Sunday, 28 December 2008

Slow news week

Mike Valkanis retired from Adelaide United... rumours have inevitably circulated that he's going to play out his career with South, but it's just rumours as far as I know. Brisbane Olympic is holding a Hellenic Cup tournament including several interstate Greek clubs - South isn't one of them, but whether that was due to not being invited or us rejecting it is sorta up in the air... though if we did reject the offer, it was probably because the paltry prizemoney on offer (in a cost/reward analysis) wasn't really worth it. Rockem Sockem Poutakidis will be captaining Northcote City next year. I also got food poisoining and was hooked up to a saline solution drip in hospital for a couple of hours yesterday, not very fun. Hopefully more interesting things to report on soon.

Monday, 22 December 2008

And now for something completely different

Apparently yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the great smfcboard. Of course, there were other South related fora, but none has had the longevity of smfcboard. Maybe one day registrations will be free and opne some day. I doubt it though. But anyway, happy 10th birthday to smfcboard!

Making room for something new, maybe

Cleaned out some of the pointless links on the side. So if by chance you happen to hit on an article which says refer to the side panel, and you can't find, use your imagination.

Ange resigns as Panachaki coach

Despite keeping Panachaiki well within contention for promotion - they'd been in the top three for most of the season - a falling out with the people running the club has seen Ange end his Panachaiki adventure. His plans for the immediate future are unknown at this stage.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Robbie Wynne also gone to the Chokers

Was in yesterday's Greek paper (Nea Ellada) apparently. Haven't seen it myself, as I haven't touched that paper in something like a decade. 

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

South Melbourne Hellas can cure cancer?

Probably not. But I was channel surfing just then and stumbled across the tail end of a news story talking about cancer, some dentistry college or school, and for some reason the reporter was standing at scoreboard end (roughly near where I could be found throughout 2008) with her back towards the far end of the stand and saying something about 'enough to fill this stadium'. Anyone else see it? What was all that about?

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

What ever happened to Kevin Nelson?

Well, after his acrimonious departure from the club, from all reports he went back to the Canadian leagues and he's now retired and begun working for this mob. I have no hard feelings towards him, even though he may have some towards South and some people from South obviously didn't like him. Still, he scored 7 goals in half a championship winning season, and for that we should be grateful. 

Monday, 15 December 2008

3XY Last Night

George Triantos and Leo Athanasakis were on air last night. Now I didn't get to listen to it, but apparently the following things were covered, with thanks to Cuddles for filling us in.


  • We're waiting for the government to get back to us on matters regarding the Lakeside redevelopment
  • We'll be wearing a commemorative strip next year, based on an old strip from the past
  • Potential signings weren't mentioned because 'Aki might be listening', lol
  • Apparently the host was rather impressed by the passion and direction the club is going in

Sunday, 14 December 2008

All very low key at this point in time

It's rather strange... only intra-club matches being played, nothing against fellow VPL opposition... even other VPL clubs haven't, as far as I know, stuck their heads out the door to have a think about having a game against someone. This lead up into Christmas and the New Year is unusually cautious.... are we scared of perhaps failing in our 5oth year... or is it just a lack of excitement?

Jim Marinis doesn't get FFV spot

As reported earlier, former South director and football operations dude Jim Marinis - now doing the same thing basically at Melbourne Knights - was in the running for a spot on the FFV board. As it turns out he didn't get it, with two of the three spots being won by people seeking re-election and, on face value at least, his tactic of not putting up a statement for the public to read not working in his favour. I guess we'll see him in round four then, maybe.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Spawning Salmon

While performing my thrice a day minimum check of who's reading this thing and how they get here, I noticed a link from an unusual place - some blog called The Spawning Salmon - some sort of Adelaide United blog, fairly new, pretty well written, which has added us to their blog order of merit (ie linked us) without our knowning. So in the traditions of our forefathers, we - or rather me - at South of the Border add them too.

About last night

Neither Manny Poulakakis nor Peter Laumets nor Takis Mantarakis could get me a prize last night in the raffle. Good to some familiar faces there last night, disappointing to, as in the case of the AGM, not see some regular faces. Oh well.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Diaco leaves South for Cannons

Yes, it's true. After a solid 2007 and injury plagued 2008, one of the nice guys of the VPL has decided to jump ship and cross over to the dark side in more ways than one perhaps.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Sad news... even if a little late

Last week former Federal Labor Treasurer Frank Crean passed away aged 92. What most of the obituaries will omit and most South fans wouldn't have a clue about is that Frank Crean was also a former South Melbourne United president. What further involvement in the game he had is unknown to me, but our condolences go out to his friends and family nonetheless.

