Sunday, 29 March 2009

It's the away game you have when you're not having an away game - Round 5, Whittlesea Zebras vs South Melbourne (at Lakeside)

Last Time They Met

It was round 23, 2008. We couldn't make the finals, but we could still in theory get relegated. It was Deano's last game, and in the end it was he who saved us on a multiple occasions, earning us a 1-1 draw. He got a standing ovation at the end of what was his final game. Now he's on the books at Oakleigh and on the bench ready to come on just in case.

We should win really. Of course, being on the bottom doesn't make you a bad team (unless you're Preston in 2009), and the Zebras have looked ok apparently in some of their games, but we should win this. It's Lakeside for a start instead of Epping. Win this one too, and go in with some nice momentum for a huge game with early pacesetters Richmond.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

More on Apollo Athletic

I was looking for more info on Floros Dimitriadis (and Apollo Athletic) when I came upon this site. Unfortunately the book in question has not been released yet and will likely not come out in the forseable future. Note also the reference to the local Italian club Savoia, a predecessor of the once great Brunswick Juventus.

I am currently co-writing a book on the history of Greek-Australian soccer teams. The first official Greek-Australian sport club Apollon was founded in Melbourne in 1933.

The three young Apollo club members Martakis, Floros Dimitriadis and Basil Colligas were keen to establish a soccer team and already possessed some soccer experience from the old world. Martakis was an amateur wrestler in Constantinople but also played soccer, Floros played soccer in Cyprus and Colligas in Smyrna. The team was constituted in May 1934 so that it would be ready to compete in the Dockerty Cup competition. A cup competition open to all Victorian soccer clubs.
Colligas chose the name Apollon from the historic Apollon Club of Smyrna. On July 22, 1934 Apollo played its first unofficial soccer match against the Italian club Savoia at Middle Park, Melbourne. This is probably regarded as the first ‘ethnic’ soccer match played in Australia.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Fixture change for Whittlesea Zebras vs South Melbourne

This was meant to be played this coming Monday at Epping Stadium. However, owing to certain troubles that Whittlesea are having at the moment, which includes the inability to use the ground that was once 'theirs', the game has had a change in date and location. The game will now be played at Lakeside, on Tuesday March 31 at 8:30pm, with the reserves starting at 6:30.

From all reports this is still a Whittlesea Zebras home game and not a reverse fixture, so unless you have an FFV pass of some sort, sneak in the through office or kitchen entrances, you will have to pay to get in. But we keep the bar, so drink up!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Vale Jordan Ieremiadis

As reported on the official site, foundation South Melbourne Hellas player Jordan Ieremiadis has passed away. Ieremiadis played for South from 1960-64, and was a member of the 1960 Metropolitan League 1 North championship side, the club's first title, as well as the 1962 and 1964 State Championship sides.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Apollo Athletic - another predecessor of what we have now

This is a partially colourised version of the photo I used to have on this article.
The previous version was hosted on a third party hosting site, which stopped
working. This one has been sourced from the La Trobe Greek archives.
Before Melbourne's urban sprawl was filled to the brim with little Greek fiefdom clubs, before even the days of Hellenic, Olympic, Yarra Park Aias, Alexander and Florina, there was Apollo Athletic, which is as far as anyone knows, the earliest Greek Australian club of them all.

The club was born sometime around 1934, and didn't last much longer than 1935, playing in the 3rd division at the time, and reaching the 2nd round of the Dockerty Cup, where they lost 3-0 to Shepparton East. Curiously, another club calling itself Apollo participated in competition during 1952, but disappears thereafter... and it's late in 1952 that Hellenic is formed... is there any connection? Who knows. There was also one final team using that name, but this was more of an amateur outfit playing somewhere out of Fitzroy/Collingwood calling itself Apollo 11, during the early 1970s.

Apollo Athletic had a mix of Greeks and non-Greeks in the team, perhaps the most notable of which was Floros Dimitriadis. Dimitriadis later became involved with Yarra Park, and through this association was one of the two founding Vice-Presidents of South Melbourne Hellas (the other being South Melbourne United's Des Hamilton). It was also at Dimitriadis' hotel The Duke of Kent that the amalgamation between newly formed Hellas and South Melbourne United took place. Whether it's the same pub as the current Duke of Kent on La Trobe street I don't know, and any information on that is more than welcome. *see comments section for update.

