Saturday, 29 March 2008

South Melbourne Women get new site

As mentioned in the entry 'Things learnt while sober', the South Melbourne Women's team were due to get themselves a new website. Well, regular blog correspondant on the women's division 'anonymous' has informed South of the Border that the new site is up and running. Needs a bit of work from a layout point of view, but it has up to date info, a photo gallery, a bravenet counter like the one at the bottom of this site, and a link to this blog, which is very much appreciated. Of course this doesnt mean that I'll stop providing updates on the women's team occasionally, but for more in depth coverage there's now a far better alternative. And if anyone wants to vent their spleen at something to do with the women's game, with particular reference to South Melbourne, just give us a bell and I'll add you to the contributors list. Also, one more thing, it's probably superfluous but a forum would kick arse. Also, quite clever to make the South of the Border link go directly to everything under the 'SMFC Women' category.

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