Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Keep up with Postecoglou's Panachaiki adventure

As reported some time last week, Ange Postecoglou is having a Greek adventure at Con Makris' Panachaiki. So there are a couple of new links on the right-hand side, which will be there for as long as Ange has the job.

There's the official site with an awol flash intro, it's in Greek by the way, so get someone to translate for you. Or I'll do it for ya on request.

The other link is for the UK based Panachaiki supporters. It's available in English and Greek, there's two forums as well, mostly in Greek, with a single English section.

By the way, he's off to a reasonable start, a 2-0 home win and a scoreless draw away, albeit to one of the bottom teams.


  1. Is the FFV ever going to recognise Ange has moved on to this fantastic position? Or are they pissed he left them with this Circus Oz thing called V-Elite?

  2. Good point, as i said in an earlier entry, players go overseas all the time, but for coaches to do it is very rare. This is massive!


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