Saturday, 22 March 2008

For Football In The Capital - South Melbourne 3 Canberra Cosmos 1, NSL Cup Sem-Final 1995/96

In the spirit of waiting for this fucking game with the Canberra based AIS to get here, thought we'd have a little look back at the 2nd last NSL Cup tournament ever held. That's Canberra Cosmos in grey by the way. Interesting to note how the reporter doesn't bother to mention who actually scored for them. That perhaps should've been a hint to their fans. Anyway, we went on to win the cup the next week against Newcastle Breakers, a video I may upload someday, but the clip I have doesn't have all the goals. Enjoy Eamonn!


  1. Enjoy Eamonn..why you cheeky Pippnu:)

    what can I say, football is on the rise in Canberra, a Yoof team, a Women's National League team and soon a team in the Futsal League

    We are after all the Futsal National Champs...Vicky Toria where woz yer!

    And like a child responding to the taunt, Sir Pippinu when Canberra is back in Australia's National League where will SMFC be.

    Aplogies I know that is going to hurt, and I used to loved to watch Trimboli in the good old days and Ange P delighting in taking his players to Rio...

    but that video..well it hurt..once!

  2. Who did score that goal for the Cosmos by the way? Also, you know their greatest ever goalscorer Peter Buljan's retired, yeah?

  3. yeah knew Buljan retired...finished his career in Germany


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