Thursday, 27 May 2010

More reports and reactions to South's win over Gombak

This one from Back of the Net is really good, quite comprehensive. The folks on the Asian Bookie Forums are a little less interested in the quality of the game, or the spectacle, and more interested in what the result could do for their bank balance. One guy lost. This guy won. This thread confused me. And some mixed reactions on the Kallang Roar forum.


  1. Singapore Cup

    SAFFC 3 – 5 Bangkok Glass

    0-1 – Anawin Jujeen (4)
    1-1 – John Wilkinson (6)
    2-1 – John Wilkinson (41)
    3-1 – Federico Martinez - pen (57)
    3-2 – Sutee Suksomkit (60)
    3-3 – Sutee Suksomkit (67)
    3-4 – Chatree Chimtalae (78)
    3-5 – Paul Bekombo Ekollo (90)


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