Monday, 25 August 2008

Free at last! Free at last! Praise Science, we are free at last! Frankston Pines 1 South Melbourne 3

Came from behind to take the points, and now we can all do something more productive with our weekends.


  1. Should have noted that this was the game with the Frankston Pines Cobras (aussie rules) players on their Mad Sunday. Some of our boys stupidly got into a punch on with the,m and came off second best.

    Those footy players got into a ruck with St Albans fans the next year I believe, and that was a much more even contest. Cost Dinamo the title and promotion though, courtesy of a six point deduction. Think Pines soccer finally decided to piss off the footy players after that. Good for beer sales, bad for other things.

  2. Or maybe it was 9 points?


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