arrival, we find the Altona Magic side has one pitch unmarked and the venue unattended, while the Altona East side is all marked, has canteen open, and seems to be more up for it in general. Teams start arriving and we manage to sort through them without too much trouble. And then it starts. Referees start refusing to play on the unmarked ground, and then after a few serious injuries both typical and atypical football-wise, it gets to the stage where even the small East ground is deemed unplayable. So we have to squeeze four games which are meant to be played simultaneously into two grounds. This means that the 30 minute games which the teams have paid for are now reduced to 15 minute games.

I see a couple of South fans who are playing. One of their teams gets through comfortably, while the other is unlucky to miss out after losing their final game to a well hit freekick. Michael Curcija plays for one of the teams today, but his side is pretty disappointing. The weather seemed to ease up at one stage, only for it to deteriotate once more. Altona East's chicken skewer things really hit the spot, as did the putting on the lights for the final game of the day. All in all, considering all the nuisances we had to put up with, the day ended up ok, but a lot of that had to do with the way almost all the teams took the changes in their stride with nary a complaint.


Albert Park the venue for the 6-a-side games. The grounds are a mess, and we're starting earlier. But it's generally running on time, and I'm thinking, ok, I'll be tired by the end, but will finish up here roundabout whenever I'm supposed to. But then things deteriorate steadily. The radio airwaves are clogged up with nonsense. My corresponding pitch marshal on the field next to me disappears every now and again. There are not enough bibs to go around for team clashes. Calls for medics, questions etc go unanswered. I'm not sure what's going on at venue control hq, and by the time the finals come about, I don't know where I'm supposed to send two teams who are waiting on the sidelines waiting for information their seeding. I'm tired. feeling sick, I help take down some nets, and resolve never to do this again. Once again the teams take it in their stride, the referees do the best they can, and most of the volunteers do the best they can in a bad situation. But I'm done with this. Too many teams and not enough time, and far too little pay for the hours and work we're supposed to do.

Friday, 21 November 2008

2009 fixture out and about

Well, finally, the 2009 fixture is out, and well may we say what a great fixture it is from a South perspective, for once. Three blockbuster home games in the first four rounds, and all games at Bob Jane Stadium, with whatever plans may have been in place to get the Lakeside redevelopment started by May 2009 pushed aside. All home games are seemingly on a Sunday at various times depending on the weather. Curiously Coburg and Sunshine have not had their venues confirmed for the new year. The former presumably should be moving inot their new home soonish after quite a delay, but their absence from their Knights Stadium arrangement is interesting for it's own reasons. Sunshine's 'has/hasn't been sold yet' Chaplin Reserve hasn't been declared up to scratch - the exact reasoning behind I'm not sure. Finally for whatever it's worth, I'm pissed of the Zebras game being a Monday night. Stupid decision which I hope doesn't stick but I fear it will.

  1. 01 Mar 6:00PM South Melbourne vs Dandenong Thunder Bob Jane Stadium
  2. 08 Mar 6:00PM South Melbourne vs Heidelberg Utd Bob Jane Stadium
  3. 15 Mar 5:00PM Preston Lions vs South Melbourne BT Connor Reserve
  4. 22 Mar 6:00PM South Melbourne vs Melbourne Knights Bob Jane Stadium
  5. 30 Mar 8:30PM Whittlesea Zebras vs South Melbourne Epping Stadium
  6. 05 Apr 4:00PM South Melbourne vs Richmond Bob Jane Stadium
  7. 18 Apr 4:00PM Green Gully Cavaliers vs South Melbourne Green Gully Reserve
  8. 26 Apr 3:00PM Coburg Utd vs South Melbourne To Be Confirmed
  9. 03 May 4:00PM South Melbourne vs Oakleigh Cannons Bob Jane Stadium
  10. 10 May 4:00PM South Melbourne vs Altona Magic Bob Jane Stadium
  11. 17 May 3:00PM Sunshine Georgies vs South Melbourne To Be Confirmed
  12. 24 May 4:00PM Dandenong Thunder vs South Melbourne George Andrews Reserve
  13. 01 Jun 8:30PM Heidelberg Utd vs South Melbourne Olympic Park (Village)
  14. 14 Jun 3:00PM South Melbourne vs Preston Lions Bob Jane Stadium
  15. 21 Jun 4:00PM Melbourne Knights vs South Melbourne Knights Stadium
  16. 28 Jun 3:00PM South Melbourne vs Whittlesea Zebras Bob Jane Stadium
  17. 10 Jul 8:30PM Richmond vs South Melboune Kevin Bartlett Reserve
  18. 19 Jul 4:00PM South Melbourne vs Green Gully Cavaliers Bob Jane Stadium
  19. 26 Jul 4:00PM South Melbourne vs Coburg Utd Bob Jane Stadium
  20. 31 Jul 8:30PM Oakleigh Cannons vs South Melbourne Jack Edwards Reserve
  21. 09 Aug 4:00PM Altona Magic vs South Melbourne Paisley Park
  22. 15 Aug 3:00PM South Melbourne vs Sunshine Georgies Bob Jane Stadium

Corporate Games 2008

Partly in an attempt to pay for next year's membership fees, I'll be marshaling at the Corporate Games soccer this weekend, at Paisley Park on Saturday for the 11 a side games, and at Albert Park for the 6 a side games. Good luck to all the competitors, but especially all South affiliated participants, in particular one who is set to come face to face with John Markovksi. If you see me, you know, come and say hello. Saw some of you last year, and also Alan Davidson in vintage form, a lot of fun. Probably do a bit of a wrap up as well on Monday.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Hamlet Armenian Goneski?

