Saturday, 15 March 2008

While the esteem of the club goes downhill...

... the price for South related memorabilia remains at a healthy level. While Northern Spirit items go for peanuts, and Melbourne Zebras t-shirts sit in piles at rags'n'riches markets for $2 (I really should have bought it, as part of preserving aussie soccer history), South related items can still fetch a price in the hundreds, in particular signed tops, as can be seen in the example below of this 2001 signed jersey.

and how about this signed team of the century print going at a cool $1000, from the same seller? (thanks to South of the Border's good friend 'Cuddles' for alerting me to it).

So why is this? Despite all the assurances that we are nothing and were nothing, some people still think they can make handy sums off those who still believe. And why is it the 2000/01 season which provides by far the most signed tops on ebay? Because they lost the grand final? Post-Brazil jumping off the bandwagon guilt? I support Melbourne Victory and can't afford to have it known that I supported Hellas guilt? This item's at about half the price that's usually asked for, but still for an NSL piece of memorabilia, that's quite high. Hopefully if this youtube upload which I'm doing which is taking forever on my medium-rated connection succesfully uploads, I'll have a nice treat for you tomorrow. Otherwise, it'll be Plan B, which is not nearly as good.

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