Thursday, 27 March 2008

Correspondance FFV Style

Here's a bit of a treat loyal readers. In case you didn't quite pick up the public relations basics in this earlier entry, one of South of the Border's informants/raconteurs has provided this email back and forth he had with the FFV over the state of the game, in particular the Federation's kowtowing to the Melbourne Victory without receiving anything in return. We'll keep you up to date with any updates on this. Enjoy.

Subject: Straegic Vision query
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 16:27:02 +1100
From: Jim

Can I ask why the Melbourne Victory are part of the Consultation and planning process ?

The Melbourne Victory is a private footballing entity owned by a private business man, for the sole purpose of making a profit. The Melbourne Victory is not a club working in the interests of football in this state.

I would like a reply to this explanation if you will as to why a private business venture is part of the consultation and planning process of football in this state !


FFV Response

Dear Jim,

Thank you for you enquiry and interest in the FFV Strategic Plan. On behalf of Mark Rendell, CEO, FFV, please find below some feedback concerning your enquiry.

Your query in relation to Melbourne Victory's involvement can be answered simply in that the Melbourne Victory currently provides a pathway to young men in the state of Victoria to play A-League football. Currently over 26 Victorians are playing in the A-League competition throughout Australia some of which who originate from Victoria and have gone through the "Victorian system". As the state governing body we want to ensure these numbers continue to increase and that we provide the best opportunities for Victorians to play at the highest level possible.

It should also be noted that we have engaged the VIS for the same purpose, to provide opportunities for Victorian players to represent their state and country and create the best possible opportunities in representative football.

Without the support or engagement of the Melbourne Victory and VIS it is difficult to present a continual pathway for game development to players as I am sure you can appreciate.

Thank you once again for your email and we hope you will find the forthcoming developments in the game throughout Victoria of interest.

Belinda Wilson

Jim's Reply 24/03

Dear Belinda.
Thank you for your prompt reply regarding my enquiry. You say that Melbourne Victory currently provides a pathway to young men in the state of Victoria to play A-League football. I fail to see this point, when the Melbourne Victory's squad currently consists of only 8 Victorian players out of a squad of 25. They are also yet to open their doors to Victorian trialists.

Belinda, i'm not going to sit here and badger the Melbourne Victory, because simply you will fail to respond to my emails. My point is simple. The Melbourne Victory is a private business NOT working in the interests of football in this state. I believe it is wrong for the FFV to be even advertising the Melbourne Victory on their website. FYI there is no FFV advertisement on the Victory website is there ?

As the state governing body you should be supporting and ensuring numbers increase at local level, rather than at the National Level. The FFA can do that on their own. Instead of assisting in the slow death of football in this state, it is your organisations responsibility to enusre the wellbeing of the sport at local level. The sport at local level is slowly dying. I invite CEO Mark Rendell to see the state of the local game when the state leagues kick off in 2 weeks. When teams are struggling to find grounds suitable for competition, where is the FFV ?

I can tell you where the FFV is. The FFV is too busy worrying about Geoff Lords Melbourne Victory...not the states ! Melbourne Victory will never represent this state in the A-League. The belief that it does is a figment of the imagination of the un-knowledgeable. When you have been following football in this country for the last 26 years, you get to know what's right and what's wrong with it.


FFV Response

Hi Jim,

I have passed your email on to FFV CEO, Mark Rendell as he is always happy to hear the opinions of the membership, especially those who have been involved in the sport for many years like yourself.

The FFV will continue to work towards setting up the right environment for Victorian players from the grassroots up as this is our primary business as you know and should be our focus going forward.

We do value your opinion and thoughts on how we are going about this and will certainly take your points below on board.

Thank you again for your correspondence.


Belinda Wilson

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