The following information is from a La Trobe Uni pdf I found on the net somewhere.

Athletes and members of the Apollo Athletic Club in the early ‘30’s. In 1934, shortly after its establishment Apollo appears as the first Greek Soccer Club in Australia. In 1935, despite its progress to the 3rd category in the Victorian State Championship, it dissolved mainly due to lack of interest on the part of the Administration. In the front row from left is seen Mr Floros Dimitriadis, the founding member of Melbourne Hellas.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

This Song Comes With A Picture

Apparently my little write up for Neos Kosmos English Weekly got a run yesterday... apparently uncredited which is a minor shame, but these things happen, and I didn't really much care for the piece as a whole to be honest. Too optimistic, too much pandering to the 'Hellas is Greek' (no pun intended) demographic and not enough stuff about how awesome I am. Because that's what I do with my spare time: think about great I am. I don't have the links to the two pieces that were supposed to accompany it... they might turn up eventually.

South now and in the future

by Paul Mavroudis

In mid 2004, South Melbourne FC - or South Melbourne Hellas to her fanatical devotees, both Greek and non-Greek - was on the brink of obliteration: financial administrators had been called in, its entire squad had left and most people thought the club was a lost cause. Fast forward to 2009 however, and after overcoming several highs and lows, South Melbourne this year proudly celebrates its 50th anniversary, with a wide range of events remembering the club’s enormous achievements, but also with an eye towards the future.

The club is patiently negotiating with the Victorian Government in regards to Athletics Victoria’s and the Victorian Institute of Sport’s move to Lakeside from its current home at Olympic Park, being careful to avoid the mistakes of previous committees in signing long term contracts which end up costing the club serious money in the long run.

The redevelopment of the club’s home of Lakeside Stadium is crucial to not only the club’s survival, but also its future prosperity on and off the pitch. After many years of failing to make the most of the venue’s commercial potential, South Melbourne has started reaping the benefits of the greatest asset at its disposal.

While the exact details of the proposed $74 million redevelopment remain mostly under wraps at this stage, the details that have emerged point towards South Melbourne entrenching its place in the local area, which it has called home for the past 50 years, and through the various mergers even back to the early days of Victorian soccer.

Beginning with several new pitches, including two with synthetic surfaces – situated near the pit lane buildings near the location of the club’s former home of Middle Park – as well as a new pavilion, the club will be able to bring back a local junior presence for the first time in over a decade, as well as expand and improve the quality of facilities for the club’s women’s division.

Closer to home, while the addition of a running track will lessen the viewing experience of what is still the state’s premier purpose built soccer venue (until the completion of the Swan Street Stadium), the possible addition of a new stand on the outer side and reconfiguring of the social club space will no doubt enhance the overall experience.

South Melbourne FC is one of the Greek-Australian community’s greatest achievements; from a neglected field in Middle Park; to multiple Australian and Victorian titles; and all the way to the Maracana in 50 years. After surviving through the most difficult part of its history, the club appears reborn and reinvigorated, and ready to face the challenges that await it in the next 50 years.

SMFCTV Double Feature!

This week a double feature of SMFCTV, with the first video being the goals from the Preston game, including Goran Zoric's early candidate for goal of the year.

The 2nd part of the double bill is the game against the Melbourne Knights. Didn't believe me that the first half was crud? Well this video includes only a very brief part of it. The 2nd half is soooo much better. The video also includes a bit of Antipodes stall action as well as a post match interview with Vaughan Coveny, who finally got off the mark for this season.

Monday, 23 March 2009

I don't want to jinx them but...

