Saturday, 29 March 2008

Press Release from Hellas Fan Club, not turning up tomorrow

Not something I would've liked to have seen come out before this game, and from one of my least favourite sources at the moment, but we can't just report good news can we? I suppose they could've not turned up and not said so, and let their absence speak for itself, but they're well within their rights to let everyone know anyway. Whether this means that people who are HFC members will turn up 'unofficially' is anyone's guess, as you would expect. I do disagree quite strongly with much of the content of the press release, but the South of the Border readership are a fairly clever bunch, and could probably guess for themselves where I think they're wrong. As for their beef with President Leo, I've said my piece already, no need to add anything further. So with the intro out of the way, I'll hand you over now to the Hellas Fan Club.

HFC Press Release regarding this match:

MEDIA RELEASE - Round 6 - Preston Lions FC vs. South Melbourne –

The Hellas Fan Club Melbourne (“HFCM”) have advised its members not to attend Sunday’s clash against arch Rival Preston at BT CONNOR RESERVE.

The HFCM refuse to show support for a sporting club that constantly fails to take responsibility for its deficiencies. The purpose of this release is to ensure that the HFC and HFCM are not used as scapegoats by South Melbourne Football Club, or subjected to any further inaccuracies which have caused great distress to many members of our club and our image, in recent times.

The HFC and HFCM are hopeful that the events of 2005 are not repeated, and that both clubs work co-operatively to ensure a safe environment for all supporters.

The HFC & HFCM wishes SMFC fans the best of luck, and hopefully it is a incident free event.

In further news, The HFCM can confirm that legal advice has been sought and a potential action is being considered against Mr Athanasakis (current President of South Melbourne) in relation to defamatory comments made against Mr Chris Vlahogiannis in January 2008.

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