Sunday, 2 March 2008

It's like it didn't even happen

As you may be aware, I have recently been contributing to the soon-to-be prestigious soccer journal Das Libero. At this moment this consists of a couple of reviews and a look at Tony Ising's departure from his creation, but hopefully more soon, including a letter I wrote in reply to Gweeds' reply to my Ising piece, yesterday's worthy rant - which unlike most of my work I still like 24 hours after I finished it, not to mention the rave review it received - and a couple of other pieces which will likely be of a more significant length, ie. longer, therefore containing even more creamy goodness.

All this after being nagged for months to get stuff written, to read the books I was meant to review, to actually write said reviews, and even creating this blog partly as a way of avoiding all that effort. So anyway, for some reason and without asking, I was made associate editor. After making sure it entailed no actual responsibility, I reluctantly accepted. Wait, reluctantly is not the right word. Gladly accepted. And yet, despite the upgrade in rank, all the trappings that come with your typical promotion have failed to materialise. The swish new office, the extravagant business lunches, the company car, the generous travel allowance, the all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas to research beach football culture in the Caribbean. But it gets worse. Not even any acknowledgement on the site itself of this promotion.

So here's the deal. I'll let all that other stuff go, if I can get a Das Libero t-shirt. They look like shit, but there's not many of them in existence, and if I can get 'associate editor' on there somehow, I'll even try to be less cynical while I'm wearing it. And by the way, I only appear cynical because I'm such an idealist that whenever something fails to reach my lofty ideals I react with a wry, withering or despondent disposition. That's what this young woman who used to find me annoyingly cynical told me, and I'm thankful everyday that she did. Anyway, when I googled myself, my reference on Das Libero came up first, and South of the Border on the 2nd page. See everyone at the game.

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