... the under 21s have won 3 out of 4 games, inclduing a 2-1 win against the Melbournre Knights who had been looking good this season having themselves won three games. Francesco Stella looked particularly good.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

More games like this please - South Melbourne 2 Melbourne Knights 1

The first half was a waste of time, so there's no need to go over it. Bogged down in midfield. The 2nd half however, we were attacking from the outset. And we looked like scoring, and we actually did score! Twice! And then somehow, the Knights, who had done very little for most of the game to that point, got one back. And it was game on. It was end to end stuff for the last twenty minutes, with a period where we also pegged in our own half, but we held on. The atmosphere was fantastic, there was chanting from both teams, two sets of South supporters going awol... all we needed was for Nunes' shot to have gone in off the post instead of straight back to him, or for Zoric to have iced the game at the death when he had rounded Knights keeper Savas Ozdemir... but three points in the bag is sweet enough, Next week is against Whittlesea Zebras, when or where nobody knows for sure, because of recent develeopments there involving Chicken Men, Local Councils and the continuing saga of the local Italians trying to destroy seemingly every club they have in ther northern suburbs.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Last 6pm home game for the year - Round 4, South Melbourne vs Melbourne Knights

Last Time They Met

South Melbourne 2 Melbourne Knights 2

South did really good they were scoring goals, 2 in fact, and should have had a third except Gianni hit the post when he should have scored to make it three and we had a player sent off (Nunes) and then the Knights scored twice and it finished a draw. It was the best game of the season but I wish we'd won.

Knights should be at least slight favourites for this; realistically they have some more runs on the board, but the loss of Frakie Lagana evens it out a bit. South has an interesting situation in terms of who to put in and leave out. Sfetkopoulos should keep his spot in goal; he had so little to do last week that it near impossible to make a mistake. Rama's suspension is over and conventional wisdom says your captian must play... so if he comes in, who goes out? De Nittis has not been looking likely of late, and there's the possibility of a shuffle involving Zoric partnering Coveny up front. How much chopping and changing happens depends on how much Michalokopoulos buys into tyh hype of burying a dead opponent the wek before.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

South at the Antipodes Festival this week

For the first time in years South will have a presence at this weekend's Antipodes Festival. From what the official site has said, there'll be some players to meet and greet, merchandise to order and/or purchase, as well as memberships. I haven't been to the Antipodes Festival in many years, basically because it's not my kind of scene; not my kind of music and way too many people having a good time for a start, though I might to have a look at what films they're playing. I think Neos Kosmos is brining out special Antipodes issue, and there's a possibility that if James Belias likes my space filling contribution, that I'll have something there too.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Fanatic of the Week - Paul Mavroudis

So we've exhausted our stash of genuine vintage Fanatics of the Week. And I'm bored and dismayed - and just because I'm typing this up on a rainy Saturday afternoon for release on a Wednesday, it doesn't mean that I won't be bored and dismayed at the moment it's published or when you read it.


Saturday, 14th March, 2009

This week’s fanatic is Paul Mavroudis who likes the club because, to paraphrase Lift To Experience "we have to, not because we want to".


NAME: Paul Mavroudis

AGE: 25.

SUBURB: In the Darkness On The Edge Of Town

INTERESTS: 'Football'; the other football; books; alternative 'music'; Wikipedia; collating statistics; blogging; providing highly educational but seldom understood pearls of wisdom on Internet forums; stopping myself from writing cliched serial killer fiction where I annihilate everyone that shits me and handing it in as part of my coursework; public transport; retro gaming; providing constructive criticism of classmates' mostly pisspoor attempts at short fiction; stickers; Fred Negro's 'Pub' strip when it isn't just St Kilda in jokes; a fair few crazy animated television shows; dessert.


Yes. Until the Hellas Fan Club comes in and sets everything right again, back to the way it used to be, in the Beforetime, the Long Long Ago. Soon I hope. Put us all out of our misery.

Probably around 9 years old, the home game against West Adelaide in season 1992/93 where we won won 4-2. They were introduced as our cousins from South Australia or something like that, hmm.

Seriously, should it really matter?

The day everyone realised Acropolis Now was actually farken shithouse. Which is technically not a memory since it hasn't happened yet, as can be seen from this review of Stephen Hawking's 'Brief History of Time', which I did end up reading the entirety of, and not just get bored by page 3, thank you very much John Safran. Not that I understood all or even most of it, but I got something out of it I think, and Carl Sagan's question in the introduction to that book about why we can remember the past but not the future struck a quixotic physical and philosophical chord.

