Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The latest SMFC craze - Ultimate Straw Clutching

What the hell are they trying to achieve with this?

Ex-South keeper captures award

Now I must make it clear for the outset, this is not an attack on George Kouroumalis who was commissioned to write the article, nor is it particularly an attempt to devalue former South NSL keeper Michael Theoklitos' achievement of winning the A-League's goalie of the year award (that's already done by the fact that he has what, only 7 other guys to compete against), but more against the utter stupidity of the thinking behind this.

Immediately one must ask, are we really that desperate for relevance? What next, congratulating Danny Allsopp for being leading scorer in the 2006/07 season, Kevin Muscat for all time leading penalty scorer, Eddie Krncevic for most conspicuous player agent at VPL games? South is still a proud club, with many achievements in the bank and a lot more to come through one would hope. Did the genius who came up with this realise that Theoklitos played a grand total of five games for South (1970s Arsenal striker Malcolm MacDonald played three in his guest stint in comparison), and was one of the players that upped camp and moved to the Football Kingz with Micky Petersen at the end of the 2000/01 season? Granted he was a keeper, and therefore has to go look for opportunities where they lie, but the point still stands. Yes he was one of our players once upon a time, but really, the links are pretty tenuous, and there's little credit to be gained from leeching off the back of Theo's success in this way. South is supposed to be a bigger club than that.

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