Thursday, 13 March 2008

1,000 visitors, hoorah!

Sometime during this week, the little counter at the bottom clicked over to 1,000 visits. Of course, this is not indicative of the true moment of 1,000 visitors, as the counter was installed some time after starting the blog. But anyway, not a bad result, since the blog has had very little publicity, apart from some inclusions at the bottom of my Das Libero pieces, and the very recent plug in the Pumpkin Seed Eaters show. The lack of publicity has been a deliberate ploy, with the emphasis on building up a backlog and a rhythm of sorts, and listening to various people who have provided their comments, ideas and insights as to how to make it all work better. Thanks to those who have left comments and given feedback, and thanks also to the original South Melbourne blog, Park Life, for inspiring this blog to begin with and providing a hint as to how to not lose interest in the whole thing so soon after starting. Here's to the 10,000 mark and the continued obsession western society has in measuring milestones according to the base 10 system.

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