Saturday, 1 May 2010

Children, Cheerleaders and Coloured Balls

That is to say, if you want more pics of the 2010 Singapore Cup draw, head over to this article on the incomparable Bolosepako blog. There's quite a few pictures of the process - and what a, er, fascinating process it is. Quite colourful. I've chosen this photo for some reason. I'm guessing Miroamer will be loving the coverage. And why not? Being pictured next to a shirt with Canon as the sponsor can't hurt an internet technology company. Can we have more money now?

But seriously, it's a pity that Alex Duric ain't at Singapore Armed Forces any longer (he's now at Tampines Rovers) - if both us and SAFFC won their first round games, we could have met again, and what an unlikely meeting that would have been.

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