Saturday, 8 March 2008

In the end, it's the result that counts - Oakleigh 1 South Melbourne 0

One early defensive mistake cost us the game last night, but what can you do? Not that we played the most sterling football, but we easily outplayed them, had far more chances, and were let down by our finishing and crossing. A bit of luck wouldn't have hurt too. We had only two freekicks in the first half hour, not one freekick in our final third for the entire match, and basically saw just about every 50/50 decision go Oaks way. Oh well. If we play that way we'll win most games I fancy, but the defending needs to shape up a bit, still plenty of communication problems and poor clearances.

We don't have a game now until the 24th March. O'Dor's red card (2 yellows) means he'll be sitting one or two games. Yusef got a pretty bad injury to his knee it seems. A chance to regroup and refuel now. Effort wise I cannot fault the team, they gave it their all and should've taken all three points. But that's football.

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