Our ability to remember past but not future also coincides with the arrow of entropy. The reason, Hawking says, is that whenever a memory is made, in either a brain or a computer, the smidgen of energy required to light up a neutron or move an electron is released as heat. Heat ---roiling, chaotic heat--- increases entropy. Memories, then, because they release heat, increases disorder, too. Entropy increases from yesterday to tomorrow. That`s why memories are made in the past --- to Hawking a more convincing explanation than the pedestrian statement that one can remember only what has already occurred." (Newsweek, January 4, 1993.)

The 2006 VPL Grand Final, because within a few seconds a whole bunch of people forgot we'd just won a championship and were more interested in throwing rocks at other people who were piggy backing for a day on the fat woman's current club in order to pursue some sort of justice for issues of blood, land, culture and history located mostly in the Balkans and who were also throwing rocks. Halcyon days.

The scene where Wheels is for some inexplicable reason wearing a Footscray guernsey.

James Spanos. Doesn't even have to do anything to be part of the senior team. Doesn't make mistakes. Known by people who don't even know of the actual players.

Arnott's Kingston, the grownups chocolate biscuit.

Paul Trimboli. Stupid question.

Asterix, but they're both pretty cool.

Oh wow, where do you begin? For starters, I like the lies. The little ones, like why we didn't wear the South Melbourne United heritage strip, to the medium ones, to the big ones, with the claims of 10,000 strong crowds at pretty much every game in the 1980s, because the people making those claims either have dementia or only went to the games with 10,000 people, and not to the games with 800 people against teams such as Brisbane Lions.

I also love the fact that we've never played in South Melbourne.

I love the hypocrisy which pours fourth constantly out of every orifice, especially with regards to the A-League and the AFL.

I love people living off past glories and thinking it's enough to last a lifetime.

I love the fans who see only what they want to see and never what's actually in front of them.

That's just the stuff off the top of my head.

The food could be better at times.


Well, the league doesn't exist anymore, so I guess it's impossible to support another NSL team.

My pleasure.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Off the mark for season 2009 - and how! Preston 1 South Melbourne 7

It was a great win to be sure, but before we get carried away, sure we played well, and finally started actually shooting (and on target too!) but Preston's performance was the most inept thing I've seen in my 16 years of watching the game. There was no heart, no pressure, no method and not even one chance after their goal. It was bizarre. Best on the day were Zoric, for sure, Joseph Youssef , Coveny, O'Dor, and Nunes played probably his best game for the club to date. A much tougher ask next round against the Knights.

So the South Australia Super League has started...

... with some old South Melbourne faces popping up amongst the scorers. Scott Tundbridge and fucking Adam Van Dommelle of all people both scored for the MetroStars (stupid, stupid name) in their 3-1 win against Adelaide Galaxy. What I also want to know is, what's the deal with something like 8 teams (not just in their top flight) having the word Adelaide and an attached gimmick as their name? Don't they have enough suburbs to go around? And what's the deal with the Super League being above the Premier League? You'd think Premier meaning, well, premier, ie; the first, best etc., would be above it. Ah fuck it, Vam Dommelle scored!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Preston vs South live at Lakeside

Someone's put their cojones on the line and managed to come up with this nice little solution to all those who don't want to venture out to BT Connor Reserve tomorrow. The game will be streamed live at Lakeside, with doors open at 4pm, with the bar and kitchen open. That's where I'll be. And before anyone makes the accusation that I'm doing it for the money, I do have a media pass remember - so I could get in and not pay a cent - it's the principle of the thing. They didn't think I was worthy enough to enter last year, let's continue that tradition.

Boutsi's 100th NSL goal

Who could forget it? Marconi needed to beat us by four goals to make the finals. They suffered a setback when Boutsi scored a 40 metre half volley lob over Michael Turnbull. And then he came up with this to bring up his ton, and seal the visitors fate well and truly.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel? Round 3 - Preston Lions vs South Melbourne

Last Time They Met

I think it was about half way through last year. They won 2-1, avenging their loss at home earlier in the season. The winner was one of those mishit crosses that goes in. Funny that.

