Saturday, 1 May 2010

In other news

South has been drawn to play Gombak United (nee Redhill Rangers) in the Singapore Cup. No idea of the when, where, etc, as of yet. Can I also say, that's a pretty big fucken trophy. Pics stolen from Po Hui Ko of the Bolosepako blog.


  1. hahaha.. good for you to admit your "crime"... more pictures coming up.. stay tuned

  2. It's quite interesting to see South Melbourne in this tournament.

    BTW, Bangkok Glass was a runner up in Singapore 2009.

    Good Luck in 2010 Singapore Cup...South Melbourne!!!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. Sadly, very unlikely I will be able to make it up there for the game. Damn honours thesis, lol.

    I'm just hoping to be competitive - and to gain various valuable experiences - and if all goes well enough, come back next year too.


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