Saturday, 28 February 2009

I'm feeling kinda old

I remember when an adult ticket to to the VPL used to cost $10, and a concession ticket $7. So, unless you're a member, and why you aren't is beyond me, because you should, adult tickets now cost $12 and concession $8. I suppose this is their way of trying to further dissuade people from coming to the VPL. 

Friday, 27 February 2009

South Dandenong declares independance from Australia

This was too good to just leave on another forum. So here's a soccer-forum funny by JADNIK, with grammatical corrections by me.

Following the 1 year anniversary of Kosovo's independence, the people of South Dandenong have proclaimed a declaration of independence from Australia, They will form their own economy and bureaucratic government, with major project funding from the budget going to Dandenong Thunder Soccer Club.

The independent sovereign state's main revenue inflows will mainly consist of heavily cut B-grade heroin sales, underground sex trade trafficking of their women and re-birthing of cars stolen from sister northern suburb of Broadmeadows.

Local residents from the surrounding suburbs of Keysborough, Dandenong and Doveton have declared the independance null and void and fear for their land as South Dandenong's capacity can no longer accommodate for their ever growing population.

Footy's Back! - Round 1, South Melbourne vs Dandenong Thunder

I had to look at last year's crappy template to see how I did these things.

Last time they met

Never met


Dunno about this one. I reckon it's going to be a fiercely competitive league this year, at least until half the teams stop paying players. Dandenong Thunder have a half decent squad and an experienced coach despite his failures in finals series. It's their third stint in the big league, and their first since 2001; their two previous stays in the VPL saw them relegated withing 2 and 1 seasons respectively. They've looked solid by all reports during the pre-season, but this is the real thing now. South knows this too despite its own more than solid pre-season. Apart from Caldwell's season ending injury and Blatsis' permanent status as everyone's favourite non playing player. I'd love to be listed on the teamsheet just once, hell even as part of the squad, which will bamboozle future historians looking at the data. Anyway, no predictions, because no one holds me accountable, and it's just so cliched.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Why in Quetzalcoatl's name are people applauding this?

Ok, so I can get the part about how people are enjoying having their egos stroked, furiously. But take a step back from the initial good feeling, and you realise the guy has next to no clue what the fuck he's on about. Either that or the work experience kid (or more likely one of the uni labor students who work in MPs offices) got into the liquor cabinet.

South Melbourne FC celebrates 50 proud years with a big win

by Michael Danby MHR
Monday February 23, 2009
from Hansard

Mr Danby (Melbourne Ports) (6.53 pm) - On Saturday night I celebrated with my friends at the South Melbourne Football Club the opening of the 2009 season and 50 years of tradition of the great South Melbourne Football Club. I want to congratulate President Leo Athanasakis and his commilla on a glittering event marked by a beginning to the year, with South Melbourne winning the Hellanic Cup, defeating Heidelberg United by 3 - 0. It was a good beginning to the year and I hope the club will have continuing success under its coach, Michael Michalakopoulos.

Now I don't what the fuck a 'commilla' is, but I think it's married to the Prince of Wales. As for 'the event marked by a beginning to the year', I'm not sure that even Kevin Rudd's 'education revolution' can save us from words strung together in such a manner which might make intuitive sense to some clod out there, but will probably leave most people struggling to remember proper English syntax after encountering it. Ahem.

It is very interesting to see the development of the South Melbourne team. Its new captain is a young Turkish Australian called Ramazan Tavsancioglu. My friend, Martin Foley, the Member for Albert Park, and I are working very hard with the S.M.F.C on the refurbishment of the South Melbourne ground - the Bob Jane Stadium - with Victorian Athletics, the Victorian government is undertaking a $74 million proposal for the refurbishment of the whole ground.

Ok, so now the money's gone up from $50 million to $74 million. I take back everything I've said so far, and will say in my next paragraph. Just gimme, gimme, gimme!

Ultimately, South Melbourne deserves its place in the A-League - it will get back there as it must get back into national competition. It is now exclusively hooked up to the local community in training youngsters. It is not simply an ethnic based club anymore and South Melbourne will get its rightful place in the A-League when it is recognised as a more widely based club. When a new round of clubs are being asked to join the A-League, S.M.F.C. should be considered on its merits.

I don't know which youngsters being trained by us he's referring too. Surely not the ones out at Caulfield though. Unless he's talking about one of the junior girls teams... but somehow I don't think so. And where the fuck did he find this connection to the local community? Unless he means himself and Foley. And then he goes into this A-League thing... while we have unlimited space for me to go over this whole thing again, we sadly don't have enough people with unlimited attention spans.

To be fair, the version on the official Hansard transcription reads better, if only because it is not the result of something written by a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters, but the sentiments to me are opportunist and typical of the hobnobbing efforts of local MPs within their constituencies. Maybe I've just read too many of Shane Maloney's Murray Whelan books. Or maybe I recall when we had the patronage of an even more prestigious political advocate, who pissed off when we he didn't need us anymore, and an important lesson was forgotten somewhere along the way.

