Friday, 7 May 2010

Ladies and Germs, I have failed you

This post on The World Game Forum, the infamous Australian soccer cesspool (full of funny kunts, but) was made all the way back in August 2009. Me and Psile laughed it off - hell, I even questioned what the hell the poster was smoking. He's an Adelaide born poster named Bernardinho on the forum, or Bernie for short, who does allegedly enjoy the occasional bit of grass. He was also a contributor to a long dormant website and podcast enterprise called Football Nonstop, who used to be linked here until they, well, just stopped.

I was speaking to someone who has links with South Melbourne yesterday and this afternoon after I finished work. He was telling me that the current president of the club is trying to secure a move to the Singaporean league after having the Southern Cross FC bid rejected. Over there they don't have a salary cap and SMFC do have a bit of money to use.

I for one am a bit sceptical, but the idea itself is a bit intriguing. IF something like this was to happen at all what would the ramifications be? How would it impact the national team and the current crop of A-League players who are in search of a bigger pay packet?

Considering the length of time to be had from the rumour being published to the certainty of the situation being confirmed - and a check with my sources, who have validated the gestation period to roughly the same time - it's a fair effort to even get close.

To Bernie - I bow down to your greatness. To my small, loyal fan base, I apologise for disregarding what appeared to be random, speculative guff. I hope that my admittance of my failing will appease you, and will be less fussy about the guff I choose to ignore.

Lastly, for the time being however, it's a bit of a concern that the board thought they had kept it a secret for months, but that secretly in reality seemingly lasted mere minutes. Something to ponder.

And something else before I head off for the moment - had I posted it on here, as a rumour, would people involved have been honest with me? Would they have even have dared mention it? It makes me wonder where exactly on the information food chain I am. I know it's not very high, but still - this low? This untrusted?

Nah, that's not fair. They tell me things. Things I can't post in here, until they get official clearance.

Back to listening to the Field Mice for me I guess.

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