Not that we can't win - we did it last season, and actually haven't lost there since we dropped down to the VPL - but I don't think we will. A good fighting draw is my guess.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Jenny Mikakos and cancer

South receiving the love and giving it out in equal doses. First up, MP Jenny Mikakos says some stuff, about us. the same way Nicola Roxon wastes valuable Federal Parliament time saying how delightful it is to go down to Point Gellibrand and watch the Towners beat those rapscallions from Box Hill.

Visit the relevant VicHansard page

Then we also got into the news... or at least were able to out it on our own webpage, that we donated some of our players, from both men's and women's teams, time and some merchandise to cheer up some kids who are sick with cancer. Now cancer can be funny, but this time no jokes from me. Great stuff by whoever thought of the idea, and to the players and club for making it happen. People interested in the organisation involved can head to Challenge's website for more details.

Needed more shots of Victorian soccer

SBS TV bit on the tip top relationship between the FFA and the state Federations. According to FFV Prez Tony Dunkerley anyway. 

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Fanatic of the Week no.2 - Anthony Christodoulou

Ok, so we didn't have any responses about the whereabouts of Helen Menidis. Last roll of the dice here with the only other Fanatic Of The Week file we managed to have access to.


Friday, 29th June, 2001

This week’s fanatic is Anthony Christodoulou from Noble Park who likes the club because it is much more than a soccer club, it's a way of life


NAME: Anthony Christodoulou.

AGE: 19.

SUBURB: Noble Park.

INTERESTS: All sports, soccer, going out with friends, meeting new people, watching T.V, having a good time & watching South Melbourne play.

FAVOURITE SOCCER CLUBS: South Melbourne, Endeavour Hills Soccer & Sporting Club, Liverpool, Olympiakos, Celtic, Barcelona, Kaiserslautern, PSG, Ajax & Fiorentina.

Yes I am & will be till the day I die!

6 years – South vs Heidelberg, 1988/89 Season at Middle Park – What a debut!! >; P

Probably falling through the players race at Bob Jane Stadium after we beat Carlton in the 98/99 Grand Final, then spending the night in hospital, only to return the next day to Bob Jane for family day!

Every single game I watch is memorable, but one that really sticks out, is when we beat Olympic 2-0 with 9 men, 4 days after losing to them 6-0 at Belmore.

I’m a keeper myself, so I have to say Petka. But all the boys are top guys.

Charlie Egan.

Everything, from the administration, to the fans, to the team, to the stadium itself. Basically the whole set-up.

I suppose the only thing I dislike is all those ‘critics’ up in the stands, but what can you do, each person has their own opinion, so you just have to build your bridge and get over it >;P

Hahaha….. HELL NO!!!

I live and breathe this club, as anyone who has supported this club or is married knows, once your with South Melbourne, your with South Melbourne for life & until death do us part!


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

SMFCTV Episode 3

The truth about Coveny's South Melbourne stats

It has been widely circulated that Vaughan Coveny had played some 247 odd games, and 88 goals for South. The information was collated by myself from OzFootball stats and used for Wikipedia as well. It was brought to my attention by John Kyrou that these stats were incorrect, and that Vaughan has in fact played 278 league matches for us, and scored 97 goals. While I can't quite pinpoint the place where I made the error, my suspicions turn towards not counting finals matches. Happily though, the error has been corrected, and Horsey only needs 3 more goals for his South ton.