Yarra Park never stood a chance

Looks like the collective amnesia has shifted from South Melbourne United to Yarra Park Aias. I'm sure in another 50 years we'll sort that out too. I've ordered the jersey Rama is wearing, but hopefully the other two become available for purchase as well, seeing as how there has been a fair bit of interest in the Hellenic strip in particular.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

SMFCTV now has its own youtube channel

Visit and subscribe to to watch new and classic episodes (ok, there's only one episode up there at the moment, but it''s called being optimistic; you should really try it some time), and if you have any bright ideas for the show, contact the clubs multimedia/communications wing at Or just spam them with crap. In the end it's really up to you.

Lost South Melbourne Interviews part 1 - Peter Buljan


Goalscoring hero Peter Buljan shares his feelings “On the Couch”

Peter this is your second year with the club after a fairly difficult first season. This season you are currently one of the clubs leading goal scorers. What has been the difference?

After having a difficult season last year, l have mentally changed the way I am going to approach playing this season, and when I scored my first goal of the season in my first start it gave me extra confidence and things have progressed from there.

Peter when you joined South Melbourne the team was in fulltime training. This season they have reverted back to part-time. As a player does this make much of a difference in terms of fitness and playing levels?

I think it does because it means less time to work on your game, but in turn it is very hard for clubs these days to pay players to be fulltime. But in saying that Wollongong won two Championships with a team that was part-time, so it may not make that much of a difference.

Peter, sport in general in Australia seems to be going through a roller coaster ride, with some Sporting clubs asking there players to take pay cuts. What do you think the general public wants and needs to create interest in the sport?

It’s very hard to say, soccer has been trying to work this out since the National League began, but I do think it needs to be advertised and sold on mainstream television a lot more. If the game isn’t televised or even publicised in the mainstream media then it makes it a lot harder to attract corporate dollars (sponsors) and therefore the game itself struggles.

Peter, you have had two opportunities to trial overseas at clubs in Germany and in Belgium. What differences and experiences have you brought home to help you with your Soccer career?

When you train and play it has to be at 100% and that there are no friends in the clubs, it is very ruthless and very competitive, so you must stay strong at all times. I’m a true believer in the fact that you play the way you train. The main difference between Soccer here in Australia and overseas is that the game of Soccer in Europe and South America is professional. Even the lower leagues are full time and that is there full time job. You can’t compare it to a part time competition.

Peter, as in sport and in life, there are always highs and lows. What have been your highs and lows with your time in the National Soccer League?

One of my biggest highlights was being voted the leading goal scorer and player of the year for two consecutive seasons at the Canberra Cosmos. Being given the opportunity to further my career with the South Melbourne Soccer Club has also been a highlight for me. The lowest point of my NSL career would be when I joined Perth Glory and I suffered two bad injuries to my quadricep and ankle, which kept me out of the game for 7 months.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

South Melbourne TV is here!

Do you remember last year, when I lamented the lack of coverage of the real local game, yet more so the lack of using what we had at our disposal to do it ourselves? If you don't, follow this link for a reminder. Anyway, it's way overdue. No one knows how long it will last or how often it'll come out. The match footage is a little creaky at the moment. And we so desperately need a tripod and/or microphone. But it's here. It's farken here! SMFCTV! Interviews with fans, players, match footage, done by ourselves. No more waiting for others to pick up the slack! Great work by all involved.

Jesus Christ on a crumpet

The Pumpkin Seed Eaters are back. Fuck. Me. Dead. The link is on the sidebar somewhere down there. They're doing it on a monthly basis now. You should know by now if you like their thing or not. I still think they miss the point somewhat. Not sold on the use of Kenny Rogers either. It will be interesting to see how they avoid controversy and legal action this time around.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Oh yeah, the major sponsor...

... was also announced at the season launch. Miroamer has stumped up the cash for another season, making them the first company to go for the major sponsorhips in consecutive years since... well, I'm not sure, but it's been a while. Good to have them on board for another year, after it looked like it probably wasn't going to be thus at the AGM last year. George Parthimos, who was on hand to represent the company, made a quip about some of the complaints they've been getting from their German customers, that the signal drops out when they're driving at over 180 kph. Those crazy Germans.

The suit faction is in there somewhere

Yes, your correspondant dressed up for the occasion. Photo by Pavlaki.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Holy mass of dead insects

Or, I guess I just wasn't made for these times, again,

Or, a slightly jaded version of what went down at the season launch, with the order of events probably messed up bigtime.

What a night! It was the most awesomest, magical, drunken... hold on, that's actually someone else's story. Let me start again.

