Friday, 7 May 2010

Kiss of Death, Round 10, 2010

10hen it all goes wrong, follow the Kiss of Death's example and blame someone else.

Once again apologies for the inconsistency in tipping this shemozzle of a competition.

Bentleigh Greens vs Hume City
Bentleigh to beat Hume 3-2. In what will be a great game of boring football, Bentleigh will just have that extra edge in the 92nd minute.

Green Gully Cavaliers vs Heidelberg United
Bergers are dead. Forget it. They won’t win another game all year. Gully won’t get relegated and will hopefully (fingers crossed), give the Bergers a bag full to take back to the Village. Green Gully 8 – Bergers 0

South Melbourne vs Oakleigh Cannons
Match of the week by far. Oakleigh is defying all the odds and sitting on top. South has its mind on Singapore in three weeks, but no excuses! South must win and win well. After coming back down with a thud at Richmond, it’s time we started getting serious about our football. We need to put away teams like we did at Hume. South in a 4-1 romp.

Altona Magic vs Richmond
Richmond didn’t convince me last week. Neither did Altona Magic. Altona Magic has replaced their coach with Saso Becvinovski, and it looks like Andy Sfet might be getting another run. Altona 2-0.

Northcote City vs Melbourne Knights
Hmmm, tough one here. Northcote on fire after giving the Bergers five to think about last week, and the Knights doing well at Altona. I’ll give this one to an in form Northcote after close statistical and mathematical analysis of past results. Northcote 2 – Melbourne Knights 1.

Sunshine Georgies vs Dandenong Thunder
Dandy…pfft. Sunshine George Cross to beat them at Somers Street 3-1. That is all.

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