Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Sponsors of yore - Southern Motors

Something a little different for today. For those not in the know, Southern Motors were a sort of large car dealership owned or operated or both by a bloke called George Kotses. Back in the day they were noted for sponsoring quite a few Greek backed soccer clubs in Melbourne, including Heidelberg and South (even being the major sponsor in our championship year in 1998 for example). The company eventually went broke I think, and Kotses started a new dealership somewhere out in the arse end of Brooklyn (and that's saying something) called New Concept Car Sales, the new concept probably being, well, not going broke.

Anyway, the ad below is from happier times, sometime in the mid 1990s. In the clip, Kotses seems happy, Frank Arok is Frank Arok but much quieter, and there's some really random and quite fast Greek being spoken which combined with the dodgy animation of the ball flying all over the place, gives it a fucked up Japanese TV/Mr Sparkle kind of aesthetic. I'm not sure if that was their intention, but hey, just roll with it.


  1. does George Kotses still sponsor any clubs?

    He also had some involvement with West Adelaide Hellas in the late 1970s before moving to Melbourne

  2. Yeah, I think he sponsors some of the smaller clubs around town... Western Suburbs specifically if memory serves me correctly/

  3. Any idea whats happening now? Gates are closed at new concept car sales atm... no cars or people in sight.

  4. Have heard unconfirmed rumours that they've gone broke.


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