I'm being driven to the ground in a board member's car. He's got recent AC/DC playing at a decent volume, and though my fingers gently mimic their dinosaur rhythm section, that music's not really my forte. Neither is the Greek music put on, but it's his car, he can play what he wants. And it's not like everyone can get pumped up by listening to Manic Street Preachers 'Mausoleum'. So us people with a more defiantly miserable taste in music sometimes just have to make do. But it's more about the company than anything, which was as usual was quite enjoyable. Especially in regards to a phone call made which we can't elaborate on sadly, for fear of alienating and offending one of our regular readers with its delightful wickedness.

So we get to Lakeside, and we park the car through the side gate, making us like bigshots. After repeatedly being called "Proedre" (president) by South's groundskeeper Argiri over recent months - which was added to in its bizarre backhanded compliment fashion by certain alleged South of the Border fanboys, but that's a story for another day, maybe when I figure out where sincerity ends and irony begins - but it does make you feel like someone important. But by doing it that way, I missed out on walking along the candle lit path in the social club... the right way at least.

After some squandered time which I'll never get back standing around doing not much, I went into the office where people were putting the finishing touches on slides and rundowns... but it was probably best that I leave that area, and so I did. Eventually people start arriving and we chit chat and eat finger food. There's certain stunners there you'll know you'll never see during the season, and the same old diehards who are pretty much always there. And then we get called finally to go in, an hour after we're supposed to have started. Greeks. Go figure.

Seating for 300, with apparently 296 of those spots filled. Walking through the spaces between tables is tough, but manageable. The television screen is at one of the rectangular complex, near the players tables, and the majority of the Clarendon Corner crew here tonight as well those who might be considered mere associates of said crew were at the extreme opposite end of the marquee. Not sure which cake eating boffin came up with that arrangement or why. I pop the sticker in my pocket... more than one person makes the mistake of sitting on their programme and membership brochure.

Speeches are made, and videos are played, choc full of corn which has its fans but not everyone can survive on a diet of pure polenta. And so we were served what I suppose they called the first course, the appetizers, a selection of dips and antipasto on which there was little room to place on our overly crowded tables, and therefore nigh to impossible to fully enjoy. No matter. Soon it was time to tug at the heartstrings some more, by asking people to buy a membership. While I can admit the fact that there were plenty of wives and girlfriends there last night there who wouldn't necessarily turn up to a game, surely everyone else would have or would soon purchase one anyway. But you probably can't take anything for granted anymore... a lesson learned the hard way.

Rama, Horsey and probably Stevie O'Dor were called up to don the three heritage strips we'll apparently be wearing this year. The thinking behind it was that we were celebrating or acknowledging the triumvirate which made South Melbourne Hellas... and everyone lapped it up. Except me, because I'm a trainspotter and I know the truth, or about 95% of it anyway. Hellenic were represented by a striped jersey, United by their amnesiac red 'V', and Yarra Park by ostensibly the main strip we'll be wearing this year which is copy of a 1983/4 Buffalo Cup jersey. So what did happen to the Yarra Park Aias jersey? I'm betting they just didn't know what it actually looked like. Hell, apart from the alleged colours, I don't know either. What were those colours? Yellow and black. Probably best to move on right now.

Time to auction off the players. The auction was split into two parts, with defenders and goalies first and the midfielders and forwards second. Smfcboard purchased Shane Nunes for a lazy gorilla, and bumped up the prize probably on a few players. After a bit of a break - was that when we had the main course? I'd been hanging out for that since lunchtime, and unfortunately I didn't get the chicken. I got veal , which was ok, but the question on every hungry person's lips was, where was all the food? The serving sizes were that modest, and sure the food was good, but seriously, where was it all? And don't get me started on the deserts. How was I supposed to eat my pannacotta without a spoon? It took about 15 minutes to get one, while I sat and watched my little chilled delicacy slowly warm up.

Now where were we? Oh yeah, the auction. The second part saw higher prices, with Fernando winning the title for highest pricetag, somewhat surprisingly perhaps with Horsey back at the club. Every player was given their shirt by a former player, who was asked to say a few words, but usually declined. Jimmy Armstrong told a Scottish joke, Jim Pyrgolios had a spiel in Greek (pretty much the only Greek spoken in an official capacity on the night - interpret that as you wish), and Ulysses Kokkinos was introduced as the Hugh Hefner of Australian football. The hearty welcome for him made me feel uneasy. How is it possible that a convicted cocaine trafficker and shameless user of women can be so loved, but Con Boutsianis be so reviled?

Former President George Donikian got his chance to hold court once more. Seeing him previously outside the tent, I was struck by how much less he looked like George Donikian in person than on television, if that makes sense. His speech inspired most, but I thought he rambled on too long without really any distinguishing remarks. His groupies didn't seem to mind though, one telling me how much she loved that man. It's about the closest we came to celebrity on the night. One wonders which semi-famous people will crawl out from their rocks when the anticipated really big 50th anniversary bash happens. And with the raffle, silent auctions, and constant and infuriating noise of people talking over the speakers, that was pretty much it.

