Friday, 21 May 2010

Kiss of Death, round 12, 2010

No South this weekend, as our game against the Magic has been postponed due to either ground unavailability and/or to accommodate our Singapore trip next week. No rest for the wicked though, as the Kiss of Death looks at the rest of the round's matches, and also our match against Gombak United.

Bentleigh Greens vs Oakleigh Cannons
I don’t think much of Bentleigh, and can’t stand Oakleigh. On form, you need to put your money on Oakleigh. They have been scoring at will and shouldn’t have a problem sweeping aside a pretty poor Bentleigh. Bentleigh 1 – Oakleigh 4.

Hume City vs Green Gully Cavaliers
Hume to trounce the worst Gully side in the last ten years. What is going on down there? Coach after coach, still can’t find the right combos across the park. It’s the end. Hume 3 – Gully 0

Heidelberg United vs Sunshine Georgies
The teams everybody loves to hate. The Bergers because they are just the Bergers, and George Cross because of their fans. Saying that though, the Georgies have some of the most passionate fans of the VPL. Bergers beat Dandy last week in an arsey game 3-2 in the 90th, thanks to Ederaro. This week though Fidel will have a field day for Sunshine. Heidelberg Utd 1 – SGX 6

Melbourne Knights vs Dandenong Thunder
Melbourne Knights 2 – Dandy Funder 1
That’s all I'm saying about this one.

South Melbourne vs Gombak Utd – Midweek RHB Cup Fixture in Singapore
I do not rate Singaporean football. I have seen countless youtube clips and if Alex Duric can be the national competition's leading scorer, and highest goalscorer in the history of Singapore, then that tells me a lot. I don’t see why South can’t go to the Jalan Besar stadium and run amok. Artificial surface, along with 30+ degrees kick off time, and a pretty fit lineup, then there should be no problem. Gombak ain't necessarily the shit. South Melbourne 4 – Gombak Utd 1


  1. your A-Leaguers couldn't even beat our national team at kallang... Tampines beat NQ Fury... Your "Victoria League team" (the very league S.Melbourne is playing in) lost to balestier khalsa (the worst S-League team of all time)

    last victory by an aussie team here, they needed a full-strength Socceroos to beat our lions...

  2. I agree Anon, South will definitely be massive underdogs for this match. The Kiss of Death though has a different opinion, partly based on the fact that Alex Duric struggled when he played in the old National Soccer League, and that mostly as a defender rather than as a striker - whether whatever happened nearly 15 years ago is relevant tp today is anyone's guess. Thanks for leaving a message.

  3. Love controversy.


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