Wednesday, 26 March 2008

SMWFC kick off season with 6-1 win over GSL

Last year the women's team was pipped at the post for first place by the Gippsland Soccer League combined team. So it's with no small amount of pleasure to hear of their thumping of that same opponent 6-1 last night at Darebin in the opening round of the WVPL. The following is a guide to what will likely be required to avoid relegation, and the points required to make the finals.

In 2005, Ballarat Districts finished with 1 point, and Melbourne University with 12. In 2006 the bottom two sides, Brimbank and South, finished with 2 and 13 points respectively. In 2007 Geelong Region earned only the one point, while Melbourne University were relegated with 12. While it does show that the difference between the top and bottom sides in the WVPL is fairly large, it also shows that South has probably already avoided finishing last this year. Looking further ahead, in order to almost definitely make the finals a total of about 38 points will be needed, going by the last three years. Good luck to SMWFC as they take on Preston this week at Lakeside on Sunday.


  1. I actually went down and saw this match, was quite impressed, the girls played some neat soccer.
    They lost their keeper, red card, just before half time, and I hear they don't really have a replacement. Good luck to them this week! Can't lose to the Lions!
    One more thing Paul, enjoy your articles on FFV, I heard another classic, they cancelled a WPL reserves game cause this V-Elite thing were training on one of the grounds. Says alot for the women's game.

  2. Fuck, now you're telling me that they don't even know who's using their own grounds?

  3. I just checked their website, they are now implementing an online booking system of the grounds, so now they can blame a computer.
    And did you hear they switched the lights off while a game was in progress, with 15 minutes still to play?

  4. yes, because local residents have complained about the lights being on, so once it hit 10:30 i believe the lights were automatically shut off


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