The highlight for me was. Rama getting named as captain. It's a deserved accolade, which also showed to all those people who have already made their minds up about this issues, that perhaps we're not the ethnic enclave they think we are. In the programme provided his ambition was not to play A-League, improve as a player or go overseas; it was to earn the respect and admiration at South that player like Trimmers are held in. While the eras are different, and he doesn't have the skill, the fact that he wants to achieve his goals here, that he wants the responsibility of being captain is tremendous.

I got to hold the Hellenic Cup trophy, which is nice and heavy. There's a photo of me and one of the local larrikins somewhere out there in the digital realm. What is it with people acting like dickheads in the city these days? In the cab on the way home some dickhead deliberately struck the driver side mirror. You could see him lining up the shot. What was the point of that? Maybe I need to be like everyone else and drink more, than it'll all make sense. I had one glass of wine and people's heads turned. You may be surprised to learn that I had a good time overall. And this morning I had a 25 minute spell on my $5 exercise bike, while everyone else was fucked up. So there.

Women's Hellenic Cup Result - South 0 Bergers 4

Missed this game so dont know what happened to see such a reversal in the scoreline from their previous meeting where South won 1-0. Disappointing for the girls I'm sure.

South crush Bergers 3-0 to claim first silverware of the season

I got there at what I thought would be 15 minutes late, only to see the Lalor-Oakleigh game for third place still being played out. Lalor Florina won that game on penalties, and showed a fair bit for a state 3 team. Apart from the first 20 minutes or so, where Heidelberg did better with the benefit of a squally breeze, South dominated the game at the times it mattered. Zoric's turning inside out of his opponent on the left lead to first goal, with Coveny coming and putting away what last year would have been another wasted opportunity. So 1-0 at halftime.
Second half all over them when we needed to be basically. A Heidelberg freekick hit almost timidly into the wall let to a lightning counter attack, with a two on one situation be being put away with no fuss by De Nittis. After that the game lost much of its edge. South took off some of its key players, and Heidelberg had little clue about how to break down South's defence, but also looked quite disinterested, like being 2-0 down didn't matter at all. Some people were concerned about getting players off with so much time left - truth be told, if we couldn't hold a 2-0 lead with all the momentum and 25 minutes to play, we probably didn't deserve to win it. Heidelberg did end up with one good chance at this stage of pulling one back, but Vassiliadis, who was given far too much time and space on this occasion, had his dipping shot saved onto the post by Tommich. Icing on the cake was Fernando hitting a curling 25-30 metre shot after a slightly comical bit of play where the Bergers keeper was left temporarily stranded outside his area, only for his defence to eventually clear, but a vintage Nando shot ended the contest as we knew it. Or something.

Zoric was man of the match, while Petrovic was subbed early due to obviously not being up to it on this occasion. We kept possession quite well, generally made good overlapping runs, and controlled the tempo of the game. Whoever said Coveny was finished might want to re-think their comments after this game. Heidelberg looked uncreative and flat for most of the game. They have a decent team, but maybe they've been overhyped by a few people. Clarendon Corner was in fine voice for much of the game, even storming the changerooms for a bit. There was no chanting from the Alexander side, and the infamous snake charmer only managed to blast away once on his clarinet. All in all, a good day.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Great Moments In Scaffolding

So I was out at the club yesterday, to help move some chairs from the top of the grandstand down to the marquee on the field - a pretty tiring and boring task which had to be done sometime - but before that I was given the chance to take a ride in the scissor lift being used to repair the scoreboard. Now I'm scared of heights amongst multiple other things so I initially politely declined, but eventually I caved into peer pressure and we went for a little ride, first up, then around from the back of the scoreboard to the front in order to measure the perspex panels in case we decided to replace them. By then a fourth person wanted to come up in the scissor lift, so we went down, picked him up, and went up again. When we wanted to go down again however, the machine decided there was just too much weight on board. Manuals were read, weight redistributed and buttons pressed, all to no avail.

So while trying to figure out what to do, we watched the lads train on the other side of the marquee... and waited some more. Eventually someone decided to give Niki from the office a buzz, to come and work on the manual controls - I'm not sure why, but that didn't seem to do the trick either. Eventually a combination of Niki and boardmember George Triantos managed to make the manual controls work, and we were able to dismount. Except for the fact that I got to go on a scissor lift joyride around the BJS outer. Of all the things that I thought I could experience as South fan, anything involving scissor lifts didn't seem to the enter the equation.

Oh and the scoreboard? It's in its best shape since like, forever man.

