Sunday, 9 May 2010

Cornered - South 1 Oakleigh 2

Another corner, another set piece, another blow, or in this case, two. We started off well enough, but as the game slipped further and further out of reach, found ourselves battling to create anything decent. And even when those opportunities did come - quick counter attacks, and that half pass, half shot that should have made it 2-2 - we just didn'yt know what do to do with.

One could blame the referee, who had a poor game, but that would be taking too much away from Oakleugh, who forced several good saves out of Peter Zois. And so another crucial game comes up, against the Georgies, to mark the halfway mark. A win will temporarily halt the sudden slide, a loss make one ponder what it is an otherwise capable and talented side can do to get itself out of a mire.

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