Friday, 14 May 2010

KIss of Death, Round 11, 2010

Across this great brown land, tipsters are scratching their heads at the inconsistency of the VPL. Can the Kiss of Death shed any light on matters?

Once again apologies for the inconsistency in tipping this shemozzle of a competition.

Richmond vs Bentleigh Greens
Well, well, well. Rumour from Kingston Heath is that this will be Loza’s last game. After the 1-5 thumping he copped last week, the pressure is on. Richmond had a good away win at Altona Magic last weekend, and will be looking to make it three wins in a row. But unfortunately for them Gavalas will be having a good night for Bentleigh. Richmond 1 – Bentleigh Greens 1.

Altona Magic vs Oakleigh Cannons 
Altona Magic is now being steered out of the wilderness by Saso Becvinoski. Will this change their season? Yeah, most likely, if he drops Tommi Tomich! Altona 2 – Oakleigh 1.

Hume City vs Northcote City
Northcote goes down to windy Hume on the weekend looking to make it three straight wins for the newly promoted club. Hume is looking to give its fans something to make them happy. They thumped Bentleigh away 1-5 last Friday night, but once again this week, they will be on the receiving end of an in form Northcote. Who would’ve thought that Northcote would be doing somewhat well? Hume 0 – Northcote 2.

South Melbourne vs Sunshine George Cross 
South's last game before they travel to Singapore to participate in the RHB Singapore Cup against Gombak United. The pressure is on South to beat George Cross. South is coming off two losses, while Ssunshine have one win and a draw. The win being at high flying Oakleigh. South must win and win well. If they struggle against Sunshine George Cross, then pray to the Gods they survive Singapore. South Melbourne 3 – SGX 0.

Melbourne Knights vs Green Gully Cavaliers
Western Suburbs derby. The Knights too good in the battle of the cellar dwellers. Both teams are struggling but the Knights are playing attractive free-flowing football. Gully is not the Gully of old. Melbourne Knights 2 – Green Gully 0.

Heidelberg United vs Dandenong Thunder
Guess who I’m tipping this week? The boys from Funder to keep the scoreboard attendant busy. Heidelberg 0 – Dandy Funder 12.

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