Christmas Party this Friday

Did you make your booking? I should be down there. Last year's was ok, nothing spectacular.

New South website now online... even if you can't see it yet

The new site is now officially online.  It looked great in pre-production whern I had a look, but at the moment you may not be able to see it in all its glory because of some DNS thing or whatever/ Even myself and one of the creators of the site, oru good frined can't see it yet because of the way the internet works. Anyway check it out, great effort by everyone.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Best first year of this blog ever

Kind of like the Festivus 'airing of the grievances'. this entry will look at where South of the Border failed to make an impact, and also did ok. Suggestions and additions welcome. More important stuff tomorrow.

A look back at what worked or went well this year.

  • International exposure achieved very early on Bolosepako. Thanks Po Hui.
  • Stood up for what is right in regards to the Pumpkins Seed Eaters thing, irrespective of what happened afterwards.
  • Lasted for more than a few weeks. Followed by having something new almost everyday during the season.
  • Got stuff printed in Das Libero and Neos Kosmos English Weekly, and the official site.
  • Kept people in touch with stuff that is largely ignored by the mainstream side of the club's media wing.
  • Getting on radio, in another state/territory mind you.
  • Got a book of sorts done up. Here's to the future

And what didn't go so good

  • Failure to get the point across effectively to the Pumpkin Seed Eaters. You know what I'm talking about. But they're dead now, or in hiding. Or something. I dunno.  But I'm not laughing because it may happen here too.  Apparently there a few sensitive souls out there who don't like people taking the mickey out of them, or heaven forbid, disagreeing with them verbosely, just being twats. Go figure.
  • The lack of a link on The Supermercado Project. Sure, link to Atlanta Falcons malakies, but not to the blog that was inspired by your other blog. Disappointing.
  • The lack of almost any outside contributions. I wanted this site to be for all the creative, angry, multi thousand dollar camera wielding South fans to put forward their story; as well those with no talent but far too much time on their hands. This is a chance to put forward their point of view, on their club, in a place where people outisde of smfcboard will see it... maybe they want to complain about the lack of coverage and freedom of speech? Or maybe they're too busy using their free (see sponsor derived via contra deals) Victory tickets. The offer is still there people.
  • No ongoing column on Das Libero. The land where associate editorships mean not much and where promises of glory go to die. But then again, the whole shebang seemed to die in the arse, but that wasn't really my fault.
  • The semi-disastrous Nearpost radio interview. It could have gone better to be honest, in terems of the what the final product ended up as. Still, nice to have the opportunity.

Thankyou to Ian, Cliff, Paul, Jim, Nats, Neil, Guido, Po Hui, Eamonn, Cuddles, Psile, Tony, John,  Michal, whoever the mysterious women's team person was who fed us info, anyone who said 'this doesn't go on the blog', everyone who left a comment, and all those people who got us to 20,000 page views.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Of course we weren't the only ones to hold an AGM recently

The Melbourne Knights also had a little laid back Friday night session of Q and/or A.

For those who can't be bothered reading about monkeys and Jack Daniels Stadium, and who also believe both things they read on the internet and Knights fans (so I guess just me and Cuddles then) the main points are thus.

  • They have a large debt (or rather the Social Club does), but made a small profit.
  • Coburg owes them heaps for their tenancy at Knights Stadium
  • MCF was unhappy with the club being turned away from its Croatian roots/purpose.
  • Something about Yugos and Jews.
  • Average attendance of 580
  • As reported here before, Jim Marinis joining their board
  • And perhaps most importantly and interestingly, not one cent has yet been seen from their deal with Dinamo Zagreb. Makes ya think.

All in all, I'd still rather support South Melbourne Hellas. But then again, I'm probably some sort of cigan to them anyway.

Damn post-agm angst

So some you want more detail. Seems like initiating helpless infants into fringe Medditerrean cults is more important than turning up to super cereal meetings.

Anyway, we have a new football ops due. Ange Dallas is his name, been arpund the club for like, years man, and we've gone about signing up and re-signing players. Most of our squad seems to have be re-signed or has agreed to terms. This is where we say goodbye however, to Sam 'Rockem Sockem' Poutakidis, whose second stint at the club has come to an end, as he has been released.

Venue management was the big ticket talking point, with an increase on venue hire being made, as well as the prospect of future increases next year. Greg Kaias was also the recipient of some negative feedback, for his Melbourne Hearts thing. And the Lakeside thing is still being negotiated. Chances are we won't play out the entire season at Lakeside.