Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Kai tora, borite, na pa na gamithite! THE GREAT SOUTH MELBOURNE HELLAS 2 GOMBAK 1

Thanks to George for letting me use our facebook chat as my initial reaction angle. So much lies and bullshit. All you need to know, for now, is Valilevski latching onto a Kyle Joryeff cross for goal number 1, then Gombak equalise, then we score via Joey Youssef picking up a Vaslilevski through ball. Not many photos, no stream, just betting site updates. Farken pumped farken!

im actually nervous lol

22:39 Me
fuekcne stoopid stream

22:39 George
a few ppl are watchin i understand

22:39 Me
on what?

22:40 George
gavroman, his bro and blueboy

they wont reveal though lol

22:40 Me
frak that shit

22:40 George

boy look at those odds

22:45 George
hopefully gains isnt readin the smfcboard match thread

22:46 Me

22:46 George
kati fuck off kinezi all over the place lol

22:46 Me
ive got you on here, gains, southpole and mildura vas on msn/gamil

22:47 George

22:48 Me
i'm really nervous

farken shaking man

22:48 George
haha same, i just know we will conceed though, we suck at hanging on

cant see us running out the game

apparently we got a penalty, not sure if its lies though

22:49 Me
i want us to woin, not just for the sake of winning, but to see the reaction on kallangroar, lol

22:50 George

22:50 Me
if it was a pen, reckom bet365 woiuld come up wuith it

22:50 George
yeh manga being a msartass i thinik

22:51 Me
he probably saw theta gpmbak got a yellow

22:51 George
im praying for another goal

22:56 George
apparently crowd getting feral

22:58 George
vasilevski poster

22:58 Me
who's coming up with this tutff?

22:59 George

22:59 Me

22:59 George
they r dominating though

23:00 Me
who? us or them?

23:00 George

we are running out of gas

23:00 Me
bet265 has gombak 25/1

23:00 George
maybe cos they cant create anything

the draw looks good

23:02 George
such nervous tension, reacon i've dropped a few kgs

gavroman must be takin the piss, reacons the commentator said joe youssef may be jailed for spitting

wtf lol

23:03 Me
it's time likes this you need twgf tol hold, not crash

23:05 Me
anothe ryellow

23:05 George
12 minutes left, hang on!

23:07 George
we havent made a sub yet, they have made all 3

23:14 George
4 minutes, so close

23:16 George
apparntly 4 mins added time

23:19 George
into 2nd added minute, i cant take this

23:20 Me
this is fucked man

hurry up farken ref

23:21 George
almost 94 mins wtf

23:23 George
we win


23:23 Me


  1. Congratulations!!!

    My dream match in the second round would be South Melbourne versus Bangkok Glass FC!!!

  2. Mate, if that happens, definitely in for that!

  3. Go Hellas. The singapore cup is all ours :)


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