Hellas sells out to multiple enemies in the name of solvency

Well as most of you are aware, recently South's been making a tidy sum - at least we hope so - in hiring out the ground to both our real and imagined enemies, including such worthwhile organisations as the FFV (summer league and VPL finals), the Victory (their youth team) and the FFA (W-League). Now we've apparently gone one step further, by accepting moolah from our oldest and most shameless competitor, the AFL. Add to that there being an ad for financial services company Colonial First State also incorporating footage of rugby training and running up the terrace steps and you start wondering why didn't we make the most of this asset until so very recently? It does your head in.


Sneak peek reveals gridiron theme to new AFL promo

Chris de Kretser

February 17, 2009 12:00am

THE AFL's promotional ad this season includes an American football theme and is filmed in a soccer stadium.

Brisbane Lions strongman Jonathan Brown will run through a team of linebackers in full regalia, with refs wearing black and white stripes ready to call the shots. 

Bob Jane Stadium was taken over for the shoot yesterday by a convoy of trucks carrying props and film gear. 

Brown looked on as his stuntman stand-in bowled over a field of burly gridiron tacklers. 

In the morning, Hawthorn star Lance Franklin, St Kilda big man Justin Koschitzke, and North Melbourne's Daniel Wells also filmed segments. 

"It's a closed shoot," declared AFL brand manager Jane Ballantyne. 

She suggested yesterday's filming was only one part of the ad and that the league preferred to release it in its entirety to the media.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Hellenic Cup final this Saturday against the Bergers

A reminder that trhe Hellenic Cup final against Heidelberg is on this Saturday at the revised time of 4pm (changed from 6pm to accommodate our season launch, which starts at 7:30). That game, and all the other finals including the women's team final also against the Bergers, is at Northcote City's John Cain Memorial Park. This reporter doesn't know yet if he'll be there, but we'll see I guess.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Andrew Bourakis joins Perth SC

Former South midfielder Andy Bourakis - who through no fault of his own will be forever remembered at the guy that got hit by a flare against the Victory - has joined WA side Perth SC (aka Perth Italia). Thanks to Mildura Vasili for that info.

South stroll past Northcote in friendly

There was another Northcote vs South friendly last night, South won 5-0.

Get to know Sebastian Petrovic

As we fast approach the start of the 2001/02 NSL campaign, (can you feel the excitement people!) we here at South of the Border thought it'd be great to get to know one of the youngsters set to make their mark in the famous Blue and White this season.

Full Name: Sebastian Petrovic
Nickname: Saba
Date of Birth: 05/10/1982
Age: 18
City & Country of birth: Melbourne, Australia
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Positions Played: Midfield
Left or right footed: Right
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blonde
Height: 180cm
Weight: 74kg
Do you wear glasses/contacts: No
Representative Honours: -
Medals/Trophies won: -
No. of seasons with South: 1st
Clubs played for: Port Melbourne SC, South Melbourne Youth
Overseas experience/trials: -
At what age & how did you get involved in soccer: 6 years old - older brother played
Junior clubs: Springvale United, Caulfield United, Altona City
Career Highlight to date: Playing Melbourne Knights in Charity Cup at Bob Jane
Ambitions: To be the best
Favourite actor: Anthony Hopkins, Edward Norton
Favourite actress: Halle Berry, Julia Roberts
Best movie ever made: Titanic
If you could be a character from a movie, who would you be?: Batman
Favourite comedian: Jim Carrey
Favourite magazine: World Soccer
Favourite band/singer: Tony Braxton
CD you couldn't live without: -
Favourite food: Asian, Indian
Favourite drink: Lassi
Favourite alcoholic drink: -
Favourite TV show: Soccer Scene
Favourite TV Character: Jerry Seinfeld
Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson
Most watched sports program: Fox Sports News
Favourite overseas player: Sylvan Wiltord (France)
Favourite overseas team: Red Star Belgrade
Most admired Australian (local): Lleyton Hewitt (Tennis)
Most admired Australian (OS): Mark Viduka
Hardest opponent (player): -
Hardest opponent (team): -
Most admired sportsperson: Michael Jordan
Major influences: Diego Maradona
What is the best advice you've received - and from whom: Work hard, harder, even harder - Sam Myer
Do you like to cook? Garden? Paint? any hobbies? Gamble, golf, horse riding
What is your dream car: Ferrari
What do you eat before a game? Pasta
What do you eat after a game? Pizza
If you could invite anybody to dinner - living, dead, fact or fiction - who would it be? Nelly Furtado (singer)
What is your worst habit? Drinking coffee
Do you have any phobias? -
Soccer superstitions: No.13 jumper is bad luck
What do you do when you're not training/competing? Relaxing, eating
What is your most prized possession? -
Funniest team-mate: Chris Jones
What do you wish you could do, but are bad at? Golf, tennis
Describe yourself in 3 words: Motivated, funny, serious
As a child, did you play any other sports? Athletics, football, basketball, tennis
Did you ever consider a career in anything else/sport? Actor
Do you follow any other sport? Athletics, Washington Wizards

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Oakleigh 3 South Melbourne 2 Hellenic Cup Youth game

A bit of poor form on my part, but one of our readers posted some videos hidden away in the comments of an earlier entry, when really the site could do with some more colourful things aside from text. The footage below is from a Hellenic Cup youth game between our boys and Oakleigh's.

