Friday, 28 May 2010

Last of the Singapore posts... for now

Time to wrap this adventure up. South's opponent in the quarter finals later on this year will be Thai side Bangkok Glass, after they came from 3-1 down to defeat currently struggling Singapore heavyweight Singapore Armed Forces 5-3. The Glass Rabbits were last year's Singapore Cup runners up, so should be another tough contest. Allegedly the match will be played over two legs.

Here's another report on the game, also quite complimentary on our win, from The Electric New Paper. The official site also has their report up now as well. But as can be expected, nothing in The Age or Herald Sun - and they wonder why circulations are falling. I could give them the benefit if the doubt, and mention that they will have oodles of coverage on the World Cup - but so will every other news agency - but once more, the 'Melbourne papers that allegedly know Melbourne', actually know very little. I guess we'll have to wait for Goal Weekly publish a print version.

As noted previously, while interest amongst the rival VPL and A-League fan contingent has been mostly, cautiously positive in nature, there has been some negativity directed our way, again. From those who are still waiting for us to just die already, that's not much of a surprise. From those though who trumpet the impact and opportunity of Australia's move into Asia, to then complain that South has no place in an Asian competition, is a little harder to digest and comprehend - but it does admittedly do nice things for one's ego, that beaten down as we might be, we can still send the occasional shiver down an ignorant spine.

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  1. Hi Paul

    This might be interesting for you.

    Pics from last night

    Latest form of BGFC in Thai Prmier League 2010(at Chonburi)

    BGFC's current players


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