Sunday, 24 October 2004

Con Harismidis fragment no. 1

Stolen from some long dead Berger forum

Good see Con Boutsianis is here

There is Boutsianis and he play or he play for national leage but now he is here.

Well done Con Boutsianis. You are very good and best player.

Saturday, 1 May 2004

Con Harismidis fragment no. 2

Nicked from a long dead Berger forum.

Con Boutsianis is the best player

You know John Anastasiadis is best player from your team.

I follow Boutsianis as he is best player to play now.

Sunday, 14 March 2004

Fragment No.7

South is playing their second leg match tonight, could be their last ever in Australian top flight competition, so I’m quite disappointed at not being able to go.