Sunday, 23 March 2008

Things learnt while sober

Saturday was eventful, and if I wasn't sober I wouldn't be able to relate all the following items to you. So here's to sobriety, it helps you remember the good times.

* What the fuck is with people wearing soccer jerseys to AFL games? Not the first time I've seen this, and Aussie Rules courtesy of its very confused and diluted supporter culture, with its giant inflatable novelty hands/fingers, soccer style scarves and unnecessary touches of grey in polo tops, but at yesterday's game, I was still perplexed at the thinking that goes behind wearing a Juventus or Newcastle United top to a 'Pies game. Sure the colours match, and there's nothing wrong per se with supporting more than one code, but is there some sort of cultural cringe at not wearing actual Australian supporters gear? And why are there still far more people wearing foreign soccer tops as opposed to local ones? Are the latter only for game day, or has the game not made the leaps and bounds into the public consciousness as has been claimed?

* South Melbourne will have a new website by the end of the year. Was supposed to be launched by the start of this season, but whatever. I've been nominally commissioned to do the history section

* South Melbourne's Women's team will also get a new site, soon allegedly. Might explain why the current one, which takes awhile to load even on a half-decent connection, is not being updated.

* Very likely I will soon have my own Peter Buljan General Diagnostic Laboratories mouse pad. I've been wanting one of these ever since I learned of their existence, irrespective of the fact that mouse pads are useless now that everyone's shooting lasers with their fifty button mice.

* I've been promised my own sort of vintage 'Pies flag from an ex-fan.

* A step in the right direction has been taken into the production of the season 2007 DVDs. Hopefully they become available soon.

* There's been a shuffling of roles amongst the inner sanctum of the South board and in general operations. These relate mostly to merchandise and the website, and suffice to say at this stage it comes across as a welcome change. Time will tell on how well it all works out, but so far the signs are good.

* Learned that a certain South board member, known for his high level of education, handsome appearance, ability with the ladies and his hatred for all things Heidelberg, has Heidelberg supporting friends. Bit disillusioned to be honest.

* A Global Positioning Device is pretty much useless if you don't know what you're doing or where you're going.

* A sole piece of paper on a bit of street furniture is probably not the best way to inform people of the change in location of the Nightrider bus service.

* Lastly, Happy Birthday to Yianni and Dubs, Greeksta relax, and Cliff show yourself on Monday and no one will belt you. Honest.

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