Monday, 10 May 2010

More convenient for me I suppose, maybe

In checking out the women's team results (their round 5 match was rescheduled for the Queen's Birthday long weekend), it seems they're now playing out Doxa Yarraville's McIvor Reserve, and not from Albert Park Field 13 as has been the case for several years now. The field will be of a more a regulation size, and there isn't the massive walk to the changerooms. But still, it's a fair way from 'home'. One would hope that it's due to some sort of redevelopment related ground unavailability, as opposed to they've pissed off someone they probably shouldn't have ground unavailability, a phenomenon we understand has been more than creeping in lately with regards to the women's team. If that makes sense, Wait, let's try this again. There's seems to be lots of internal ructions, and no end in sight. Not good.


  1. The senior women do not use Field 13 - they used to play at Lakeside (Bob Jane) but due to redevelopment have moved senior and rserves games to Yarraville, whats the big deal anyway? the men are all over the shop also - why not comment on that?

  2. It's reassuring to hear that they've relocated due to the redevelopment and not for other reasons.

    I think you will find though, that I have made comment repeatedly on the constant delays in the release of the men's fixture.

    Thanks for commenting, Anon.


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