Friday, 6 March 2009

The 50th anniversary game of the century! Round 2, South Melbourne vs Heidelberg United

Last Time They Met
I've been too busy giving the bourgeoisie hell in working class writing this week to type out something meagingful. Ok, that's not entirely true. Just on Friday afternoons. And spent the rest of the time doing the following
1. Arguing with Hellas fans
2. Trying to get smfcboard opened up
3. Arguing with Melbourne Knights fans
4. Dropping a subject I was somehow enrolled in twice.
5. Adding heaps of people on Facebook.
6. Knocking back invitations to join some crew in Mob Wars
7. Telling that summer league agenda spouting twat Teo Pellizzeri to answer the damn question.
8. Getting reeady to join the Offset 2009 crew.
9. And other things.
Anyway, I provided plenty of stuff for this week, so get off my back. Should be a good game but. We'll be wearing the red and white jersey of South Melbourne United this week. The question on everyone's lips though: will there be hooped socks? It's the hooped socks that make the original South Melbourne Hellas strip complete and well balanced aesthetically.

Footage of the AFL's new ad filmed at BJS

There've been some misleading photos in the press about the new AFL ad, and what it will look like. We here at South of the Border have actual footage of the filming which took place at Lakeside, and which the AFL will use to destroy not just the A-League, but soccer itself.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Reardo Luka's gone... and someone's not well pleased about it.

It's business...

Reardo LUKA did not have a chance to play for the senior team at South Melbourne FC in the 2009 season. Better saying it, the club's managers did not give him a chance to play for that team he strongly dreamed and genuinely believed would be involved.

After he broke his leg playing for SMFC in 2007, Reardo worked to prepare himself non-stop in both ways, physically and mentally, to challenge the existing 'high standard in that standard of players' and the 'sharp requirements' for professionalism in this category of soccer, looking forward to a magnificent season with SMFC.

My harsh criticism goes to the club's managers that did not value his huge efforts to recover quickly and his hard work to get back on track for the sake of this club and for sure to give a positive contribution for this club.

Looking after their club’s interests, an interest to gain big things and other profitable deals, momentarily out of reach, the managers ruled out Reardo, demolishing his sincere belief that the club would give him a chance… and if he didn’t work as they expected in the club’s preseason games, he would be out of this squad and surely seek other options.

Now, Reardo has registered himself to play for Werribee Bees SC in 2009, a second division team, as he seeks to gain some ‘confidence’ lost after that terribly bad news from his previous SMFC managers… and by playing close to home, he looks to fulfill his family duties as well.

Good luck SMFC and cheers!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Fanatic Of The Week - Helen Menidis

This probably breaks at least some aspect of copyright and privacy laws, and probably lacks a bit of decorum, but there's two things I'll say about it before we get into the nitty gritty. Firstly, it's still on the net, and therefore I can use it as long as I make valid comment; and secondly, you people can do an online search with my name and see my halcyon days of making faux-teenage intellectual comments on Monsanto and Trent Croad, and the other Paul Mavroudis who's the president of Melbourne's 'Thessaloniki Association'.

Anyway, while searching through the ancient archives of South Melbourne websites past, I found an interesting semi-regular segment called Fanatic of the Week. Naturally, everyone claims their loyalty to South forever in these things... but where are they now? Are they still supporting the club? Unfortunately the archives don't work in their entirety... so this segment will last for three weeks or so. Shame really... some people are getting off lightly. We'd love to know if these people have jumped off South and onto some other bandwagon and professed their new undying love for that cause - or whether, against the odds, they're still hanging round the joint.

In it's own way, this is a similar idea to the Pumpkin Seed Eaters 'Poulimeno of the Week' (which should be 'Poulimeno of the Month' seeing as how it's a monthly show... and perhaps should have been 'Poulimeno of the Fortnight' seeing as it used to be a fortnightly show, but I digress), but with the added possibility of some genuine redemption for the individual and South itself, if they're still following this great club. And now on with the show; this edition first hit the internet airwaves Friday 8th June, 2001.


Friday, 8th June, 2001

Welcome to 'Fanatic of the Week'.

This week’s fanatic is Helen Menidis from Ringwood who misses Ange Postecoglou as senior coach of the club.

See below for full fanatic profile:

NAME: Helen J Menidis

AGE: 20

SUBURB: Ringwood

INTERESTS: Soccer, shopping, travelling and sleeping


No, but I will be next season

My family and I have always followed this club and I watch all the games on TV, but my first ever game attended was the Major Semi-Final 2nd Leg against Wollongong this year. I also attended the Preliminary Final against Sydney Olympic and the NSL Grand Final at Parramatta Stadium in Sydney.