Con Boutsianis talks about taking free kicks

Con Boutsianis was on SBS last Sunday, on the Lakeside Stadium it self, talking about various free kick techniques, with a touch of the proto-scientific to make even more interesting. Features some great freekicks and freekick takers from around the world, including one of his own gems, and South's 50th annivesary gets a mention as well.  Watch here.

Monday, 16 February 2009

I'm going to the Jersey Presentation night. Are you?

Iy's on this Saturday, 21st February on the Lakeside surface underneath the marquee. I mean, are tickets even available anymore? This sold out last year, and one would expect it to do so again., Call the club and book your place I reckon. And bring cameras so you can be in photos with players and spare time supermodels and shit.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Family Day 2009 - The Good, The Bad and The Raspado

So where to start? Well, I'm sure the club would wihs it to be otherwise, but once again the lack of new merchandise to show the people wasn't great... neither was the inability to pick up membership packs. Now, not that there were not quite a few people signing up for memberships, especially the kids (that free ball is a hit once again this year) but imagine how much more merch we could have moved, if only we had even just some samples to show off? Equally disappointing was the lack of kids sizes and no hats at all, which was a bummer on such a sunny day, as they would have sold like, well, hats on a really sunny day.

Anyway, enough whingeing from me, because on the whole it was a great day. There were plenty of kids and plenty for them to do, there was a steady stream of people buying memberships, but of course, the most popular item was sno cones (which are apparently called raspado in Spanish). Me and Cindy's little popcorn stand did quite well considering the kind of day it was, but that little sno cone machine went through something like 15 bags of ice. Once again I didn't win the raffle - this time for one of two grocery hampers - but that was to be expected really. Word is that numbers for the season launch on this Saturday are looking pretty good too. Equally pleasing was the fact that people are taking advantage of the ability to purchase memberships online this year. So while it can be self-righteously satisfying to harp on all the bad things, it does pay to remember that the club is steadily making progress in a number of areas.

South Women also through to Hellenic Cup final

I've been a little negligent in this regard but the South Melbourne Women's team have also booked their place in next week's final, after wins against Brunswick City (13-0) and Heidelberg (1-0). In a neat double header of sorts, they'll be playing Heidelberg next week, as will the men's team as well. While the finals matches are slated for next Saturday, there may be a change in the time or even possibly the day (to Sunday) to accomodate us because of our season launch/jersey presentation night which is also on next Saturday. News at it comes to hand.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

South through to Hellenic Cup final after bruising win over Oakleigh

South Melbourne is through to the Hellenic Cup final next week after outlasting Oakleigh Cannons with a 3-2 extra time win. South were up 2-0, before Oakleigh leveled the game. Scorers for South were Fernando with one and Coveny two, including the last minute winner. The joy will be tempered though to what appears to be a serious and potentially season ending knee injury to Nathan Caldwell, after he was crudely tackled by former South defender Robbie Wynne.

Vaughan Coveny lobs the ball over the Oakleigh keeper to give South a 2-0 lead. Photo by Pavlaki.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Hellenic Cup semi tomorrow against Oakleigh

Details finally confirmed by someone, thanks Tony. Game is against Oakleigh at 3:30pm at Bentleigh Greens once more.

Come on you 'Roos!

One of our fellow South fans was over in Japan for this match, but I don't think he's responsible for this banner, which admitedly made me :smileyfase: but also explains perhaps why the Australian supporters didn't get on tv much.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Hellenic Cup Q/F - South Melbourne 1 Bentleigh Greens 0

Once again I was not there, but apparently Steve O'Dor got the goal for the good guys. Don't know who were up against next or where, but as usual will inform everyone out there in the real world as soon as possible.

Family Day on Sunday

Family Day is on this Sunday, 11am-3pm. Will there be memberships and merch to pick up? I certianly hope so, but going on our past track record I doubt it for the latter. The club will also be collecting donations for the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

ZOMG! South Melbourne in the press! Not riot related!

Well, maybe not the press exactly, but certyainly at least on the screen. Not sure where they bgot the highest ever goalscorer information from though. Trimmers has nearly 30 more goals. But hey, it's a start.

Vaughan Coveny returns to South Melbourne

February 10, 2009 12:00am

VAUGHAN Coveny, South Melbourne's highest ever goalscorer, has returned to the State League club after four seasons in the A-League.

New Zealand international Coveny spent nine years at the club in both the NSL and State League. 

He scored 88 goals in his 247 matches before moving on to A-League clubs Newcastle Jets and Wellington Phoenix. 

Coveny was a member of the South Melbourne team at the FIFA World Club Championships in Brazil in 2000.