Strong rumours from various sources close to the action have indicated that Hamlet Armenian is on his way to our nearest rival geographically at least Richmond Alemannia. Hamlet did not have the best of seasons at South after coming across from Whittlesea Zebras this year. Stay tuned for more info as it comes.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Possibly Andy Vlahos... hmm

Our sources (4Flares) indicate that it may have been Andy Vlahos... except that it had Viviennes Collection on the front as sponsor.

Who was No. 24?

I bid (and won) the auction for this jersey for South Melbourne's biggest Polish fan (sorry Nick). But who was No. 24? Enquiries have been made, and hopefully we'll have an answer for you soon.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Football Non Stop

We're on it, sorta. It's an ambitious collection of bloggers and writers, and while the quality varies, and you're never sure with these start up things if they're going to last. You may find somethuing you like, or you may just end up sticking to what you know and love. Hopefully it's not all just A-League and overseas stuff and there's broad range of state, women's and other marginal stuff to expand the minds of the children out there. Link on the side down there, somewhere. I think they're going to get like a proper website addy soon, yeah.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

I only have one other copy... unfortunately, only one special person, probably already decided, will get their hands on one. One day, when I do a fully fledged awesome edition all proper like, yeah, you can all place pre-orders and sup on selected Yarra Valley cheese and wine at my upmarket book launch. I'm guessing that's some time away though.

Next year's fixtures

They're allegedly coming out on tomorrow. Last year the FFV put out dates, competeting teams in each division and a schedule of these things, but because perhaps they didn't stick to them and no one could do a thing about it anyway, they haven't seemed to have bothered this time around. Anyway, we'll see on Friday if any of this actually eventuates. I've heard though that we had a shocker of a draw in the provisional fixture, but that is has been revised since. Dandy and Bergers at home first up, then Preston and the Knights - if they're still called that next year - after that, and Oaks some time in round 9 or something.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Lakeside architect innuendo

Are these the guys who've been appointed to go through to transform and rejuvenate the place?

H20 Architects - needs Flash 7 to work which for some reason doesn't work on any of my four browsers except for Internet Explorer.

Anyway, if it's true, I wouldn't be disappointed... they seem to have some sort of pedigree, and I don't mind their modern/progressive approach if their previous work is a guide. As long as some natural light gets knocked into the social club of course.

Monday, 10 November 2008

That was alright

Won the shitkicker game 5-2, and Clarendon Corner finally broke their duck against Original Melbourne 21.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Website follies

Those crazy women and their website shenanigans. After earlier in the year getting a new website and ditching the old, cluttered, slow (but nicely ordered) one, then ditching that for a blog, they've gone back to using the original one. Thankfully, I never deleted the link from the side of the page, so access to it is still the same. No RSS feed on it, unlike the blog, which is a shame. Anyway, there were people allegedly working on a website for them - you know who you are - but that hasn't come through yet. Then again, the South official site was also meant to get an overhaul earlier this year, and has only recently been completed apparently. Will it ever be uploaded? Are they waiting for the new season to do it? The current version has been around for years - surely it's about time we moved on, making sure everything else is archived though, naturally.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Are you ready to laugh boys and girls?

Tomorrow is the day of the annual Clarendon Corner vs Original Melbourne 21 supporters match, which raises funds for our supporters group to make banners, fund gimmicks and help the club out where we can - this year that fund has already helped supplement the cost of the legendary Canberra trip, as well as buy the club a folding machine, amangst many worthy pursuits. Your correspondent will be playing in the shitkicker opening game tomorrow for the Whites against those evil Blues. There'll be food and drink as well, opening game starts at 1:00, main game at 3:15. Alas Cliff won't be there to sign autographs, but hopefully his mates decide to turn up.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Things we hear because of our awesome listening skills

Now we can't reveal everyhting we've heard but... apparently Ramazan, Yusef, Fernando all re-signed... and memberships possibly available for purchase in December and maybe even wait for it... online! Hooley dooley! Myself, I don't trust internet banking and will thus as per usual make my payment in person.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Kabaddi a bit of a letdown... apparently

Hmm, during this quiet time, the kabaddi people had their go at the venue and... were apparently quite disappointed with the way their event was run... a little dodgy according to their forums... I've been assured though that we got our ground hire fee upfront, which is refreshing.