Sunday, 30 March 2008

Comeback kids - Preston 1 South Melbourne 2

Well, I would give you an in depth match report - ok probably not in depth, but a match report nevertheless - had I been able to actually get inside the ground. The Clarendon Corner contingent which had organised collectively to do things by the book, did so, and were refused entry, for our own safety allegedly. So our view was eventually the limited one behind the goal at the far end, not really ideal.

What I did manage to see was Deano pulling out a ripping save from a freekick, only to later screw up and hand Preston a goal on a plate. Our 2 goals, in the space of 3 minutes in the 2nd half, I did not see, but really that's not the point - the point being that they went in, and Zoric and Caldwell were the deliverers of sweet justice, or whatever the fuck you want to call it.

As for anything else you may have heard. The people that were there know what happened. Full respect to everyone that came from beginning to end. And a big fuck you to the FFV for letting a club dictate terms to them, when the same excuse for us wanting a members only game against the Knights was knocked back with that reason. And don't believe everything you read.