Hellenic Cup Quarter Final Tomorrow

After some confusion - which is not my fault because they had the fixtures all wrong, and I was merely seeking clarification - South Melbourne will be taking on Bentleigh Greens at Bentleigh Greens at 6:30pm, Thursday 12th. Let's hope it goes a bit better than last year's attempt, where we were knocked out at 1-0 at this stage by the same team.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

2009 squad announced

This is the 2009 squad... as announced on the official website. Sfetkopoulos is a goalkeeper, signed from Altona East and is quite solid, having seen him numerous times out at Paisley Park. Foschini is a youngster from from Oakleigh/Victory youth, and a signing confirmed from a while back. I'm not quite sure who Torrens and Payne are, but Radojicic has been impressing in trial games apparently. Some number changes as well with De Nittis going to no. 10 from no. 9, Tommich to 1 as you'd expect, Petrovic(h) loses his no.8 to Horsey, and a probably a few others I've missed. The number 16 vacated by Tansel Baser is still vacant, and the question of who's going to be captain is still up in the air. Will Coveny or Rama get it? You'd think Vaughan would have to be the favourite at this stage, and that Rama will have to wait another season at least for the honour. 

1. Tomi Tommich 
2. Shane Nunes 
3. Rhodri Payne 
4. Steven O’Dor 
5. Con Blatsis 
6. Eddie Cetkin 
7. Nic Curtis 
8. Vaughan Coveny 
9. Joseph Youseff 
10. Gianni De Nittis 
11. Yusef Yusef 
12. Sam Torrens 
13. Francesco Stella 
14. Ramazan Tavsancioglu 
15. Fernando De Moraes 
17. Stiven Mrkela 
18. Danni Radojicic 
19. Goran Zoric 
20. Nathan Caldwell 
21. Stefan Sardellic 
22. Matthew Foschini 
23. Sebastian Petrovich 
24. Andrew Sfetkopoulos

Will wonders never cease

Das Libero... it's back. With new stuff. Yeah, I can't believe it either.  Maybe I'll write something for it. 

Monday, 9 February 2009

The blog entry that will hopefully single-handedly destroy any credibiltiy I may have

You clowns have been reading and not reading the blog for a touch over a year now. And what have you ever gotten? Not much to be honest. Let's do a quick stocktake. Staggeringly self-important haiku written in hospital waiting rooms and university tutorial downtime. Nonsense rants about Bordeaux Monkeys and assorted other genetic monstrosities. Rumours and the occasional fact thrown in for good measure, but not anything you wouldn't have learnt from somewhere else anyway. Writing proficiency which has steadily gone down the toilet. Varying degrees of shit presentation, with abominable and lazy colour schemes, and logos that despite their best intentions were classic examples of carpet not matching the drapes. A few photos here and there, with the only good ones being stolen from other people. The erratic and sometimes straightout just plain uninformative match reports from myself and Cliff. And to top it all off, a chief writer who has been  toyed with by the powerful and lay person with personal vendettas and nefarious agendas alike, which therefore gets passed on to you, almost all done with the anonymity I grant people as encouragement to post delicate yet powerful pieces of wisdom. And can you believe that I even attached my name to this? What was I thinking? I didn't even get a media pass out of this to avoid paying the other gyppo clubs in this league. Seeing as I was so desperate to start this enterprise, why couldn't I at least do it quietly, anonymously, with no fanfare, and maybe even simple one line entries, aiming for some sort of zen like quality. And it's not like I have any tactical nous either, to give you some entries with even adequate analysis of positions, tactics and all that jazz. And those match previews, the most lazy arse pieces of crap. And what was even worse is that writers for the official even picked up my 'last time they played' gimmick, which I stole from The Age, making me feel all "if this is anyone but Steve Allen, you're stealing my bit". And now my internet speed has been shaped until Sunday. Just awesome.

What I guess I'm trying to say is that rather than quit and stop providing this obviously grand service free of charge, ad free, and with no comment restrictions, is that there's going to be a few changes. First, comments will now be verified by me before being posted, and you will need a legit email account of some sort to post. If you're a dickhead with a hidden agenda looking only to hurt people who are well known in the South community while you cower in your thatched mud and twig internet hermit shack, your time is up. I should have done it a long time ago, and I'm sorry to you Cindy especially, no matter how much I disagree with you on some or many things, that I did not take this action earlier. Already I have started re-organising some of the categories on right hand side. As seen in the last few weeks, there will be more effort put in to the presentation. Where possible, and within my obviously limited web skills, photos will not hang like a cow's udder in nothingness. There'll be some new segments which will last only a few weeks, but dammit at least they'll be new. I'll upload more videos from days gone by. There might be a crappy South of the Border t-shirt made up, for me only (unless Cliff wants one that badly), to further paint a massive target on me wherever I go. And while some changes will be made, rest assured, some things will stay the same. There'll still be a distinct lack of contributions from people that aren't me, despite me wishing that it would happen that people would become inspired to love this club just that little bit more to get their creative juices flowing. Half of you will still watch the A-League on a regular basis, either on tv or in person, and then claim that you don't or at best, are not obsessed. despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.