Meeting all the players and staff behind the team.

Our win at Olympic Park because I was there and it was much better than watching it on TV.

All of them. I see them a lot and they are a friendly and down to earth bunch of guys.

Ange Postecoglou because he was a fantastic player and a legendary coach. He had the passion that champions are made of as a player and a coach, and took the boys all they way to give them the great reputation of being Australia's Most Successful Club. I miss him as a coach!




Because they are the team I strongly support, and I will always cheer them on through good times and bad.


Tuesday, 3 March 2009

SMFCTV episode 2 2009

South of the Border Confessional - Goal Weekly

Confession time again... I have not been a frequent purchaser or reader of Goal Weekly. I took its role for granted, and justified not buying it because I could get most of the news I wanted on the web. But this was the totally wrong attitude to take. Therefore I'm going to make a commitment to become a regular reader of the magazine, in support of the fine work put in by its contributors and staff to provide Victorian soccer fans with regular print news and opinion.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Under 21s start season off with a bang

Now at the time I was at the Limerick Arms up the road eating food that other people had paid for, but while I was doing that, South's much maligned under 21s scored a 3-0 win over Dandenong. How about that.

2009 SMFC Membership experience - plus a mystery solved!

Rather than stretching it out over a few days as per last year, we're doing this all in one go. The actual obtaining of the membership was an absolute delight, especially when compared to previous years. One line in the social club for people who have already paid for theirs, and another at the usual tent for people who hadn't. Simple and effective, at least for those of us who love paying for memberships as soon as possible.

In the picture on the right, we have some of the goodies that come with a South Gold membership. The keyring has been described as 'officially without leave', and one has to agree. It is stunning. It works well with my 3RRR keyring, which doesn't come with a South membership. There's a sticker, of which I had already swiped one from the office during a trip there, and also have another two from the Jersey Presentation Night. One is on my car, and another on my 5 subject notebook. There's also a nice lanyard... for some reason the membership card (not pictured) was not equipped with a slot to attach the lanyard to, but you can get a hole clipped by your friendly security guard or boardmember waiting at the social club entrance on match days. I use my lanyard for attaching my usb key... card can go in my wallet.

But it's not like I need a membership card anymore anyway, now that I have an FFV Media Pass! Oh yeah, thanks to being the FFV Writer In Residence's official lackey, I now have the opportunity to not only visit opposition grounds for free, but also take advantage of media facilites, attend press conferences, and all sorts of other benefits hitherto unrevealed to me. And the solved mystery? Groundskeeper Argiri calls me 'president' because of my classy hat, which I'll have to make my signature now at South games. Maybe.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Shit game, shit result - South Melbourne 0 Dandenong Thunder 1

The first half was mostly slop. The second half was less slop, if only because Thunder were sitting back on their lead and let us have more of the ball. One could whinge about Rama's farcical own goal... but that would be taking away credit from the Thunder who, while not even remotely technically brilliant, harassed and fought hard for most balls and deserved to be one up at the break though we did hit the post. Second half we had some chances, two missed handballs in the box, an advantage play denied and some bizarre fouls and non fouls... but to be fair, we barely deserved a point in the great scheme of things.

Our strength lies in playing the ball on the ground, as was seen last week against Heidelberg. Once the space is shut down though, instead of sticking to the game plan, panic sets in and we take up long ball tactics. Despite the obvious problems we caused their defence when we ran at them, we didn't stick with it consistently, and started lofting long balls wide and high. We lost too many 50/50 contests, and weren't at the fall of the ball when set pieces dropped in the box. Neither side will get to the finals based on today;s performances; the difference being - and its one we shouldn't forget in a hurry- is that's about as well as Dandenoing Thunder are going to play, whereas we have do have the potential to play far, far better than that... we've seen as recently as last week,

SMFC brings you live scores via Twitter

No more using potentially dodgy Asian and European betting sites for your South score updates! If you're a Twitter user head to and do your thing. Or you could just turn up to a game. See the real thing. Just saying is all. Mildura Vasili is excused of course.