Happy 50th year everyone. How about getting some more Greek players into the team so we can get all those fans that went to watch a team with a mangled Scottish heritage at the first sign of South heading trouble to come back. 2009 is going to kick fucking arse. 

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Distant relative of Bamboo Harvester signs for South

There goes the youth policy. And the balanced budgets. Oh well, if he bangs in the goals like he's supposed to, then who am I to complain. Actually the entry title reminds me of a Maurie Fields joke. I didn't care too much for Maurie Fields' style of humour to be honest. I'm prepared to weather any and all hatemail that I get for having that opinion. 

South Melbourne 12 Moorabbin 0

South now through to the quarter finals, against who I don't know, but probably on Thursday at the same location. Since I wasn't there today, let's do something else to pass the time. According to the wikipedia entry, the word Moorabbin is believed to have come from the Wurundjeri Aboriginal word for resting place. There used to be a fully fledged Moorabbin soccer club called Moorabbin City, but they sadly went broke several years ago. There also used to be a Moorabbin Football Club, whose death can directly be linked to its ground being taken over by the St Kilda Football Club. Man, when they had cake in the boardroom that day I was there, the smell was just unreal. I should have asked where they got it from, because it looked so good. Just when you think you're entertainment spending is set to take a break, Elbow announces a sideshow. There goes another $60, when I eventually purchase a ticket. At least it doesn't interfere with soccer this time.

Friday, 6 February 2009

I love chocolate cake

After several months of speculation, South of the Border has been informed by a distant relative of William Felt, that Vaughan Coveny, 247 game South veteran and member of the back-to-back and World Club Championship sides, is coming back to Lakeside for the club's 50th year. A fan favourite, Vaughan is also just 12 goals shy of completing his league ton for Hellas. With the defensive line being shored up and a plethora of injured midfielders coming back, Coveny's signing would be the icing on the cake, providing valuable experience and firepower up front. Time to break out the Horsey plakat again? Well, not until the brainstrust in the rich chocolate cake with fresh cream boardroom at South say it's true. Any minute now... 

Left: Vaughan Coveny in happier times for the club, donned in the heritage strip adopted for a game or two in 2004. Below: A cake likely resembling the one that South Melbourne boardmembers enjoy during important club meeting. Not pictured is the fresh cream which can be doled out at a diner's pleasure, nor the sweet, intoxicating aroma of high quality cocoa. 

Ancient Hellenic history

"Hellenic: The first roots". Year and location of photo unknown. This version of this image is a replacement for an earlier (inferior) one which was taken down by the third party site which posted the image. I found this version - which is a laminated poster - in a drawer in the old social club.
Back row: Con Papapantos, Con Papas, Chris Picoulas, Alecos Nanos, Tony Karagiannis  (listed here as Carayiannis), Bill Gizoris, Charlie Moshakis, Costas Zinis/Tzinis.
Front row: Fotis Antipas, ??? Paleogiannidis, John Tsarouchas.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Petkovic hero for Sivasspor, saves three penalties

Last time we checked in with Michael Petkovic, he was scoring a near length of the pitch goal. This time he's in more familiar territory for a goalkeeper, saving three penalties in a cup shootout for Sivasspor against Galatasaray. Sivasspor also lead the Turkish Super Lig halfway through the season

Sivasspor topple Galatasaray in Turkish Cup

Sivasspor became the first side to book a place in the Turkish Cup semi-finals with the league leaders beating Galatasaray AŞ 3-1 on penalties after a 1-1 draw at the 4 Eylül Stadium.

Late dismissal
Having drawn 1-1 at the Ali Sami Yen Stadium in the first leg, Bülent Uygun's side lost their theoretical advantage within eight minutes of kick-off when Arda Turan scored for Galatasaray after robbing İbrahim Dağaşan. However, the Anatolian side responded on 30 minutes through a brilliant long-range strike from Yannick Kamanan. Sivasspor's Mehmet Yıldız was sent off deep into extra time but there was to be no winning goal.

'Cruel victory'
Australian goalkeeper Michael Petkovic then saved shoot-out penalties from Arda, Ümit Karan and Yaser Yıldız, with Hakan Balta the only scorer for Galatasasary, while Mamadou Diallo, Pini Balili and Kamanan scored for Sivasspor after Ali Kurtuluş missed their first effort. "Today there was good competition on the pitch throughout the 120 minutes, and although it is a cruel victory for us – as it always is with penalties – we are happy to be in the semi-finals," said Bülent Uygun.

Result from last night's Hellenic Cup game

South Melbourne 1 Kingston City 0, Caldwell goalscorer.